Scandal Stars Defend David Rosen (or Not), Share What's in the Finale (or Not) and Caption Photos

JOSHUA MALINA, COLUMBUS SHORTPeople — mainly, Scandal fans who in Season 2’s penultimate hour discovered that “wannabe gladiator” David Rosen is conspiring with the mysterious “Albatross” aka Billy Chambers — are thinking awful, horrible things about Joshua Malina’s character. So TVLine invited the cast to defend the disgraced Assistant U.S. Attorney as the ABC drama airs its season finale tonight at 10/9c.

Let’s just say, with friends like these….

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“Boo, David Rosen! Buh-bye!” Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, responded. Guillermo Diaz echoed that sentiment and then some, declining the chance to stand up for the guy and instead scoff, “F–k David Rosen. Kill ‘im!” (Let’s hope he was getting lost in character, as Huck.)

Darby Stanchfield, whose Abby has an on-and-off “thing” with the mole, explains, “He’s a sexy guy, and sexy men go a long way,” while Jeff Perry used this opportunity to marvel at the buzzy drama’s creator. “How about the genius of a woman named Shonda Rhimes who creates a universe where David Rosen is the only person defending the rights and justice for American voters, and he’s suddenly considered the worst villain in the universe? It’s interesting,” he mused.

Series lead Kerry Washington let slip with perhaps a bit of insight into David’s motivations, saying, “He is a man who has been hurt. And often, when awful things happen to people, sometimes they don’t know what to do.”

Understandably, Malina himself insists, “David Rosen needs no defense,” noting that his character merely “stole back something [the Cytron memory card] that was stolen from him, and he’s working very hard to expose the rigging of a national election.”

With the Scandal cast not about to spoil the Season 2 finale itself, we instead asked them to reveal what’s not in the episode.

“I don’t drive my husband [James] to divorce — which is rather surprising, given the way I’ve been behaving,” said Perry. On the sporty side of things, Washington assured us, “Olivia is not playing beach volleyball in the finale,” while Malina dropped the bombshell that “there is no bowling, at all.”

Diaz suggested, “Huck masturbating is not in the finale,” but Malina quipped to us, “That is implied off-camera; I don’t know if Guillermo told you that.”

Bellamy Young aka First Lady Mellie began to say that “the secret of life” is not in the Scandal capper, then realized, “It sort of is!” As such, she changed her answer to: “Mellie giving in is not in the finale.”

Before bidding the cast adieu for the season, we made one final request, that they help caption a few photos from tonight’s episode. Here is what they came up with: