Will You Be Adopting ABC Family's The Fosters?

The Fosters Premiere RecapMeet ABC Family’s newest clan, The Fosters, a modern, multi-ethnic brood consisting of two moms, several foster kids, adopted twins and one biological child.

But before you tell us if you’ll be adding the new drama to your DVR series pass list, let’s review who’s who: Police officer Stef Foster  — yes, that’s really the last name of Teri Polo‘s character — and Vice Principal Lena Adams (In Treatment‘s Sherri Saum) are a loving couple raising adopted twins Mariana (The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Cierra Ramirez) and Jesus (Wizards of Waverly Place‘s Jake T. Austin) as well as a son, Brandon (Aaron Stone‘s David Lambert), from Stef’s previous marriage to Mike (Titanic‘s Danny Nucci).

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But you can never have too many kids, right? Lena meets Callie (Australian newcomer Maia Mitchell), a tough-but-hurt teenage girl who’s been in and out of foster homes her whole life. Lena immediately falls for her sad, troubled doe eyes and decides to take her in without consulting Stef — not that the family is anything but welcoming.

Still, Callie hightails it out of there to rescue her little brother from their abusive foster dad. Brandon skips out on an important piano audition to go with her, which leads his two moms and Stef’s partner on the force, her ex-husband(!), right to them. Remember how we said the more the merrier? Well, Stef and Lena decide to take in Callie’s little bro, too.

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Meanwhile, Mariana’s been secretly selling her brother’s prescription pills to help her birth mother get back on her feet. Unsurprisingly, bio mom takes the cash and basically says, “See ya.”

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