Ratings: SYTYCD Up But Down, Grimm Dips

NCIS_Season10_Finale_DWFox’s So You Think You Can Dance kicked off its new cycle with a total audience of 5 million viewers and a 1.9 demo rating, up 19 percent from its last finale but down 14 percent from its previous premiere.

Leading out of that, the finales for New Girl (4.1mil/2.1) and The Mindy Project (2.7 mil/1.3) added a few viewers while steady in the demo.

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Over on CBS, the NCIS season finale drew 18.2 mil/3.2, ticking up week-to-week but down 12 percent in the demo from its previous finale. NCIS: LA’s season ender (13.4 mil/2.5) likewise was up (versus last week) but down (from its previous finale), while Golden Boy’s goodbye was flat with 7.1 mil/1.2.

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NBC’s The Voice (10.2 mil/3.4) dipped 11 and 8 percent week-to-week, while Grimm (5.5 mil/1.7) ticked down one tenth.

ABC’s Wipeout (4.4 mil/1.1) dropped 15 percent to tie a series low, Dancing With the Stars (11.6 mil/1.8) ticked up some and the terminal Body of Proof (8.5 mil/1.4) was flat.

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  1. Cory says:

    I hate that to CBS the world’s dullest network Golden Boy is a ratings failure whereas on literally any other network it would make it five years on those ratings.

    • Paul says:

      With a 1.2? Sorry, but on any network that would be cause for cancellation (ok maybe not the CW).

    • Tamera says:

      Definitely not true. Body of Proof had a higher demo and viewers than Golden Boy and it too got cancelled. Really hope that whatever replaces Body of Proof does awful. ABC should never have cancelled it. I know the demo wasn’t as high as they’d like but 9 million viewers, come on!

      • Say What? says:

        Body of Proof got cancelled while pulling in 9 MILLION viewers? That’s nuts.

        • ChrisGa says:

          Yeah, it’s completely insane–it gets more viewers than most the network’s scripted series, excepting maybe Grey’s, Scandal and Castle. But that demo number is terrible and that’s all they care about now. Such a shame; it’s the most painful cancellation for me(next to Happy Endings)and it’s actually been really good this season despite the cast revamp. TNT or USA should pick it up.

    • brycealexander says:

      You may be wrong about a lot, but not that CBS is the world’s dullest network. I can’t believe it’s America’s most watched. I can’t believe Two and a Half Men gets freaking double or triple the audience of shows like Parks and Recreation. People are addicted to CBS and WHY

      • TV Critic says:

        CBS owns half of Nielsen thus they jack up certain shows ratings and use the 18-49 model.

      • S. says:

        People watch CBS because they like the shows on CBS. That’s generally how ratings works. CBS is number one because it has better shows than everybody else, shows people actually want to watch. And while I can’t explain the popularity of Two and Half Men, I do know that I don’t watch Parks and Rec because I personally find the show boring and condescending. Parks and Rec is not funny to me, so I don’t watch it. I watch Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, and Elementary, shows that all happen to be on CBS. Parks and Rec may be a critic’s darling, but it’s not mine and apparently that goes for other people to.

      • topoopon says:

        CBS plays to the lowest common denominator especially with the procedurals and comedies. (POI and Elementary excluded). P&R is too smart for it’s own good sometimes. (But of course, I love it.)

        • S. says:

          Of course that’s the reason, the lowest COMMON denominator. It’s not because the show’s are funnier, better acted, better plotted with way better storylines and characters than NBC. It’s because NBC is sooooo sophisticated and too intelligent for my poor wee brain to comprehend. It has nothing to do with NBC being too full of itself and specializing in over-hyped TV shows that no one watches because we’re too busy being entertained over at CBS.

  2. Midori says:

    SYTYCD’s finale season (Yeah it’s not official but everyone knows it.) started off with bad ratings (Because there were no ads for it!!!) but creatively the dancers were amazing.

    • brycealexander says:

      Why would it be? It’s a pretty solid franchise to have in the summer. It’s been smart about making itself culturally important and I really don’t see it ending.

    • VCI says:

      what are talking about? This is Fox’s summer staple and only gets better every season.

      • Midori says:

        Last season they cut the show from 3 hours a week to two, the ratings really don’t support the cost of the show. Sure, it’s summer, but America Doesn’t Got Talent does so much better.
        The show is aging, 9 years and ten seasons is a long time. It was amazing they renewed it for this summer and it will be leaving us much sooner than you think. Shows do no go on forever.

        And “better” doesn’t matter in TV land.

        Next summer the “staple” will be the return of 24.

  3. Midori says:

    Last season they cut the show from 3 hours a week to two, the ratings really don’t support the cost of the show. Sure, it’s summer, but America Doesn’t Got Talent does so much better.

    The show is aging, 9 years and ten seasons is a long time. It was amazing they renewed it for this summer and it will be leaving us much sooner than you think. Shows do no go on forever.

  4. Lindsey says:

    I think it was a poor decision to premiere the season on the same night that Dancing With the Stars was airing.

  5. Claire says:

    Season X for NCIS was outstanding and had some of the best episodes to date. These pieces also provided some record breaking numbers for the show. Therefore I am wondering the following: Since their numbers had been consistently strong(er) for several weeks in a row and then they went on a mini hiatus — 1 week here, 2 weeks there — did that break hurt them? Don’t get me wrong, their numbers still make them number 1, but these last few episodes were just above and beyond. The writers and actors really outdid themselves especially with the casting! The addition of some old faves (that I personally think should stick around) A.J. and Morrow, plus Colin Hanks. Solid all the way around. I guess I just wanted the 25 million to share in the joy that is NCIS. :D

    • S. says:

      One of the 25 million, I share your joy and can’t wait for fall!

      • Al says:

        3 of 25 million NCIS viewers:I wonder why Gary Glasberg said there would be more relationships coming around and so far,we have Vance becoming a widow and understanding Gibbs and Palmer reaching his first anniversary with his wife as well as plans to adopt.Seriously,Mr. Glasberg…NCIS is getting love from us fans…a little more to the storylines of the characters wouldn’t be too much to ask for;would it?

    • Gina says:

      4 of 25 million love the show, love the cast, best show on tv.

    • teresa_u125 says:

      Definitely the best finale in a few seasons, and the best Gary finale yet. Superb showing by all last night!

  6. Kyle says:

    Did anyone catch the Goodwin games. Really good in my opinion. Why no mention?

  7. katy917 says:

    How come there were no recaps or post mortems for Tuesday night’s shows? I’ve looked everywhere – there have been about 5 separate stories for himym (thank you btw love that show too) but none that i can fond for ncis, ncis:la or new girl (the 3 shows I watch on a tuesday). There doesn’t appear to have been any stories tuesday night. I know you don’t recap everything but I had hoped there would have been something about these shows xx

  8. bobbie says:

    Of course, Grimm dipped! People who don’t read this column probably have no idea it’s on a different night!