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HIMYM Boss Talks Big Mom Reveal, Teases Final Season's 'Longest Wedding Weekend Ever'

HIMYM Season 9 SpoilersThe casting of Broadway MVP Cristin Milioti as How I Met Your Mother‘s titular mother was literally Hollywood’s best-kept secret — that is until she showed up in the closing seconds of Monday’s Season 8 finale.

“It was a pretty big umbrella to fill,” says Carter Bays of finding an actress to play the titular mother. “And yet Cristin is, against all odds, exactly what we were looking for. She made us laugh on 30 Rock, she made us swoon in Once, and her ukulele skills are no joke.”

VIDEO | How I Met Your Mother: Watch the Finale’s Big Mother Reveal

Milioti’s season-ending cameo was shot on March 27 on the Twentieth Century Fox lot in Los Angeles. Strict non-disclosure agreements and a (mostly) closed set were just a few of the precautions taken to preserve the surprise.

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Bays says viewers will become “much better” acquainted with Milioti’s character during the comedy’s ninth and final season, which, he teases, “will tell the epic story of the longest wedding weekend ever.”

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  1. Annie says:

    Well played, HIMYM.

    • Dane says:

      Agreed! She’s adorable. I think she looks a lot like Willow… I mean Lily.. I mean Allyson Hannigan! :)

    • Ashley says:

      I think the mother is also the woman in ‘milk’ (season 1, episode 21). Ted is set up by Love Solutions after the original owner is bought out. She is perfect, according to him, but Ted doesn’t go to the date because Lily asks to pick her up in Dutchess County and he’s also still hung up on Robin.

  2. davoor says:

    So the whole season will be just about the weekend of the wedding? 24 episodes about the weekend? I hope they can pull that off…

    • Matt says:

      Ever hear of the show 24? They have 56 hours to work with since the end scene was 56, 50 some anyways, untill the wedding.

      • dude says:

        Yes but 24 is a show about an almost-superhuman guy trying to save the world. There’s much more material to work with there. How believable is it that 24 hilarious antics happened over the course of one weekend?

        • JLK says:

          With all the chaos that goes into pulling a wedding together in those final hours, there’s plenty of material they could come up with…especially considering all the secrets. Between the rehearsal dinner, hanging out at the hotel with other guests, getting ready in the morning, the actual wedding, the reception, and the morning after the wedding, I can easily see them easily finding 8 hours of material…which is really all 24 episodes amount to after you take out the 8 minutes or so from every episode for commercials. Hel

          • JLK says:

            Whoops…don’t know how that posted before I was done there, but I was going to say, Hell, I could easily take 8 hours to tell a detailed mini-series version of my wedding. That was a nutty weekend with lots of drama…thanks in part to the fact that it was a destination wedding.

  3. Josh Emerson says:

    Oh God, please let them change their mind about this long wedding weekend. It sounds so awful. And just as I was happy about the casting of the mother…

    • the girl says:

      Seriously. I can take four or five episodes about the wedding but then we need to see Ted change his mind about moving, Ted and mother start dating, mother meet the friends, etc. I’d like the show to end with Ted proposing to the mother. I really hope they don’t literally attempt to end the series with Ted meeting the mother on the train station platform after the wedding.

      • “end the series with Ted meeting the mother on the train station” that may be it.

      • John says:

        I’m ok with the literal meeting in the final episode AS LONG AS we are allowed to use the weekend as a framing device and flash-forward a LOT.

        • jenna says:


        • O'Brien says:

          That would be awesome. Hoping so hard for this!

        • Brooke says:

          Yes, that is how I’d prefer it. And it is in line with HIMYM’s style and the way they’ve told stories in the past, so it’s not unreasonable.

          I would be really sad after all this time to not get to see how Ted and The Mother’s relationship develops and what makes it different from all of his failed relationships. It would be awful if more time was spent getting to know that crazy chick from this season who destroyed all of Ted’s stuff!!!

        • Jovy says:

          I agree. They said HIMYM was the Lost of sitcoms. Lost had one whole season (Season 4) devoted to flash-forwards interspersed with current events. Maybe this is HIMYM’s flash-forward season. If the series will end with Ted meeting Mother, I would want a lot of flash-forwards before they show the meeting. I want to see them together and see them be even more compatible than Marshall & Lily and Barney & Robin.

