CBS Pulls Mike & Molly Tornado-Themed Finale From Monday Line-Up

Mike & Molly Season 3 FinaleCBS has replaced tonight’s Mike & Molly season finale — which discuses a tornado hitting Chicago — in light of the real-life twisters touching down in the Midwest.

The episode did not contain any footage of the storm’s damage, reports, but a repeat will be shown in its place.

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“Due to the tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight’s season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline,” a CBS spokesperson tells TVLine. “A repeat broadcast of ‘Mike & Molly will run in the time period.   The season finale will be broadcast at an appropriate date.“

According to the finale’s synopsis, a tornado bearing down on the Windy City leads Mike and Molly to confess important secrets to each other.


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  1. Joni says:

    Seriously? Ugh this is a bit much no? With the over sensitivity

    • Alex says:

      Agreed. Ridiculous.

      • Sg. Grant says:

        No biggie. I’ve already downloaded the episode via “questionable” methods, so I can watch it with the commercials already removed, instead of just fast forwarding through them. Canada doesn’t give a crap, and that is where all the rippers live anyway.

        I live in tornado alley, and I’m pissed when even the local channels interrupt whatever I am watching/recording for coverage of a storm. I realize that it is to protect the public, but really, the only people that might benefit from it are those receiving over-the-air broadcasts; while there are more here than most parts of the country, those numbers are still few and far between. If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, it is completely unnecessary to interrupt regular programming. You have a 24/7 weather channel, and that doesn’t even take into consideration radio, the internet, and even text message alerts based on your location so you receive a text if a storm is directly headed your way.

        • jessica says:

          Sg. Grant,
          It was a repeat in Canada on CIty – the same episode as was on CBS in the USA.

          Almost none of the rippers live in Canada.What you got via questionable methods didn’t actually come from a broadcast on any Canadian channel.

          What you are seeing with Mike & Molly s3e23 is a clean feed sourced from who-knows-where-exactly that has been mocked up to mimic the Canadian broadcast. This happens more often than you probably realise. It is a great way to fool people into thinking it is coming from somewhere else. After all, they did fool you. The network was renamed “City” in December 2012 and likewise the bug was changed from “Citytv” to just “City”. It has had many animation schemes applied to it over the years but hasn’t been a simple fade-in for about 5 or 6 years now. It is much harder to be fooled when you live somewhere you can easily receive the signals from the east and west master controls of City and a couple of CBS stations too.

          Real episode. Faked from Canadian broadcast.

          • TV Gord says:

            Thanks for posting this, jessica. I live in Canada and I didn’t know any of this goes on. I choose not to try to get programming by illegal means because I have too much respect for the creative community. It amazes me that people think I’m a chump for having integrity, but i get that all the time from friends, family and acquaintances. (shaking my head)

            Your post was very informative and helpful. :-)

          • Sg. Grant says:

            Excellent post with lots of great information. I have never been to Canada, and never seen a live broadcast from one of their networks, but was aware of the network names and know one of them used to have a leaf in the logo at the bottom of the screen. Either way, I’m fine with wherever the scene rips come from, because they are always available for me to download without commercials within minutes of airing, and sometimes sooner, since I believe some shows air a few hours/days earlier in Canada. Thanks for the great info.

    • Duchess says:

      I agree with you… They keep doing this, there will be nothing to watch on television…. It’s getting to the point of ridiculousness….

    • Len says:

      Yes let’s watch a comedy, making fun of tornadoes and the effects of them. Always what is needed to lighten the mood when 50+ have died.

      Had it been a drama, I’d probably not have cared. Being a callous comedy, making fund the situation, kudos to the network for having class.

      • Yeahcanwe says:

        Um your comment makes no sense. you seriously think the episode would make fun of the TORNADO? I doubt there would be a lot of “tornados kill people” jokes in the episode and tornados’ “side effects.” The jokes would come from the characters and their interactions, and as the article said, there wasnt even any stock footage of tornados.

        I think it would be MUCH worse to watch a drama with a tornado in it right now, because people could actually die in those shows. Now I could see THAT being dififcult to watch. Let’s say Grey’s Anatomy had their season finale this week and it involved a tornado and two of the main characters are killed and others left horribly injured (like the plane crash last finale). Now, to me that is insensitive and I could see a case for delaying that. But for a sitcom?!? Um on.

