Ratings: Smash Ticks Up With Series Finale

Ratings Smash Season 2 finaleIt’s all over but the crying.

NBC’s Smash on Sunday night played to a final audience of 2.4 million total viewers while scoring a 0.5 rating — up 20 percent and a tenth from its previous outing, which aired on a Saturday.

SCOOPLET: Settling some confusion, TVLine has confirmed that neither Derek nor Tom won the Tony for Best Director.

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For the record, the ambitious musical drama averaged 9 million viewers and a 3.2 rating during Season 1 (which aired Mondays at 10), while its Season 2 opener did 4.5 mil/1.1 (on a Tuesday, not long before the sophomore slumper got shuttled to Saturdays).

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Setting the table for Smash, a two-hour recap of The Voice drew 2.4 mil and a 0.5.

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  1. Kevin W. says:

    I thought making everyone sing in the finale was nice.

  2. B says:

    I normally don’t say things like this because I know what it’s like to have a favorite series cancelled, but I am just so gosh darn glad I don’t have to hear about this show anymore.

    • Brad says:

      Rude. I loved this show. If they honestly would have given it a real shot and tried, it could have been amazing. I feel like they should just make it into a Broadway musical. The same concept pretty much. It would be like two musicals in one and the end could be the Tony’s. the audience could vote every performance whether Ivy or Karen wins. The tag line could be “Two Girls, Two Musicals, One Tony. Smash” I clearly am a huge fan.

      • Carla says:

        Having a differing opinion doesn’t make anybody rude. Not that it makes a difference on this site.

        • Brad says:

          You’re very right. I apologize. I didn’t really mean it as an insult but I’m sorry.

        • Having a differing opinion does not make anybody rude. But the comment above was indeed rude, and the commenter ever knows it by saying “I don’t normally say things like this”. It’s the “I’m going to be a d!ck maneuver, but say I’m sorry at the same time to make it ok.” I know because I do it all the time. It’s the equivalent of making a back-handed comment to someone online and ending it with a smiley face, because that means it’s ok. If you don’t like the show at least offer something more than just “so glad I don’t have to hear about it anymore.” Brad had it right. Rude. :)

  3. Eric says:

    When it ticks UP to 2.4 mil/0.5… Yeah, that’s just not good.

  4. slizabeth says:

    It’s amazing what happens when you move a show from the graveyard (Saturday nights) to any other night.

    • Kelly says:

      If it wasn’t for my DVR, I wouldn’t have a clue when the show was on. I felt like it bounced so much.

  5. tazzy says:

    I’m glad the show went out on a nice note — offered resolution to fans. Classy way to end.

  6. Chablis says:

    Sigh… The show that could have been.

  7. JJ says:

    I’m just surprised that NBC let Smash air all the episodes that were produced for season 2.

    • MC says:

      I would have been surprised if the episodes were not aired. The show was too just expensive and the network invested heavily in it. There’s no way the remaining episodes were going to stay in a musty closet somewhere.

  8. greysfan says:

    Loved the finale and it was a fitting end but the problem with Smash was NBC. It did so well in season 1 then season 2 came along and they basically gave it little or no hope. Glad though they played out the whole season. I will give them that.

    • Will says:

      I think the terrible writing was a much larger factor. People keep going on about NBC not giving it a fair chance. From my perspective, given how dismal season 1 got, it was a miracle NBC gave them another chance–another chance which, if the execs watched any season 2 eps before they aired, they would have swiftly realize was going to be completely squandered by the awful new direction the show was going in.

      • Jerry says:

        I agree. How can a show with such great composing, singing, coreography, and dancing, have such bad writing. The dialog was inconsistent, incomplete, and the editing made the scenes hard to understand. Reference was made to events to happen later that never happened, and things in the past that never happened. The previews showed scenes that never appeared. Everyone I know that started watching the show quit watching after three of four episodes. What a mess. At least I got to see Katharine sing and dance in every episode. That is the only thing that kept me watching. NBC had to cancel because advertisers won’t finance a show with such poor veiwership.