          I also hope there’s more to the umbrella than just being in the mother’s hands when they met. I was hoping the locket somehow got stuck in the umbrella sometime before mother got it back in Season 5, and Ted had to find it. (The wrapped gift was just a Plan B because he didn’t find the locket in the box.)

        • Drewer says:

          Oh that would be amazing, I would actually love that!!!

        • Ethan says:


        • Nate Broadus says:

          This x10.

          If they are set on doing an entire season focused on the wedding weekend, I want some flash forwards — otherwise, what does a chemistry test between Radnor and Milioti mean if they only share one scene together at the very end of the series?

        • Jackie H says:

          This this this!

        • Zachary Flye says:

          Haha, This x1,000 because otherwise they’d need to make a spin-off of sorts called How I Married Your Mother which doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as well

        • Zach says:

          I’d love this, but I have to wonder how they’d do it without ruining the moment where they finally meet. Since apparently every other character meets the mother before Ted, we’d have plenty of time to get to know her anyways.

      • Jacquie says:

        There was another article where carter bays I believe it was said we will see how everyone else meets her 1st, each one of them before Ted. I doubt they would end it with them meeting on the train platform. That would be a letdown. I’m excited to see the final 2 slaps and how Marshall will execute them! So sad HIMYM is ending :(

    • Christine says:

      Exactly! Please, that idea sounds incredibly stupid. They are dragging this story too long, even the best couple on the show, Lily and Marshall had a wedding done in two episodes. Already disappointed, and that’s too bad because I really loved last night’s episode and the reveal of Cristin Milioti as The Mother.

      • Danny says:

        I agree. I would be fine with a couple episodes dedicated to the wedding, but I would really love it if the writers and producers would actually show they care about their extremely loyal fans and show the development of Ted and the mother’s relationship. Focus on THEM. Not freakin’ Barney and Robin…that is really just being dragged out WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long.

      • You do realise Bays was joking, right?

        • Bill says:

          Actually, he may not be. If you look around online, you’ll see lots of references to the fact that there’s speculation that HIMYM may spend the entire last season on one storyline, and that likely would be the wedding.

    • davoor says:

      Oh I hope they change their mind. The wedding so maybe last for about 4-5 more episodes, but then they should just show what happened after Ted meets the Mother. I pray to God that someone is able to tell them something like this before the make a plan for the next season.

    • Tom Mc says:

      Nowhere did he say it would last the entire season.

      • Tom Charles says:

        We know that, and we’re making our voices heard now so in case that’s what they are planning, they can rethink things.

    • I’m guessing they’re going to use the “wedding weekend” idea as a framing device, just as they’ve been using “telling the kids about the meeting” as a framing device for 8 years. I do NOT think we’re going to be suffering through 24 episodes of wedding stuff — I think they’ll just be flashing back from that point to explain how they got there.

  4. Crena says:

    i have a feeling this Robin – Barney wedding isn’t a single, double or triple episode affiar. I think it’s going to go LOOOOOOOONG!

  5. katy917 says:

    So rumous of 24: the wedding may be true?? :/ not sure I like this idea, although if it is interlaced with bits of the mother’s story – ie retelling events where Ted mentions the mother was also there but show them from her perspective, that way we get to know the mother and they can still wait to let them meet in the finale….

  6. So Season 9 will revolve about 56 hours before the wedding and the wedding itself.

  7. Patrick says:

    I love the idea of a long wedding weekend. I think it will be the best thing ever. It has tons of “distractions” in the form of Ted and Barney’s old flames, the “Captain”, and opportunities for disaster.

    5-6 eps about the arrival/rehearsal dinner, 5-6 about the wedding proper, 6-8 about the reception, and probably 2-4 focusing on the after math.

    I love it.

    • Harry says:

      Get out.

    • JLK says:

      I don’t know if I love it, but I agree that I think it could work…especially if the gang bump into the mother at various places through the weekend and choose to confide in her, the kind stranger. I think it could be fun to see how everyone met their mother…not just Ted…and how she was immediately a friend to them when they were all in need. She can respond to the gang as anyone would…with information about themselves and their own experiences that may be useful to them…and will give the audience plenty of insight into who she is. They could flashforward from there to see, as we often do, how that confession or those stories came back later…at a time when the mother and Ted are happily married. I could absolutely see that concept working…better than other people, apparently.

