Scandal Finale First Look: 'We're Getting Married and You're Moving Into the White House!'

First Lady Olivia Pope Grant?

If Scandal‘s POTUS has his way — and the following sneak peek at Thursday’s finale suggests he very well may — those four words will become de rigueur on ABC’s smash hit in Season 3.

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Press PLAY below to watch two clips from Thursday’s season-ender, the first one Fitz/’Liv-centric, the second one mole-focused, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Would Season 3 be too soon for Scandal to be play the FLOTUS-OG card?

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  1. A says:

    This man is delusional! But I guess if anyone can fix a cheating President scandal and end up with herself in the White House it’d be Olivia Pope!

    • k says:

      Let this be a challenge for her. THIS I wanna see!

    • Sara says:

      Wow…he’s delusional!

    • tosin says:

      lol.what would happen is- the scandal of olivia pope and the pres affair would be fixed even though it was mellie that leaked her name to the press to back up her initial wen the scandal is fixed,olivia wears the white hat and do d right tin by making fitz go back to mellie cos if he announces in public that hes divorcing his republican old money blue blood wife then the fixing of the affair rumors wud be confounded and end his political career so olivia wont be able to prove herself right when she told him he can win the election on his own without rigging that fits father was wrong all along. i hope it wud be like this anyways :D

    • lanette says:

      Its Television people…Shonda can write whatever she wants and make it work. She is just that good! LoL!!!!

    • Barbie Banks says:

      If your inlove your inlove! An if he doesn’t want Mell then shall be it! He’s inlove with Olivia Pope an I honor there relationship… My opinion she should Marry him an Move into the White House! Fitz loves her! He’ll even give up being president to be wit her, THAT’S LOVE! #TeamPope!

  2. Grrrrp says:

    Please. Mellie would go all Ring the Alarm on Olivia before she let her take her spot as first lady. And no way would the public just accept Olivia. She’d get all kinds of scrutiny. And I don’t even think Fitz would win re-election now. Sorry bro but you can’t have your cake and eat it too just because your the president. And I don’t like that he demands that they’re going to get married and move into the white house. What if Olivia doesn’t want that?

  3. I see no reason Olivia would need to change her name to “Grant.” She could still be First Lady Olivia Pope.

  4. bbseeme says:

    Hey, Sanford just got re-elected
    The public don’t really care, they’re going to vote on his record.
    The trouble will be finding what it takes to keep Mellie amicable.

    • Patrick says:

      No, it isn’t. He could threaten to have her killed. As the CIC he could easily “get away” with this. She would counter threaten to have a poison pill or doomsday option in the form of evidence of his misdeeds that would get to the press “somehow” in the event of her death. But she isn’t the type to give up on life. The POTUS would lose re-election and resume the role of a private citizen that would be in position to make a LOT of money. But she would be dead.

      She could ruin his political if she were killed. But she would still be dead, and she is too narcissistic for that. Plus, she is the type to have her own secrets that she doesn’t want exposed. Right now, as the First Lady, there are lots of people who are willing to protect her. Without that cover, I feel like OP would just wreck her existence.

  5. Whitney says:

    Ok….so if David is in there during their discussion about Billy Chambers being the mole then does that mean he gave them a heads up, or is he still leaking intel to Chambers?

    • Alichat says:

      I think David is still leaking intel to Chambers. They would have acknowledged that Billy got the Cytron card from David if he had fessed up. And frankly, I don’t see Huck leaving Rosen….uh….whole….after finding out that he’s working with Chambers.

      • Querilous says:

        I agree point well taken. But I still can’t understand how OPA could let this happen. Also how did Charlie get up in OPA without any kind of security check. Remember he wanted Cyrus to let in at the WH and Cyrus said he does not know him anymore. I guess it’s Her office and all Clients are welcome!!! Bit sloppy though how the card was stolen. Shouldn’t Her safe been in her inner private office?

    • i think david just wants to out the people responsible for defiance so they will be prosecuted and serve their time. billy wants revenge & is willing to destroy all of america to do it and to hurt those he trusted that betrayed him. he will go too far & david won’t be ok with it.