    • BGD says:

      20 children dead along with 31 others. That includes a mom and her baby at a gas station.

      I think you can wait a week for a TV show, what is your plan for the next 4 months shows aren’t on the air?

      • Paul says:

        Thank you for being reasonable! What is wrong with you people? 50 people died, 20 children, and you’re whining because you’re little TV show chooses not to be insensitive to them. Deal with it and be thankful that you have a TV show to watch at all.

      • scooby says:

        Those numbers are incorrect. While incredibly tragic and devastating, the last verified numbers say that there are 24 dead, 9 children (we’re also looking at a destroyed horse farm with 75-100 dead horses). They found many missing kids at nearby churches after they fled. I can’t imagine what those parents are going through. I hope that father that CNN talked to found his child. One woman was saying why did this happen and how do they explain it to children and I was baffled. It’s a weather phenomenon. It’s not hard to explain, and esp. having been through it now the kids know tornados are scary. The after effects are going to be very jarring when all they’ve known and what made them feel safe has been obliterated. Tell them how to protect themselves in the future and help them deal with the loss, but “why?” A storm front, that’s why. They weren’t being smited.

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          It’s much easier to have a “sh*t happens” attitude about tragic events when those tragic events are not happening to you. When they are happening to you, it’s a completely normal, common, human reaction to wonder “why”. Pretty much everyone goes through it. But I guess you wouldn’t wonder “why” something tragic could happen to you since you seem to think you’re so much more enlightened than everyone else.

  2. MrMank says:

    Oh, great! Now we’re pulling episodes because of the weather! I respect the damage and devastation that tornados can do, and my heart goes out to those affected, but seriously?? Are we that fragile that the networks have to pull everything that MIGHT upset us?? We can’t, I don’t know…turn the channel ourselves??

    • Exactly. You don’t see NBC pulling SVU everyday when someone gets raped. Something horrible happens to someone every day, everywhere. Pulling an episode of television that was shot months ago and airing it on another day, changes nothing.

    • Jason says:

      Also, if you’re going to pull the episode because of tornadoes, maybe don’t make an episode and plan to air it in May when there are generally the most tornadoes.

      • Missmurray says:

        Right cause the networks can predict when a tornado will strike.

        • c-mo says:

          No they can’t but anyone who writes for a living should be able to research “tornado season”, which apparently they did, hence the fictional tornado…as well as the very real tornado that, at last report has killed 51 people including seven children…

    • John says:

      It’s purely economic when they do this. CBS fears the episode won’t do the ratings it should because some part of the normal audience will decide not to watch based on the subject. Delaying is a move to try to bump the number back up.

    • Mikael says:

      Pulling an episode because of a NATURAL disaster is just stupid. This is not the same thing a bombing, a shooting or any other kind of man-made tragedy. Yes, it’s terrible that it happened, but tornadoes have been happening forever. TV is way too PC these days.

  3. chance says:

    I’m from Oklahoma. Tornadoes are nothing new. I agree, this Is ridiculous.

  4. Not1ofYouPeople says:

    The tragedy is that this is the mid-west, where tornadoes are a fact of life and the season is just getting started. I’m not being insensitive when I say it’s just a TV show!

  5. Meghan says:

    I’m from Oklahoma, had to seek shelter with my students today and am watching the coverage as I type this. If I watched Mike and Molly, it would not bother me one bit to see an episode about a tornado. And I think those who had their houses destroyed today have more important things on their minds than a CBS sitcom.

  6. DarkHawke says:

    I’m normally with the “overreacting much?” crowd, but given that the tornadoes are even today wreaking death and destruction, I’m witb CBS on this one. Give it three weeks or so. It’s the decent thing to do.

    • Kevin H. says:

      Thanks, CBS PR Representative!

    • scooby says:

      Sorry for that rudeness, DarkHawke. People like Kevin H. weren’t taught how to properly use cynicism on the internet. He probably wouldn’t have minded Grey’s Anatomy airing something like the plane crash episode the week after 9/11.

  7. SJ says:

    Ridiculous… and totally uncalled for. I don’t even watch Mike and Molly, but I’m really angry. When does the PC bullcrap finally end? Get with the times, networks! No one’s going to be offended by this except maybe bored housewives with nothing better to do than complain, complain, complain all the time… Ugh!

