Exclusive First Look: Bates Motel Plans to Make a Killing at This Year's Emmys

If Emmy voters won’t come to Bates Motel, that’s okay — Bates Motel will come to them!

Universal TV, the production company behind A&E’s sublime Psycho prequel, has hatched a unique plan to draw attention to the series’ “performances worth braking for” — by plastering the mugs of leads Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore on the sides of a Starline tour bus that’ll roll through Hollywood and the West Side of L.A. How’s that for in-your-face promotion!

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Of course, if there’s any justice, the haunting hit won’t need the help. It finishes out its freshman season tonight (at 10/9c) both critically acclaimed and much buzzed-about. (Hands off Bradley, Dylan! Hands off!)

What do you think? Will Emmy check out Bates Motel? Or will it be passed over for older, more established shows? Sound off below.

Bates Motel Bus Emmy

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  1. Adam says:

    I could see it getting some acting nominations, but the Drama Series category might be too competitive this year with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire all fighting for a spot again, and with The Americans and Parenthood also in the mix this year with deservedly good odds.

    • Kyle says:

      Parenthood?! I love it, but I think you’re being too optimistic. It has always been ignored by Emmys, except for J. Ritter’s guest-star nomination last year. Monica Potter and Peter Krause defintely deserve nominations, but I’ll be very surprised (and happy) if Emmy voters make it happen. Only network drama recognized in the past few years was The Good Wife, but I don’t think they will make the cut this year.

    • I think House of Cards will be in the mix as well.

    • Meg says:

      Justified should receive a nomination for best drama series as well. Its the one of the best, if not best written and acted series on TV. (in my opinion of course)

      • I agree about Justified. It should start getting the recognition it deserves. The Drama category is so stacked. Were the comedy category is a joke. Modern Family shouldn’t keep winning it has been funny since season 2 IMO and thats when I stopped watching.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        Absolutely the best show on television.

    • Joel says:

      I think Mad Men will be squeezed out this year. It doesn’t deserve a nomination with these last two lackluster seasons

      • I don’t watch Mad Men but I have heard it went downhill. I think Downton Abbey needs to get pushed out. Last season was just as horrible as season 2 was.

      • Adam says:

        I don’t think the past two seasons have been lackluster at all. Last year’s was one of my favorites, taking a more thematic approach rather than plot and nailing it. It’s never been a very plot-heavy show, but plot took a backseat last season to center on the bigger picture of the characters. This season has been excellent so far as well, and more plot than ever, so it should definitely make the nominations cut at the very least.

    • RobbyLoL says:

      Orphan Black, The lead actress deserves every award possible for her role (or 6)

      • Felicity in Portland says:

        Absolutely – – if she does not get a nom there is no justice in the world. The Americans should get a nod before Mad Men, Homeland, or Downton Abbey.

  2. Tony says:

    At the very least, Vera Farmiga should be recognized.

  3. Bob J says:

    Id like to see acting noms for bates and house of cards, interested to see how political it really is

    • Lainey says:

      I have really liked the Bates Motel, but it doesn’t seem to get much notice, Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, and older good looking brother Dylan. Maybe they should try and guest on shows, i.e the Talk, Ellen,Katie etc. so more people get to find out about them and the show, Hope it does not get lost in the shuffle, Glad it is renewed, but please don’t make it such a secret!

  4. Rudy says:

    Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore should both be nominated, but I’m not sure it’ll happen. I agree that Drama Series will be a little crowded, but I’d be thrilled to see them make it in.

  5. Sara says:

    I’m hoping Orphan Black’s Tatiana gets nominated

  6. Lisbeth Slander says:

    Vera should have a lock on a nomination. Nearly every episode I find myself saying how good of an actress she is. Her attitude turns on a dime and she nails it every time. Sad there’s only 10 episodes, this is the best new show to come along in years.

    • Chicago Dan says:

      Agreed Vera is the true star of the show. I hope they continue to delve deeper into the Norma/Dylan dynamic – there is a lot of story to mine there. The three most interesting characters are Norma, Dylan and Emma. I was really surprised that A&E didn’t order 13 episodes for S2. Ten is not enough!

    • rebecca says:

      Totally agree…it is a great show and Vera is wonderful

  7. Mareesa says:

    Vera Farmiga makes the show. Dylan is a great character- I was surprised at what he brings. Norman is OK…. And Emma is good. Don’t care for Bradley at all.

  8. Yolanda says:

    In what universe is Freddie Highmore supporting? It’s like putting Michael C. Hall in supporting category for “Dexter”! It’s his story, he has the most screentime, he’s a lead. This is probably the biggest category fraud I’ve ever witnessed at Emmys.

  9. kavyn says:

    Bates Motel and Orphan Black are easily my two favourite new shows this year. I hope they win something and get the recognition they deserve!

  10. Dave says:

    Vera Farmiga is outstanding as Norma. The woman deserves all the awards she can get for this role.

  11. VB Joel says:

    Love Vera Farmiga in this! She goes from frightening to laugh-out-loud hilarious and back again and makes it all (TV) believable. Freddie Highmore has kind of snuck up on me. He’s turned out to be better than I originally thought he was going to be. Agree that Max Thieriot is a BIG surprise. He hits many more notes in Dylan than I thought the role was going to demand of him. I guess I like this show!

  12. alyssa897 says:

    I enjoy Bates Motel, but in a ridiculous Revenge type of way. It’s so over the top and eye rolling I can’t see anyone taking this show seriously. I hope it doesn’t get nominated for anything especially over Game of Thrones.

    • Jate says:

      I agree with you 100% about the Bates Motel. Vera Farmiga is either really a good actress
      or really over acting. The show’s Pilot episode was the best, the rest reminded me of Twin Peeks meets Psycho. The critics are in love with it. I DVR the marathon on A&E last week. I finally got a chance to watch it. I really can not tell if Norman is a great actor or if he is over the top
      . I can tell the show was written by a writer from LOST. I think the show is very hyped, not sure if I will turn in to S2 the finale was kinda of weak.
      You new the Teacher was going to be Norman’s second kill. Which really did not make sense to me. The teacher was pretty innocent the other’s who bit the dust kinda of deserved it, only because they were very abusive.
      Kerri Russel deserves an Emmy nod for the Americans.

  13. Ray says:

    I’ve seen Vera Farmiga many times and I believe that without any doubt she should be nominated for an emmy for Bates Motel.

  14. Louise says:

    Personally I love this show and would have loved to see Vera Farmiga win an award for her role as Norma.