      • JLK says:

        Oh and I meant to add that I could also see them having let us get to know the mother…and what she’s like with Ted in the future…so well that they’re able to end the series with Ted meeting her on the train platform and basically ending it there. They could do a brief montage of their life together…basically flipping through a photo album…to catch us up to the present day when he decided to sit down and tell the kids the whole darn story. But I think that I’d be satisfied without actually seeing their courtship progress as long as I had a good feel for the type of person the mother is from her interactions with everyone but Ted…and we had the other characters recognizing how she thinks like Ted or whatever.

  8. Rob says:

    I’m sorry… but I think all of you are being kind of dumb… he was obviously teasing about the whole season being about the wedding. It will probably be two episodes long, tops, and then Ted meets her at the very end of the hour long season premier.

    • Joe says:

      I wish that to be true but in an earlier interview with bays he stated that he is going to make season 9 so distinct that any himym fan will be able to tell its from season 9. So this may point to him planning to make the whole season about the wedding

  9. B says:

    Guys, I don’t think you understand HIMYM. it can flash back and forth to after the wedding as say Ted keeps living life. It wouldn’t be a big deal because they’ve already been doing it.

  10. CAM says:

    Well, since the series IS called How I MET your Mother…it makes sense to spend a lot of time on the meeting. If we are going to get to know her much better, she must be figured prominently.

  11. Stan says:

    The show is called How I Met Your Mother, not how did I date her and learn to love her.

    • misha says:

      its also not called how barney married robin and how marshall and lily started their life together, the show barely holds up to the title as is

    • Joe says:

      Should be called How I Wasted 8 Years Watching.

      • Brooke says:

        8 years is a really long time to go without changing the channel if you’re unhappy. I grew bored with long running shows like Burn Notice and House, so I stopped watching, but I never considered them a waste of time. I enjoyed them for years up until I grew bored, so where’s the waste?

    • JEs says:

      Yeah and Prison Break was called Prison break but two of the four seasons dealt with the ramifications of the break and not breaking out itself, which still kept the title intact. Similar scenario here.

  12. JJ says:

    I think they will show the wedding in flashbacks during the season and the rest of the season will be about Ted AFTER the meeting. So they can let them meet in the series finale (as the original idea was) and we see what will happen after the meeting.

  13. Marge says:

    Oh come on! This wedding has been introduced at the beginning of the 6th season I think it’s time that these two get married! They can’t make a WHOLE season about this! I think (and hope) that when they say “longest wedding weekend ever” they mean that they’ve introduced us with this wedding weekend almost 3 years ago and I hope that we’ll learn to know the mother WITH Ted and the rest of the gang because what would be the point in bringing back the whole cast if they’re going to tell us how she met Ted? If I remember they’re supposed to have nearly met 3 times (St Patrick’s day, Ted’s first class and at her appartement) and none of the gang were there (except Barney for St Patrick’s day).
    But I loved seeing her for the first time today and I think she’ll be great for the role. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the wedding be 2 or 3 épisodes long tops and let us learn to love the mother with Ted!

  14. Azerty says:

    “longest wedding weekend ever” = worst idea ever. Really. It will be a succession of random filler episodes until the end of the week end = season when Ted will meet the mother. Yes they will jump in time but probably for flashbacks only very few flashforwards, yes the mother will probably make random cameos to prove that she is here, but still be in the background instead of finally helping Ted to move on with his love life and evolve after 4 years doing nothing. After the big reveal of the mother, which was great by the way I love it, I couldn’t be more disappointed.

  15. Ryan O. says:

    I want to see Season 9 start with Ted/Saget continuing the story, when Mom walks in and says “Are you still telling this story? It feels like you’ve been talking for years!” And then she says, “Move over … kids, this is the story of How I Met Your Father,” and she takes over the the narration of the rest of the season from her POV.

    • Lilacbarries says:

      ^ This

    • Cate Amos says:

      That would be an awesome way to handle it. Only problem is the “kids” are now fully grown. All the footage of them sitting on the couch listening to Ted was filmed at the beginning of the series run.

      • ES says:

        Could just be a voice like Saget is.

      • poodlemonkey says:

        on imdb it says:All of Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie’s scenes as Ted’s future children were filmed during the first season to keep them the same age throughout the series. This includes a scene for the show’s eventual final episode that includes the titular Mother which were filmed early in the second season. not sure how they are going to pull that off unless it was in voiceover form.