  8. Nellie C. says:

    CBS did absolutely the right thing here — good for them.

    This is likely going to be the worst tornado in history — anywhere. Rescuers are right now pulling little kids out of the wreckage of a school. Now is not the time to making jokes about tornadoes.

    • jimbo says:

      Agreed. Pictures look devastating, like a bomb went off in OKC. Even the National Guard has been activated now. This is not your “everyday” tornado.

    • JBC says:

      Agree with CBS decision too. They said earlier that there could actually be more tornado’s tonight. CBS may even have to break in with breaking news. This is a devastating situation for many. God bless those in OK and hope they can get on their feet again soon.

    • Alex says:

      I won’t completely discount it, but I’m kind of thinking the claims that this is the worst tornado in history are just hyperbole. It’s certainly very bad, probably the worst in some time.

      • Annie says:

        Over 35 dead and an entire school collapsed on top of its students, at least some of whom are almost certainly dead – I don’t think it’s much of a stretch.

        • jimbo says:

          Medical examiner just said the number of fatalities is now 51. Horrific, just horrific.

          • Aly says:

            That’s terrible. Is that including the poor kids at the school?

            I personally think CBS was right on this account. This isn’t just ‘any’ tornado.

          • jimbo says:

            Seven kids from the school are among the fatalities so far, yes. As it’s still very early, the overall number of fatalities will probably rise even more in the next few hours.

          • Alex says:

            Well, 51 is still a far cry from the death tolls of some of the deadliest tornadoes on record. That said, when I posted earlier there were only 4 confirmed dead, so I suppose I shouldn’t expect the number of fatalities to level off anytime soon. And, admittedly, it does seem like fairly credible sources are now saying this may have been the strongest tornado ever recorded.

          • jimbo says:

            To put it in perspective: With more than two miles in width, it ranks amongst the widest tornadoes ever recorded. Also, this link will help you put todays events in perspective as well:

      • Nellie C. says:

        Yeah, Alex — I should have been more clear. I wasn’t thinking death toll but in terms of size, wind speeds and damage. The storm appears to have been worse than the May 3, 1999, tornado that hit the same town — that tornado had highest winds ever recorded near the earth’s surface.

        But with 51 already confirmed dead at this early hour, with recovery efforts still in the early stages do not bode well at all. I would not be surprised to see it end up being one of the nation’s deadliest.

  9. Paul says:

    We had a blizzard a couple weeks ago, so I’m gonna need them to go ahead and preempt the Winter Olympics next year. And it’s raining right now, so no more Greys Anatomy…in fact, any show that even remotely shows the existence of weather is offensive and needs to be pulled immediately!

    • Ophelia says:

      I completely agree. Also, there was a lightning storm today and I do not want to see ANY shows with lightning in them. And I expect ALL movies with special effects resembling lightning to be pulled from theaters immediately!

      • S. says:

        PEOPLE DIED!!!! Show some compassion and understaned that your TV shows, all TV shows mean nothing in the long run. So the show was pulled because of a freaking emergency. Stop whining and pull your head out of your rear end and care about something beyond your own sad pathetic lives. Grow up.

  10. Pat D. says:

    Would have been nice if FOX had caught that Family Guy snafu last night, but oh well…

    • Nick says:

      What was the Family Guy snafu?

      • Alex says:

        Not sure about last night, but I know the episode from the Sunday before has a tornado in it. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if they pulled it, because I didn’t think it was that good. I only laughed at the bit with Tricia Takanawa on meth.

      • Pat D. says:

        Look up “family guy tornado” on youtube.

        Stewie said “I want to watch the weather channel so if there’s a tornado in the midwest we can watch poor people scrambling for cover” or something like that. (cringe)

  11. Nicole says:

    Really. Come on they can’t watch tv anyway they dont have power. This is getting ridiculous.

  12. Scott says:

    I must say this is getting stupid already. Its tragic yes but CBS did not make this show on purpose. Stop with the its the right thing to do. Its just TV whats going on in real life is different

  13. Dan says:

    Ummm… hate to say it but…most of the people affected by the tornado prob. lost their homes along with their TVs…so….. yeah. I also doubt those people affected would want to sit down and watch a sitcom tonight. :/

    • Duchess says:

      Do you read what you are typing before you hit “post comment?” How can someone watch TV when they have lost it, and on top of that one THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY!! or they are just trying to figure out what they’re going to do next…Bottom line, the poor souls that were affected by this tornado – the last thing they’re going to be doing is watching television…..