    • Oh my gosh, that is just so wrong. So, so many of us gave up (after a valiant effort not to) midway through season one. Season two had its issues (many), but it was certainly a step back into the right direction after the disastrous season that was between the pilot and the season one finale.

      I do feel like NBC gave up on it a bit. They could have at LEAST, given their investment in the project, allowed it to air a few episodes of season two in the post-VOICE timeslot before shuffling it off to midweek and finally the Saturday death slot.

      I’ll miss it. But primarily for all of the potential that was wasted after an absolutely brilliant two hour pilot. I’m actually unsure if a show like SMASH can exist today outside of the cable nets. Being billed (despite its own protestations) as the GLEE for grown-ups didn’t really help. SMASH probably couldn’t have existed without GLEE, but that moniker likely turned off the target demo – and the GLEE crowd was never going to tune into a show centered around a bunch of folks in their 40s.

      RIP, SMASH. I’ll miss you. Flaws and all.

  9. sara says:

    So sad Smash is over, but think it was ended well. Would have loved to have it end on Ivy and Karen singing ‘Let me be your star’ again, but oh well..

    • Priyam Srivastav says:

      I thought so too! I just kept thinking, they’d do that! But I liked the final song they did!

    • Roger says:

      I agree that the finale ended well. There have been more than one program my wife and I have watched where there is a cliff hanger at the end of the first season(I still remember the Turks whose season ended with a huge explosion and we never found out who lived and who died because they went into the black hole called ratings). It was nice to feel some conclusion. Even if I had not heard of the cancellation, who has ever heard of a production at the Tony awards with a backdrop with the name of the TV show. I guess that was foreshadowing. But I will say, as a lover of musical theatre, that after hearing so many of songs from Bombshell, I would have love to have seen an actual show about Marilyn. Maybe in the future. I loved the song “Not Forget Me” which was the finale of the musical.

  10. paulsfitzgerald says:

    These networks are out of their minds…Harry’s Law, etc..there has to be room for eclectic shows..when will you suits figure that out! Disgraceful

  11. EJ says:

    Ratings have rarely mattered less. This show was DOA from the beginning due to horrible decision making. It could have been the Mad Men of musicals and became the “insert failed show here” of them, instead.

  12. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Last night the series finale of “Smash” was awesome and incredible.

  13. Bob says:

    I think there is no denying that Smash was a darn good show. I think the problem is that it’s intended audience was too narrow a wedge of people, and viewers just didn’t tune in. It’s too bad … same thing happened with another great-but-nobody-watched show: Friday Night Lights.

    • The Beach says:

      I think you’re exactly right. This was a very expensive production that appealed mostly to a smaller niche market. I don’t think there was any way that this show could ever have pulled in the numbers the network wanted. And thanks for the shout-out to another of my favorite shows: FNL

  14. Liz says:

    I’m very sad and quite frankly astonlished to know that Smash is ending. It was the only show that we deliberately sat down to watch. It was bright and sassy and fun. After Glee kick-started the genre of TV musicals, we were thrilled to see an adult version in Smash. The cast was fabulous. The music was fabulous. The show still has so much potential. It’s way too soon to quit. If the writing needs improvement, hire another writer. Don’t throw away the entire show.

  15. G. A. says:

    I loved this show, so sad about it ending!!

  16. Leave Comments says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of this show and I will miss it. It was like a very fun full of real talent soap opera.

  17. eloise says:

    As someone in the very specific niche for this show (i.e. I have worked backstage on Broadway and am well versed in the community portrayed) I have to say I could not get myself to watch a single episode of season two. While I think there is absolutely a story worth telling on television, this one was not it. Not that ANYONE will ever go near this again.

    • sadie says:

      Funny thing, I don’t think you’re actually in the niche they were playing to at all. Most TV shows are too soapy and unrealistic for people who are actually in that profession – Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t cater to doctors, Castle is hardly meant to be watched by cops, etc. Smash’s targeted audience would be people who generally like musicals and have a mild interest in theatre… Probably not people who have actually been there.