    • ER says:

      This is actually what I was thinking might happen…AND, they have been saying that we get to learn a lot more about the mom. The best way for that to happen would be if it was told from her POV. I don’t want all of season 9 to be her POV, but it would be cool if they split it up or something…

  16. sharon says:

    given how great the ‘bakery’ girlfriend and scrubbs actress were as the potential ‘mom, she has big shoes to fill for fans. Either way, I love all the regular characters, and look forward to another year of of HIMYM!

  17. PPPG says:

    IMHO she kind of looks like the adult love child of Lilly ad Robin. ☺☺☺

    • Tom Charles says:

      Well, maybe they can use that to explore his feelings for Robin and maybe some hidden feelings for Lily. I personally think she looks a bit like she could be Eliza Dushku’s younger sister

  18. etcmd says:

    They could also have everyone else meeting the mother at the wedding and trying to get Ted to bump into her, but it never works out. I could see that as a hilarious episode pre and during wedding.

    Also they have to figure out Marshall-Lily leaving or not- thats another episode in itself that isnt directly related to the wedding.

  19. MrJeff2000 says:

    Great move on their part.

    If the “mother” was introduced in a last-second cameo at the end of the SERIES finale, it would feel like a cheat.

    Now they have 24 episodes to demonstrate (or “prove to true fans”) why she is the perfect woman for Ted. I predict a bunch of split storylines delving into her past, and her side of all their near-misses in the past 8 years. In other words, we’ll see some of the losers that SHE dated. And they will resurface closer to the wedding.

    • Annie-Claude says:

      I’m pretty sure they’ll put lots of flashbacks of when they almost met. Maybe they’ll show her at the St Patrick’s Day party Ted and her both were at. I’m so excited about this! HIMYM is the kind of show that moves a lot in time with flash forward and flashback, so actually would be great at doing a really long weekend.

  20. Brooke says:

    I want to see Marshall as a judge, and what’s next for Barney and Robin after getting married, and what Lily does instead of going to Italy! Too many stories in there for season 9 to not show anything past the wedding weekend. Surely the writers wouldn’t have set up the judge thing if they didn’t plan on writing more about that!

    • Adam says:

      Who says Lily doesn’t go to Rome. I’m not say she does I’m just trying to keep an open mind and not come up with too many predictions thus being let down when they aren’t true. A big thing though that I am concerned about is that they need to take the focus away from the fact that Ted is still in love with Robbin and put that love on the new girl who they might not even make the mother. Who knows. I do like the idea though of having flashes, both to the future and the past. Either way I’m can’t wait to see how it actually all ends.

  21. AL says:

    I’m betting Ted literally meets The Mother during November Sweeps, and the rest of the season leads up to how he realized she was the one.

  22. Matthew says:

    Thanks ONCE AGAIN, TVLine for leaving a giant f***ing spoiler on your main page for those of us who DVR the show and watch it later. Thanks very much, you stupid pr*cks for spoiling now this, the final 3 of Survivor, and last year’s big Sons of Anarchy death. For crying out loud, get some damn integrity and stop ruining things for people.

    • Matt says:

      Pretty dumb to visit a tv gossip website if you don’t want to see a spoiler from a show that has already aired. The majority of people viewing this site want current news and recaps and are not going to keep coming if TVLine sits on stories for a few days just to keep a minority happy.

    • RyanC says:

      Or don’t go on a TV news website the night of a season finale of a show you watch. They aren’t responsible for your web browsing habits. This isn’t a brand new concept.

    • Matt says:

      Or, you could grow up, be a mature adult, and NOT GO ON TV SPOILER SITES AFTER A FINALE IS AIRED. Pretty much common knowledge that if you don’t want it spoiled, you don’t go online.

    • Brooke says:

      When I know that I need to catch up on TV and know that it’s sweeps or finale season where shocking things happen and I don’t want to be spoiled, guess what Internet websites I don’t go to?

      In any case, even non-TV blogs I visit are discussing the Mother today, so sometimes those of us using DVRs just have to acknowledge that doing to increases the chances of being spoiled. It is what it is.