      • Dan says:

        Well Duches, you just repeated exactly what I had said, so yes, I did read what I typed before I wrote it…and you copied my thoughts exactly lol. The people “affected” are not just the ones who lost their homes either, the “affected” could be family and friends of the victims….and those people, who do own televisions, will not be tuning into tv tonight because they are with their loved ones…..which basically means that CBS didn’t have to preempt the episode tonight, since the tornado storyline would not be watched by the people who were affected either way.

  14. Penny says:

    I don’t watch this show, and like everyone else, I’m terribly sorry for what Oklahoma is going through. But here’s the thing: why is CBS pulling a FICTIONAL episode of TV series while I bet that every single news station is showing images of the REAL devastation? Something doesn’t add up.

  15. David says:

    It’s a TV show!!!! Again, a network has shown that it has no common sense.

  16. seattlejohn449 says:

    FOX news upsets me – shouldn’t they pull any supposed “news” coverage where Republicans talk about God, gays, abortion, shooting Hilary’s yoohoo or Pat Robertson’s efforts to restore us to a Barbie nation?

  17. YUKA says:


  18. JJ says:

    So it’s okay to air REAL footage of the Tornados all over the news on pretty much every channel yet a FICTIONAL comedy that doesn’t even show a tornado gets pulled??

    • Dan says:

      Comment of the year!

    • LE says:

      +1000000000000000000000 Pretty smart comment

    • jimbo says:

      Comedy being the operative word. Plus, it’s the job of the news station to cover what’s happening right now. While the coverage might be excessive at times, it’s important. If you’re tired of it all, go watch a DVD, read a book, play a game, make love, sing a song. More than 50 people lost their lives today and all you have to think about is a bloody damn TV show? Man, you people.

      • Angela says:

        Thank you. Especially given that children are involved, I think some sensitivity and perspective from people makes a lot of sense.
        The footage from Moore is absolutely chilling, and hearing that children have been among the victims is downright heartbreaking. My heart and thoughts are going out to everyone affected by this awful disaster. Living in Tornado Alley this time of year can be very tense, it’s tragic when those fears and worries come true.

  19. Mike says:

    I’m fine if CBS chooses to pull the episode, even though I think in this instance they are overreacting, but given it is the finale, they should at least still release it on their website and iTunes tomorrow for those who want to see the finale.

  20. Aly says:

    I’m ok with them pulling the episode, since this appears to be a very devastating event, not ‘just’ a tornado. 10 people are confirmed dead, and 24 children from one school (3rd graders, I believe) are also presumed dead.

    If we accept eps being pulled because of school shootings or the Boston marathon bombing, I don’t see why we can’t accept this either. It should be all or nothing.

    • Mike R. says:

      No episodes were pulled and replaced with repeats for Boston marathon they were replaced with news programs, but I agree with your statement, and to be honest I hadn’t realized how bad it was, I feel so insensitive now.

      • Midori says:

        Castle episodes were swapped. it was still a new episode, but Mike and Molly have no other new episodes to switch with.

      • JBC says:

        Castle rearranged their episodes as to not show their “bomb” episode at the time of the Boston Marathon Bombings, as it was meant to be aired at that time. When the CT shootings happened one of the movies that was to be released in the country that weekend was held back to be released at a later date because it was about parents and kids.. Another point is that if we didn’t have 24 hour Cable news, the network’s would be pre-empting their programing anyways, to cover this. This is so devastating with so much loss of life and families losing kids.

        • Midori says:

          In 2002-2003 when the snipers were killing people in D.C. the movie “Phone Booth” was delayed because of the sniper in it.

          It’s not rare at all, I’m really surprised by the craziness that is going on here.

    • Timothy says:

      It’s now 37 confirmed dead. I would have to say this is one the worst that this area has seen, probably since Joplin a few years ago.

  21. Carla says:

    Can’t they just put a viewer warning before the episode, like they did for Person of Interest?

  22. Midori says:

    51+ people are dead. The number will surely rise being that at least one school was blown apart. But screw the kids and the poor people in OK.