  6. David says:

    It’s just amazing! David is sitting right there with them living it up! I’m loving it!

  7. Tasha says:

    I think it is really sweet that Fitz thinks that would ever happen, but we all know it won’t. Mellie likes being First Lady too much to give it up to anyone especially to Olivia. Plus Olivia’ career as a fixer would be questioned when/if it gets out that she’s the President’s mistress. I hope she tells the Gladiators about the affair before the end of the season.

    • SilBot64 says:

      The Gladiators already all know. Harrison figured it out when she was in the hospital, Huck told her that he didn’t want her to end up in the Potomac like Amanda Tanner, and when David was at OPA asking who the president was messing with, they all looked away and cleared out of the room. They all know.

    • Birdie says:

      Fitz is living in La La Land. I think He loves Liv and wants to be Pres too. “He wants his cake and wants to eat it too. Liv loves him enough to be just his mistress until his second term ends and then they can ride off into the sunset.

  8. Emma Henderson says:

    There is no way Olivia wants to be first lady – can we really see her holding babies and doing photo ops? Fitz hasn’t thought that bit through at all. She loves her job too much and the only time she has thought of giving it up was when she was almost suicidally depressed.

    David just sitting there while they give him their strategy, completely unaware that he’s handing every last drop on to Billy – it’s deliciously evil.

    But I still haven’t worked out what Billy’s end game actually is: is he doing all this with the hope that Sally Langston will become president even though he won’t be part of it (because he is a true believer?) or is it just revenge. But more importantly – how is it that he is still alive? At the end of season 1, we see Charlie get into the elevator with him after Cyrus told him to take care of the situation. Now we know that Charlie was ALSO reporting back to the black-ops chief (do we know which branch of the services he is??) so was Billy turned by Charlie on behalf of B376 – is this all a conspiracy reaching back to that group? Does that group want to bring down the President? It doesn’t seem like it, from what the chief said to Cyrus in the park last week. Seriously, we need a map at this point, to work out who knows what, and what their agendas are. Confusing!!

  9. Moe says:


  10. Cheyenne says:

    Awww… that is soooo touching. I just shed a tear or two.

    OK, back to reality: unless Fitz arranges for Mellie to have a fatal accident, it ain’t happening.

  11. Cheyenne says:

    Somebody needs to do a Cher on Fitz — slap him across the face and yell “SNAP OUT OF IT!!”

  12. Tan says:

    What if the mole is really the black guy? Billy Chambers and David are working together on the rigged election. Jake said only 4 people were privy to classified information, the President, VP, Chief of Staff and Department of Defense. Billy Chambers and David are none of these people. Who is over the Department of Defense? The black guy mentioned that they needed to protect the republic and he is always wearing suits and meeting Jake by the White House. He could be the leader of the Department of Defense who has access to this information to leak about the hostages that were later taken by the Seal team. He could also be Harrison’s father and Harrison may not know what his father is up to.

    • B says:

      last week they inferred that billy chambers was hacking into sally langston’s computer (via the way huck demonstrated) which is how he would have access to the information

    • GTS says:

      So? Billie Chambers was a former Chief of Staff to the VP. You know Shonda can make this work, and make total sense.

    • jenna says:

      I really think Rowan will end up being Olivia’s father. I know its really soap opera-y but just hear me out!
      1. it would make sense how huck is able to lead a relatively normal life without hiding (remember charlie mentioned he wanted the same deal huck had?)
      2. when he was talking to cyrus, cyrus mentioned that he was surprised rowan cared about what was going on in olivia’s life to which rowan replied he cared about what was best for the republic. Well olivia as a fixer (with her reputation in tact) is definitely what is best for the republic
      3. I think the second envelope olivia gave harrison was her fathers contact information — it was sealed and to be used as a last resource

      • J says:

        hmmm interesting theory! I guess we will see what happens tomorrow

      • teeross says:

        That is a great theory and could really work.