      • Matthew says:

        All good points. Too bad they’re ignorant, outright incorrect, and stink of butt-kissing and blind fandom. You see, I go to a multitude of other websites (eg, Ain’t it Cool or IGN) that serve the same basic function, delivering news regarding TV and other forms of media. The only difference is, in their cases, I manage do it without spoiling anything. Why? Because they don’t treat their followers like mindless suburban goons who don’t have a real thought of their own. They clearly label each link as to what the content provides, and don’t offer revealing images (in the case of AICN, there are no images at all on the main site, only headlines).

        As well, “Matt,” this IS NOT a TV Spoiler site; it’s a TV NEWS site. There are spoiler articles, but they are often clearly labelled, and contain generic pictures, as they should, until you actually clink the link and proceed to the article. I come here to get information on things like fall schedules, upcoming guest stars, ratings news, etc. There’s no pre-requisite that the webmasters and writers absolutely have to reveal every major story point on their main page. Also, you could easily include the same or similar headlines, but include a different picture (like the show’s logo, for example).

        It boils down to an absolute lack of respect for the reader’s intelligence. But, judging by some of the posters in this thread especially, it seems this lack of respect for some readers’ intelligence is warranted.

        • TV Gord says:

          Speaking of a lack of respect, you seem to have issues that go beyond this one freak-out you’re having. I’m glad the rest of us only have to deal with you here, and not in the real world.

          • Matt says:

            Haha yes, agreed.

          • Matthew says:

            And another case of site ass-kissing. “Wow, this guy doesn’t agree with us mindless sheep, he must have issues!” No, sir, this is not the case. I simply have an independent mind, and feel free to speak it (as per my rights of free speech) instead of being afraid to express an opinion different from the majority. The issues are with the people that are unable to see any opinion or point of view other than their own. I simply do not feel the need to be told what to think, and whether anyone here wants to admit it or not, I have brought up a very legitimate problem that needs to be addressed by the webmasters of this site immediately.

          • Alia says:

            Dude, this is not worth the spike in your blood pressure. Take a few deep breaths and maybe step away from the keyboard, okay?

          • Fran says:

            Unfortunately Matthew, you are making a snap judgement while railing at someone for doing the exact same thing! It works both ways here. You’re free to have your opinion but this site is not going to change. This is not new to them and you have obviously been here before so you know how they work. They are free to post what they want- and you are free not to come here and read it. Since you are very into intelligence, I think you can figure out what to do.

    • Lily says:

      You’ve had this site ruin 2 other endings for you, and u STILL haven’t learnt your lesson? Pretty dumb if you ask me.

  23. billbob says:

    Crazy theory…ted has a one night stand after the wedding goes off to chicago, 9 months later around the series finale she becomes a mother

  24. noo says:

    I would love to find out “the mother’s” name!!!!!

  25. miliet says:

    8 years waiting and the mother is that thing? seriously? Last 2 seasons were horrible, but the ninth one will be the worst.

  26. cel says:

    Yall the show is called how i MET your mother not how i met and fell in love with your mother

  27. eiramaras says:

    for those of you predicting that the series will end with him meeting her, reread the article; he says we’ll learn more about her and she’s obviously going to be a somewhat regular character, so either way we’ll figure out why she’s “the one” for Ted.

  28. Annie-Claude says:

    That could be really interesting. Since the mother is at the wedding maybe she’ll talk to some of Ted’s friends. And I really hope they’ll show the proposal! Like in a flash-forward or time jump.

  29. Divij Sonak says:

    Maybe the longest wedding weekend they’re talking about is not Barney and Robin’s but Ted and The Mother’s ??? Maybe they plan to have Barney’s wedding last a couple of episodes in which they’ll show how Ted met the mother, then have them date, face problems and finally agree to marry each other by say, the year’s end. Then, the next year, we could have almost half the season dedicated to the wedding !!!

    • TV Gord says:

      I believe Barney and Robin will decide not to get married after all, and the series will end with Ted meeting and marrying his kids’ mother.

      • Osh ri says:

        Been reading all the comments and i can’t reply to all so i’ll just make a new one:

        1. Some said Barney and Robin will not go through the wedding:

        I don’t think so. During the Time traveler episode we saw 20 yrs from now barney and he’s wearing a wedding ring. If it’s not robin, then i don’t know who will it be but one thing is sure: barney got married.

        2. At the start of season 8, robin said she’s having a crisis and im prettu sure now what it is: she failed to get the locket. Now that ted has the locket, that scene will continue maybe in the middle of the season and ted will give her the locket and robin will know she’s doing the right thing in marrying barney.