  18. Dennis says:

    I really liked the series and was hooked on the characters, but I have to admit that season 2 was a disappointment. Characters kept changing their alliances back and forth, and personalities shifted from episode to episode (really, is Tom a considerate guy or an egotistical jerk?). And the whole Hit List story seemed accelerated and not believable. I watched the first season three times all the way through–my favorite scene was the Bollywood extravaganza. Even though I believed season 1 was by far the best, I was a committed fan and would readily watch a season 3 if they would bring this back. Hopefully they will!

    • the girl says:

      Hit List WAS accelerated, I suspect because the writing was on the wall so they went ahead and gave the viewers a real closing, instead of continuing with the story they wanted to tell. At least I HOPE that’s the reason why.

      • Diggy says:

        There’s an interview on another site (to which one Mr. Ausiello used to contribute) with Joshua Safran which talks about the development of the season. The premier didn’t hit until they were up to filming episode 15 so it was always his plan to progress Hit List that quickly & move on to Hollywood in season 3. Anyway, I can’t bring myself to delete the finale from my iPad. Such a waste of a good premise. Maybe NBC will learn from this how to better manage their scheduling. Not that all of season 2 was that great but the potential was definitely there & squandered, IMO.

        • Vinnie McCoy says:

          I think that comment says it all. He was going to move quickly from Broadway to movies? I don’t think that any of us “niche” Season 1 fans were looking for a jump to Hollywood. Truth be told, the first season was going in one direction…..Broadway, role competition and good singing and dancing. Season 1 created characters that needed to be explored, honored and protected. The change in writing destroyed relationships that we invested in. I know that ratings are important but does every program have to be dummy’ed” down? They brought in Jennifer Hudson but clearly that was just for “ratings” cause they certainly didn’t give her a story line that matched with this show. No competition, no role in either of the featured shows. What exactly was the purpose as far as the story was concerned. Then they bring in pretty boys for a younger more hip Broadway show and kill them off. Oh and by the way, if you didn’t know Jesse L Martin can actually sing and dance…please then why was he sitting behind the desk? Bernadette Peters gets to sing 2 songs all season? The handwriting was on the wall with the change in writers and directors/producers. There is nothing about “Gossip Girl” that qualifies for the reins of a truly new and fresh idea. If they did bring it back it we would need a complete Season 2 redo. Maybe they could have Karen or Ivy wake-up and have it all be a bad dream. NBC should be okay with that since it’s already been done….twice..

  19. Magically Suspicious says:

    I will miss Smash. It was the first show in a long time that I looked forward to, especially on Saturday night.

  20. Luli101 says:

    I thought the ending was cute.. As for what went wrong, I think it was writing, big gap before it came back, pretending like season one never happened, and scheduling. I liked season one, not everything, but I thought it was fun. I really wish season two had never happened.

  21. Kristen says:

    I found the finale to be an utter disappointment. It was just weird to have the past few episodes going on and on about how Bombshell just wasn’t “it” anymore, and not just hear say, actual printed and quoted fact, then I’m supposed to believe that they all of a sudden pull off winning all of the major awards? Not to mention you have Karen who was pretty much shafted entirely in the finale. The only perk she received was Jimmy finally being honest… about getting shipped off to jail for months on end. Then you have Ivy, who was actually reviewed as not being as good as Karen in her Marilyn performance, however I’m supposed to believe that now she’s the superior performer? This isn’t my personal opinion, b/c I love the actress who portrays Ivy. Throughout BOTH seasons, Karen has only ever been the person to get through to Derek, and now she’s saying “I just can’t reach him the way you can Ivy”??? Seriously? It was just really odd. It was as if the writers were listening to all the fan bashing for Karen and giving the Ivy Lynn fans what they wanted. Just seemed very lopsided. Like I was in the Twilight Zone.