      • Kymberli wyche says:

        I guess you were right lol

      • joho says:

        I thought Rowan was Liv’s father based on a conversation Rowan had with Jake. In that conversation, Jake was surprised Rowan was willing to use Liv as bait to catch the mole. That right there told me Rowan was Liv’s dad. Also, just a little side note, after Liv and Edison became engaged,Liv gives the ring back and Edison doesn’t hear from her for 3 years..

  13. AP says:

    Everybody stop!!! If Fitz wants to divorce Mellie, there really is nothing she can do to fight it…sorry. Legally, it’s quite possible and does happen in the real world; it just takes a little longer, though. Have we forgotten how SHORT the American public’s memory is? He’s got two more years to get them to “forget” what he’s about to do and he’ll have the world’s BEST fixer in his camp–literally! If anyone can HANDLE this script, it’s Shonda R and her writers! :-) She’ll have Olivia and Fitz come out, (after the killing of Verna thing along with whatever Jake has on him gets resolved), move her into the White House and keep her business going–balance! No more kids. He has enough and she doesn’t seem like the baby type. It’s TV. If Shonda wants to keep most of us happy, she’ll find a way to keep Olitz together…finally! She knew if we really had to see 10 months of no Olitz, we might not tune in for long…

    • misha says:

      unfortunately this IS a shonda show, although fitz and olivia may be endgame she has shown through previous shows that she really doesn’t care what fans think

    • J says:

      he wouldn’t have 2 years, since he re-announced his re-election he likely has less than a year until he would need to win the republican nomination and another 6 or so months until the general election. He basically needs to start campaigning now…not really enough time to go through a divorce and re-marriage

  14. joy says:

    I think that olivia has it right. Fitz needs to get back with mellie(for re-election only) , keep olivia on as campaign manager,keep the kids from going beserk over their parents break-up and win the election., They do not need any unusual obstacles. Olivia knows that she is the love of fitz’s life,so why complicate matters..Shonda, please keep the cast,writers,props crew.make-up artists,custodians and everybody else that is affiliated with the show WORKING

  15. Jackie says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Fitz is lame? I don’t want Olivia to end up with him. He’s such a whiny loser.

    • joho says:

      No. You are not alone. Fitz seems weak, immature, and self-centered. And he may still be having some mental health issues problems from being shot in the head. I want Liv to build a relationship with a single man, e.g. Jake Ballard. I am NOT an OLITZ fan.

  16. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    Jackie, I totally agree — Fitz is whiny, pathetic, weak, and abusive. Yuck on him.

    I really don’t think David is bad. I think he’s trying to regain his reputation and his job, and bring about justice for the Defiance plot. The Billy Chambers thing was covered up, and he has no idea that this man he’s working with is a murderer, a liar, a cheat, and a very very bad man.

    I am glad they are keeping David relevant, as I love his character. I hope they’ll forgive him after he realizes how psycho Billy Chambers is, and that he’ll remain on the show.

  17. Debbi says:

    You guys are all so good at summarizing the story line…I love the show…too….let’s keep David on…

  18. genia says:

    Even though i know what fitz and oliver are doing right is kinda bad especially as leader, i still love them to death. Mellie is so bitchy that i feel so sorry for fitz. Why is cyrus so weak minded?? As chief of staff there stuffs he shouldnt tell his husband. Liv cannot be a fixer & a first lady, she has a passion to make things go away, however if fitz doesnt run for re election and win, liv may not get so favoured or classified infor in fixing her clients. Beside the story wont make much buzz without the hide and seek love between liv and fitz. Abby’s red hair temper should get into trouble soon i hope lol! Am guess quinn may become a trained spy cum killer soon coz she has a taste for. I love harrison’s loyality. I hope huck heals fast coz i love the guy. All hails to shonda , this is next to the movie 24.

  19. Favour says:

    Is there season 3 please??????

    This series has more effect on interest than 24 movie.

    Please anyone tell me if there is season 3.


  20. Naledi says:

    This is the best series I have ever watched. Plz bring season 3.olivia pope inspires me.

  21. celine says:

    C’Est super la serie mais quand oliivia et fitz seront ensemble on n’attend que sa …..