    This isn’t “just a tornado in the midwest” or “just weather”, it’s a massive disaster. I hope some of the people who comment here get hit with a mega disaster and let’s see if you keep going “It’s just weather”.

    You sicken me, it’s just a TV show, you will wait a week for the dozens of dead and hundreds missing.

    Sickos… You “people” are sickos.

    • Peg says:

      OMG. I realize everyone is very upset but to “hope some of the people who comment here get hit with a mega disaster”? Do you realize what you’re saying and hoping for?. More death and disaster upon innocents? what is wrong with you? And you are calling THEM sickos? Shame on you!!!!

      • Midori says:

        I think only being hit by a mega disaster is the only think that would knock some sense into these “people” here.

        • Peg says:

          Uh, didn’t you say earlier in a response lower down.
          ” Wrong.
          No one is wishing disasters on anyone else.
          Besides Tea Party people, but no one listens to them anyways.”

          I think you need to read through how others have responded to your wishes for further “mega disasters” upon people whose opinion happens to differ from yours
          We need compassion and understanding as well as tolerance here not more death and disaster. Please think through what you are hoping for. What if that mega disaster you are hoping for is visited on you or your loved ones homes?

  23. Bill says:

    Reading this thread really just makes me lose my faith in humanity. It’s a problem that CBS pulled a COMEDY that would make jokes about tornadoes when people are still pulling the bodies of dead children out of a school? It’s a problem to wait one or two weeks to show the episode? You people make me sick. And JJ, you’re comparing factual coverage of the event to a COMEDY making jokes about a tornado? You are unreal.

    • Midori says:

      There are two of us Bill. We are the hope for humanity, these ignorant TV losers really need to go out. It’s almost summer, go out, enjoy your evening and wait a damn week until we bury all the dead and the TV SHOW airs.

      • Peg says:

        Uh? You the hope for humanity but wishing disaster on others? Wrong.

        • Bill says:

          Peg, Midori didn’t wish disaster on anyone..when he or she said they need to “go out,” he/she meant walk away from the TV and join the real world. Read the whole post.

          • Sg. Grant says:

            Read the comment above yours. Midori definitely wished disaster on others. No such faith in humanity to be found in Midori.

          • Len says:

            The amid pro post was in a different part of this thread, not where she responded here in this part. As we can call ourselves anything here, it could be any Midori, and not necessarily the same one she responded too.

      • Peg says:

        Uh? You the hope for humanity but wishing disaster on others? Wrong.
        And over a TV show.

        • Bill says:

          Sorry, Peg. I read the post above the one I responded to. And you’re right.

        • Midori says:


          No one is wishing disasters on anyone else.

          Besides Tea Party people, but no one listens to them anyways.

          • Peg says:

            And I quote from your post directly, Midori
            ” This isn’t “just a tornado in the midwest” or “just weather”, it’s a massive disaster. I hope some of the people who comment here get hit with a mega disaster and let’s see if you keep going “It’s just weather”.
            You sicken me, it’s just a TV show, you will wait a week for the dozens of dead and hundreds missing.
            Sickos… You “people” are sickos.”

            Im sorry, but those are your words and I believe that is wishing tragedy and disaster on others. All because of differences of opinions over whether to pull a TV show. That’s pretty “sicko” in my opinion. And far from humane thinking.

          • Sg. Grant says:

            No one except for you. Scroll up and shut up.

      • A says:

        “ignorant TV losers” <– said the person coming to a "TV entertainment" website to attack people with differing opinions than him/herself

    • Laurie Emerson says:

      My faith in humanity is always restored when I see people all over our country want to run out and help those who need it so badly. I think that as a nation we have the most generous and kindest hearts you will ever find.

  24. Peg says:

    Thank you, Bill.

  25. Sara says:

    …It seems to be airing here in Canada.

    • TV Gord says:

      No, it was the same rerun as the U.S. that aired here in Canada, too.

    • Kim R says:

      Yes it did air in Canada. CityTV. I watched it. :)

      • TV Gord says:

        It didn’t on City-TV Toronto. Which part of the country are you in?

