Psych Finale Recaplet: Don't You Forget About Me

Psych Season 7 Finale RecapFilmdom’s erstwhile Brian “The Nerd” Johnson made big, bad waves in the Psych Season 7 finale. Does this mean Gus, Shawn et al will be singing the blues in December’s musical episode?

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Onetime Breakfast Clubber/Dead Zone psychic Anthony Michael Hall guest-starred as Harris “Is that a family name?” Trout, a former police chief/Badge & Honor consultant who’s been enlisted to crack the whip with Chief Vick’s team in the wake of a public display of crimesolving excess.

As the hour unfolds, Gus and Shawn recount how they caught the case in question — some nebbishy guy wanting to find the guys who poisoned him — and it takes a good, long while until they get to the part where they, you know, loop in the SBPD.

The twist in the case (I shan’t spoil it here) was one that anyone who has ever seen a TV procedural before saw coming down State Street. And though our guys eventually wound up nabbing the proper perp, Trout had seen more than enough to make a case for suspending Vick for six months, though she took the news rather well.

Annnnnd then the other shoes dropped: Psych - Season 7Under psychic-hating Trout’s purview, the SBPD would no longer be availing itself of Psych’s services. Lassiter has been demoted as head detective. McNab also got canned.

But hey, at least there’s the musical episode to anticipate… some six months from now. (The premiere date for the shortened Season 8 has yet to be announced.)

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Here now a few quotables, a list to which y’all will assuredly add, and then your comments.

* Shawn tallying the 100 homicides solved by the SBPD/Psych team, to which Trout can only note “a lack of deterrent” given the town’s “Murder Capital” status.

* “Things just got hairy, Santa Barbara-style.”

* Lassiter too-briefly taking command of the narration, positing himself as a David Caruso-like, Ray Bans-flipping crime solver: “Looks like we’ve got Fifty Shades of Grey… Matter.”

* Shawn and Gus arguing if there ever was a “bad episode of CHiPs.”

* “You said it was cake mix!” —  a distraught/disgusted Jules, upon realizing that Shawn had inadvertently dumped cremation ashes all over her.

* “I actually dance by the name Morningwood.”

* Shawn advising the killer that he’s been “upgraded to place just like Oz.” “Except,” Gus adds, “there is no wizard.” Um….

* At episode’s end, a steely Gus declaring, “It’s on now” — if only because Trout had appropriated his “Suuuuuuck Ittttt!” theme song.

What were your favorite moments from Psych‘s Season 7 finale?