Amy Schumer Kisses (Amber Tamblyn) and Tells All About Her Kinky Game of Thrones Fantasy

amy schumer amber tamblyn kissIf you were expecting my interview with the titular star of Inside Amy Schumer to be respectful and thought-provoking, a) you are going to be sorely disappointed, and b) put down the crack pipe.

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During our no-holds-barred Q&A, Amy Schumer tells me everything she knows about her Comedy Central hit’s sure-to-be-ordered sophomore season (“Based on no one saying anything to me,” she hastens to add); she spills the beans about her episode 4 make-out session with House alum Amber Tamblyn; and she cops to imagining a Game of Thrones sex scene that’s so out-there, you have to see her describe it to believe it.

So make sure no one’s hovering around your computer and press PLAY.