      • jessica says:

        I tuned in for half of it on CITY in SD from Toronto and later recorded it on CKAL in HD from Calgary. It was “Mike Likes Briefs” on both stations. These days City has been playing with their bug by displaying words that describe their programming which end in “city” and then removing the beginning of the word to leave just the network’s logo; Audacity and Authenticity being two i have noticed.
        I am pretty sure you are assuming it was shown because you downloaded the episode from LOL (404p) or DIMENSION (720p). They somehow somewhere have sources for pre-air for most of the most popular shows. Often they over-lay graphics taken from perhaps Wikipedia to make it look like they came from Canadian tv. They have been fooling the masses for nearly a decade now in the low resolutions and for about 5 years in HD. Usually the episode is actually broadcast and so people are easily inclined to believe it really came from the Canadian broadcast.
        A situation similar to this occurred when LOL and DIMENSION released an episode of The Finder that was supposedly shown on Global on 13 April 2012 but wasn’t because there was the live 19th Annual Aboriginal Achievement Awards, scheduled for that Friday long before FOX dumped The Finder on Fridays.
        It is Americans trying to cover their butts by making people think they come from Canada and since so few Americans are familiar with actual broadcasts on Canadian networks the deception almost always works on the majority.

  26. RowdyBug says:

    Wow peeps its only a TV show and people died today others lost their children. How about we show some compassion! I watch Mike & Molly and I can wait a couple weeks if it helps those who lost someone.

    Thoughts and prayers to those affected!
    Love from Iowa!

    • Midori says:

      One seven kids so far died at their school, and 44 more at other places.

      That isn’t enough to pull a TV show that makes light of a tornado.


  27. Barry says:

    People are victims of crime everyday and yet shows like CSI and Law & Order are not pulled from the air, so why do it for a storm? We went from being one of the strongest country to being treated like wimps. People are stronger than the networks think.

    • A says:

      Exactly! All these crime shows have murders and other heinous crimes being depicted that are literally happening every single second and minute of every day somewhere in the world. Bones, Castle, CSI, Law & Order, Elementary. So many shows air weekly with these contents and they aren’t delayed. If shows were preempted for every single crime or incident that happens in this world they would never exist. Just because tornadoes are not something you hear about daily and a show made an episode that just happened to have content related to the incident, it needs to be pulled? It’s just unnecessary as if airing the episode a few weeks later would make what the victims went through any better. I feel bad for the victims of the tornado and my heart and prayers go out to them, however IMO, the removal of an episode of some TV show will have no impact on what the people are going through in Oklahoma. They have more tragic and pressing issues to be dealing with than to be worried about the content of a comedy show.
      For the people saying the TV lovers are crazy. It’s not about the TV show. It’s about networks and overly sensitive people making a big deal about an episode of some random show that has no real impact on what’s going on in reality (and like the article says, a tornado is NOT EVEN SHOWN. It is just mentioned that it is occurring. It is highly unlikely that any death will occur in the episode. It’s only purpose is to provide context for a stepping stone in the relationship by having them share secrets.) It’s probably done as some publicity stunt and to make CBS look good in the public eye.

  28. Tina B. says:

    I agree with others, this is so uncalled for, enough with the over sensitivity. I can see holly wood taking out scenes of the twin towers for 9/11 but this is overkill.

    • Joe says:

      People who live around the country who families are affected by the tornado , ( death destruction ) need to yuck it up by a tv comedy that has a tornado plot ( it will make life easier for them ) it was a bad tornado CBS did the right thing ,the people that are Bitching that CBS are idiots , the networks pull shows in tragic situation outta respect for the victims ( and the people that are complaining are showing thier ignorance

  29. ej says:

    I’m not going to get into the debate over whether or not pulling shows every time there’s some kind of disaster or tragedy is ridiculous. Networks are going to do it, so that’s kind of moot. The real question is: what idiot in the show’s writing department thought it would be a good idea to have a tornado-themed episode during the peak of tornado season? That’s something you do for November or February sweeps, when, you know, there’s a significantly lower chance of a real deadly tornado forcing you to respectfully pull your episode. You can’t predict bombs or earthquakes, but you can predict the weather. It’s called “tornado season” for a reason!

    • Len says:

      And then you would be here in January claiming Mike and Molly was lame because they had a tornado in January.

  30. Laurie Emerson says:

    I am a Hurricane Katrina survivor and did not have electricity for 3 weeks and so much death and destruction. My mom and dad lived thousands of miles away and worried sick as there was no way to find out if we were okay. My mom said she had to get away from the new and watch something which made her laugh if just for a while. There are always going to be tragedies and disasters, but sometimes being able to watch something which might make you smile, if for a while, is just what you need.

