Will Revolution Clean Up Its Act? Mad Men Meets Alien? A Smash-ing Bunheads Nod? And More Qs

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Arrested Development, Revolution, Psych and Hannibal!

1 | Can we get an Orphan Black buddy comedy spin-off featuring Felix and Alison, à la Will & Grace?

2 | Anyone else catch the Mad Men hair department’s subtle Alien homage? Did a young H.R. Giger do Joan’s ‘do? Also, do you suspect series creator Matt Weiner snickered when he approved the synopsis for this past Sunday: “Joan goes to the beach”? And can other New Yorkers attest that those passing sirens were juuust a bit loud given how high up Don and Megan live?

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3 | Are Netflix’s Arrested Development episodes perhaps best experienced as a “Spot the Celebrity Cameo!” game?

4 | Did Sutton Foster’s Tony nomination during the Smash finale make you miss Bunheads all over again? And how convenient that all the musical awards seemed to be handed out one after another? And who wants to start the petition for a midseason spinoff sitcom called BOBBY!, starring scene-stealing scamp Wesley Taylor? (Or is there a better character around which one could build a new/improved series?)

Popular TV Shows 20135 | Will coil guns keep blasting people to bloody, gloppy smithereens when Revolution becomes an 8 o’clock show this fall? Where exactly are Level 12’s “guardians” getting their food from if they’ve been sealed underground? And has NBC’s promo department learned nothing about restraint in the years since spoiling Brandon Routh’s Chuck comeback? It feels like they’ve now shown us the whole Revolution finale.

6 | Was all the outrage over Adam Levine’s muttered “I hate this country” during The Voice results show blown out of proportion (hint: yes!), or did you actually find it offensive?

| With “Suit of Armor,” “Tan & Shirtless,” “Drunkenly Obsessed With Fantasy Suite,” “Failed Dance Dip,” “Made My Own Jacket” and “Magician” all showing up to woo Bachelorette Desiree in the season premiere, were you preparing for Chris Harrison to pop out of the bushes, reveal the whole opening hour was a prank and then bring out the real suitors?

8 | With an eye on The Glades‘ season opener: Can we please hereby declare a moratorium on TV procedurals doing a “ghost hunters” storyline? (And what other old chestnuts should be retired?)

9 | When the mother of So You Think You Can Dance‘s sibling salsa pair started crying with pride over her kids’ audition, did you tear up, too? Did Nigel Lythgoe start practicing his lamp-related double-entendres the moment producers told him a lovely lady would be performing with a shade prop? And wasn’t it a wee bit disconcerting how many times Mary Murphy and Nigel commented on the quality/beauty of auditioners’ faces during the Boston episode? They do realize Tyra Banks isn’t about to hand over America’s Next Top Model to her rivals at Fox, right?

10 | Amanda Bynes kinda sorta has to land the new Two and a Half Men role, doesn’t she?

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Popular TV Shows 201311 | Wait, so General Hospital‘s Roger Howarth is now playing Mark Pellegrino? Did not see that one coming!

12 | Was it irony — or poor planning — that the Psych season finale left Juliet’s professional status unchanged, when cast member Maggie Lawson’s Season 8 presence is somewhat up in the air?

13 | Did CBS really think The American Baking Competition was a better title than any variation on The Great British Bake-Off, the hit UK show from which it spun off? Was there not a single employee of the network that noticed the new show’s acronym is ABC?

14 | How could Inside the Actors Studio‘s 250th episode completely edit out the female participant on the closing panel, leaving her silently sitting there with no explanation of who she is? Also on that note: Why didn’t they identify what Bradley Cooper’s buddies/fellow panelists did on The Place Beyond the Pines? Was one the director? Did the other write the film? Was the third Coop’s gofer…? Come on, producers!

15 | On Thursday morning, did you fear that one of Today‘s hosts wouldn’t make it out of the Tough Mudder course alive?

16 | Did seeing Hannibal’s Dr. Lecter “without a face” make him even scarier than you thought possible? And now that the drama has earned a well-deserved second season, can we do something (pump up the audio, maybe?) about making the title character’s lines a bit easier to understand?

17 | How did Rookie Blue‘s Traci not know about Sam and Marlo? Did they never kiss at the bar before? Or did Traci just never leave the office?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!