New Spoiler Alert!: Rating the Season Finales of Nashville, Scandal, Grey's and More! Plus -- Is Revenge Plotting a Cruel Bait-and-Switch?

Season Finale Report Card Spoiler AlertThis week’s Spoiler Alert! is so damn big we had to tack an additional three minutes on to the traditional 10-minute running time — and you will be glad we did.

Not only does Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown return to the red couches to help Matt Mitovich and I rate the berserk season finales of Nashville, ScandalGrey’s Anatomy, etc., but MM floats an infuriating theory about Revenge‘s big Amanda Clarke reveal that, if proven true, could trigger a fan backlash the likes of which we haven’t seen since The Killing failed to solve the Rosie Larsen murder mystery at the end of Season 1.

And we’re not done yet.

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Before the curtain drops on Season 2 of Sp’lert (yes, even web series deserve a mini-hiatus), Brown drops a scoop about a lost Community scene involving Shirley and her evil father-in-law, and then (kinda-maybe-sorta) proceeds to read an excerpt from Community‘s Season 5 premiere script!

What are you waiting for — press PLAY below!