  31. Peg says:

    I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. I can see all sides of what others are saying, except where it advocates for harm to come to others, be it natural, accidental or otherwise.
    I also strongly disapprove and think it is wrong calling other people names, placing blame, or just totally disrespecting others simply because they have an opinion that you do not share or us different from yours.
    I believe everyone should be allowed their opinion (without harming others.) We should be enlightened enough in 2013 to value diversity in everything, including opinions about this. I don’t understand why people are so ugly to one another at a time like this where caring and compassion is crucial.

  32. Midori says:

    I think what fans of the show seem to forget.

    After they air this episode, which will probably be in 1-2 weeks, you will not have a new episode of the show for at least 8 months!

    So what is the rush?

  33. ajintexas says:

    Just download it you bunch of disrespectful crybabies. If it doesn’t affect you then it’s not your problem huh? Sad state of affairs in America when people are such dbags. I’m willing to bet 75% of the people here complaining don’t even watch this show and are just looking for something to whine and cry about.

    • ajintexas says:

      Lets not forget 24 kids have been confirmed dead so far, and that total likely will go over 50 by tomorrow. Everyone griping about a TV show should go look in the mirror and try to figure out what is wrong in their sad little brains.

  34. steven says:

    my thoughts go out to all those affected by the torndoes complete and utter devestation ugh sometimes i shake my head and wonder about some people people are worried about ep being pulled spare a thought on those who have lost their homes and lives and especailly children

  35. Fran says:

    I’m not sure why people assume that because you disagree with this decision you don’t care about those affected by this disaster. Rather I see most people wondering what this actually does to help people. It doesn’t appear to be about missing the actual show. I think a lot of people made some valid points whether you agree with them or not. Decisions like this always bring out the for or against discussion. I have family near the area and have yet to make contact with them…. just hoping and praying for their safety and others that are missing.

  36. Peg says:

    Couldn’t have said it better.
    I hope you locate your family and that everyone is safe.

  37. Rick Katze says:

    This is a totally silly decision. There is always going to be some sort of disaster somewhere in the world and probably in the US within the week before the TV Show is shown.

    Maybe in unique circumstances, it might be appropriate but just mentioning a tornado and not showing any actual footage does not rise to that standard.

    What’s next. We delete all references to the IRS because it focused on conservative groups. Maybe we shouldn’t have any negative story about conservative groups. Actually maybe we shouldn’t have any story about politics. And to protect everyone from any potential source of embarrassment or negative reaction, let’s not allow any fiction on TV.

    Being from Massachusetts I thought that ABC’s application to be selected in the next version of Americans in profile for cowardice by removing a Castle episode in the wake of the Marathon Tragedy was a good example of what is wrong with this country.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      A TV episode getting pulled is what’s wrong with this country? You can’t be serious with this. Tell me you are not serious. I thought what was wrong with this country was childish lawmakers who can’t get along, the destruction of the middle class, the rising poverty levels, increasing numbers of homelessness and unemployment, unaffordable medical care, children who are hungry because their parents can’t afford food, the continued destruction of the environment, pollution, the increased violence, hate crimes, a crappy education system that makes our students more dumb than students in other nations…silly me, I should have known what was wrong with America is when television shows get pulled because networks wish to exhibit sensitivity. That is the core of all of America’s problems!

  38. Joe says:

    I cant Beilive u people are complaing that Mike and Molly did air the the tornado episode last night , I love the show was dissaponted BUT OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE VICTIMS i understand why CBS CHOSE NOT TO AIR IT Im bummed but i will live, on like some of the victims SHAME on you people

  39. John says:

    So with this metric there’ll never be another show with a firearm related death broadcast? It’s always “too soon” given the incessant killings.

  40. Britta Unfiltered says:

    A lot of people sure seem to be upset they can’t watch some stupid episode of Mike and Molly. I wonder if their lives will go on after this truly tragic event of a TV episode getting pulled. It’s the most dramatic thing that happened on Monday!
    Have some perspective, people. Geez.

  41. John says:

    So, The Weather Channel etc. ceased all broadcasting or went commercial free?

    Now THERE’S a lack of vicitm respect.

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