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THE SHOW | Nikita


THE AIRDATE | May 17, 2013

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THE PERFORMANCE | Maggie Q was tasked with a difficult job in Nikita‘s season ender: to portray her typically tough-as-nails heroine as she fluctuated from hopeless to hopefulness then back again a few dozen times — and did she ever deliver. From forcing down heartache after bidding a subtle so long to her Division family to accepting Michael and Alex’s assistance against Amanda to being wrongfully implicated in the President’s assassination, the actress effortlessly kept viewers riveted with every emotional choice

The actress was never more stunning than in the episode’s final moments. Having just discovered that she was at the center of a nationwide manhunt, Nikita vowed to leave her friends in peace. “I’m putting you all in the line of fire,” she confessed. Though they claimed otherwise, Q’s meek smile said it all: Nikita had succumbed to the hopelessness. And that’s why the last shot of the installment found a tearful Nikita alone and on the run.

At first, all that appeared to be left was the shell of the strong and stalwart leading lady Q spent three seasons creating. Then, with a flick of the eyes and a gut-wrenchingly vacant stare, the actress summoned a familiar Nikita: one who, while struggling to find the hope in her current circumstances, is resolute on doing what she believes is best — because putting her loved ones’ safety first is what Nikita does best.

HONORABLE MENTION | Revenge‘s Nick Wechsler
For two seasons now, Wechsler has been proving that when called upon, he can bust out the waterworks and break our hearts in the process. And, sadly for Jack, that skill came in handy when his brother Declan died in Sunday’s season finale, pushing the elder Porter to his breaking point. When Jack confronted Victoria, Wechsler showed off the perfect mix of devastation, malice, sadness — that parting tear! — and venom (“I would break the news to Charlotte very gently. You know how she takes these things”).

Whose performance knocked your socks off this week?

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