  22. ly says:

    How could they not tell you who won for Best Director!!! Hopefully that’s one of the scenes that will be one of the deleted scenes on the DVD. If not SHAME ON THE WRITERS!!!

  23. Suzanne says:

    I loved smash! Great actors& actresses, they drew me in every week! Great chemistry with each other! So sad they’re not bringing it back.

    • Kathi says:

      I don’t understand what all the bad press was about! For anyone who loves the theatre, (and Broadway in NY is a testament to the fact that millions do), this show was a refreshing change from all of the crap that is being shown on TV nowadays. Things like the stupid reality shows and Law & Order, SVU with all the sex crimes. Who watches that stuff? You can see it on the news everyday! When I am off work, I want to see something entertaining and lighthearted and “SMASH” had all of that! The cast and relationships portrayed were great. I have never bought a DVD of a television show, but this is one I would love to see over and over again. One thing though…I missed Dev! The Bollywoood segment was beyond great! I have watched it several times on “You Tube.” Megan Hilty was a huge find. “That’s Life” sung by her and Katharine Mc Phee was wonderful! This show will go down in history as one of my very favorites. I am so sad.

  24. I liked the actors, the music/performances and the idea of a TV series about musical productions, but I didn’t like the writing for a lot of reasons. I would have enjoyed more focus on musical productions and less soap-opera-type drama in the story line. With this caliber of the actors they could have had something very great. The subplot about Hit List was gloomy and I had a hard time accepting that a first-time writing team with lots of personal issues could come up with a hit, and I found it forced. I didn’t look forward at all to that. I did like the development of subplots about Nick, Ellis and Jerry. I was happy to see that much of the cast had Broadway experience. I’d have liked to have seen more complex and conflicted characters than ones who suddenly developed insight and changed to resolve story lines. I think writers did their best to tie up a lot of things for the finale, giving each of the characters something, but the tension was lost. I would have watched a 3rd season and I do plan to buy the DVD for the second (I did buy it for the first) b/c I think it had the potential to be a special show. I noticed Steven Spielberg was directing. To me, excellent writing is essential to the success of a series and TV writing needs to be very tight

  25. Robin Dicentes says:

    I thought the SMASH finale was fabulous and I was so very sorry to learn it was cancelled. NBC killed it by movie g it to Sat night – and to what purpose? For the riduculously stupid dating show (ready for love) that died almost immediatlely (as it should have!)?

    I am so greatful the show’s producers ended it as they did! Hurrah for giving it’s loyal fans a wonderful happy ending. I praise you greatly and wish EVERYONE involved with the show the best – thank you for making a wonderful hour of Tv I tuned into every week without fail!!!

    • blondmyk says:

      Yeah…Eva Longoria’s “dating” show, where she wound up sleeping with the contestants herself. That was a really stupid move on NBC’s part. And then to move Grimm to that slot and not move Smash back there…makes me wondering if they are trying to kill “Grimm” off now too.

  26. Blondmyk says:

    I thought the series finale was exceptional. If I were anybody of importance at NBC though, I would have expected the ratings flop, but not for the reasons that they do. Anytime you move a show around, you’re going to get people who don’t realize that the time has been changed. We can’t all watch NBC all day, so their commercials advertising it on their own network (likely all they did to promote the finale) didn’t reach the majority of the viewers of the show. Now they’ll watch it elsewhere…DVR, internet…anywhere they can…and NBC is none the wiser about their screwed up method of giving the show another shot. They shot the show in the foot again by moving the finale to Sunday.

  27. Joan says:

    I am soooo going to miss this sow! I can’t believe that it was cancelled! I’d love to see both Bombshell and Hitlist in a live theater! I honestly thought that was the goal of season 1.. I was hoping to be able to see it twice, with different leads .. now I’d love to see both versions of Bombshell! Please !!!???

  28. john says:

    The real issue was the lonnnng delay from Season 1 end to Season 2 start. Established shows can survive that but not new ones. They should have started in Sep like most shows as opposed 5 months later in Feb!