        3. What i don’t understand is this: at the final second of band or dj episode, we saw ted looking (and smiling) at the mother while she was playing the bass guitar! So tec already saw her, and they might not have formally met, but he has seen her already prior to the farhampton train scene.


        • Xime says:

          The talk on the time traveler episode never happened

          • Osh ri says:

            I know that, but still the creators were meticulous enough to show future barney with a wedding ring so that detail matters. I mean, i know that it’s ted’s imagination but the creators could just neglect that small wedding ring detail but they didn’t. It’s saying something.

  30. elsol69 says:

    I have always been curious about HER story… what has she been doing? where was she at the party? what has her dating experience been? what did she think when she saw him in class? She’s too much of a presence not to give us her perspective.

    • That’d be cool, doing a Cristin-centric episode, with the band being her own group of friends, kinda like a condensed “How I met your Father”.

      My only hangup is this, Bays has previously said that he’s already shot the final scene of the series (since Fonseca and the other guy were ageing too quickly), but they obviously have only just cast the mother… so, this likely means that the mother isn’t in the final scene of the series. Now this strikes me as kind of odd and makes me sadly think that some people might be right about her not surviving until 2030 (wow, Ted’s gotta start making babies fast). I suppose there could always be a joke ending, but it doesn’t seem HIMYM’s style, it always goes dramatic for the finalé.

  31. Vinnie says:

    She looks a lot like Alyson Hannigan, and what I’ve seen of her acting (loved her on 30 Rock) she reminds me of Jennifer Love Hewitt for some reason, something about the way she moves and speaks. Strange combination, but I think she’s adorable, looking forward to seeing more of her next season.

  32. Eric says:

    In regard to “the longest wedding weekend ever” it does not say whose wedding. It is a foregone conclusion that Robin and Barney get married, but this 9th season could revolve around Ted’s wedding with flashbacks or flashforwards telling the story up to that point. This would make sense as the last season mirrors the first, of Ted’s story about finding “the one.”

  33. JB Smooove says:

    All this mother mumbo jumbo, what about people’s thoughts on marshal accepting the judgeship without talking to Lily.

    • JLK says:

      What’s the big deal about that? That’s the kind of situation where he had to say yet. That guy wan’s going to let him talk to the wife and get back to him. The call was simply to say, “You’re getting what you wanted and here are the details about where and when you’re expected to start.” Anything but a yes there, and he’s probably lost his chance to be a judge forever. So he had to go along with the appointment initially, otherwise there wouldn’t have been anything to talk to Lily about ever.

  34. SKS says:

    An entire season about one weekend???? After all
    of these years? After waiting and waiting and WAITING to see who Ted falls in love with and ultimately marries, we have to watch the entire series end during Barney and Robins wedding weekend?!? The longest wedding weekend ever?!?! What a bunch of bologna!! I have been fed up with this show for over a year now…. but I kept watching just to see if it could grab my enthusiasm the way it did for the first 6 seasons, but enough is enough! What a waste of 9 seasons just to wait to see the mother over a “long wedding weekend” in a span of 24 episodes! I’m so done with this show.

  35. Ed says:

    dragging out plots is nothing new, soap operas been doing it forever they can always add more commercials, been doing that too!

  36. aj says:

    Ted will not meet her until the final episode of the last season. It has always been set up that way, It is nice that we get to meet her before Ted does. Since they are not going to show any courtship between them. The final line of the series will be ” And that kids is how I met your mother.”

  37. Noel says:

    i think the wedding should long like 4-6 episodes, where everyone meets her before ted, then the story of how did thet got married. it’d be a good idea that if there’s gonna be a new frame of reference to tell the story, that frame should be ted’s wedding

  38. Jules says:

    ok people, the reason you have all spent a looooong time reading through this article and these comments is that YOU LOVE HIMYM. that’s because Bays & Thomas are really, really good. I know that s.9 over one weekend sounds pretty bad, but I am confident that if they want it to be that way, they will make it work. However, I disagree with everyone who says that the wedding wknd should be in the 4-6 ep. range. I think that’s dumb. Either 1/2 eps like marshall & lily got, or go all out with the season-long wedding. anyway, if you are pissed about all this, THEN DON’T WATCH it. It is soooo simple. no need to get mad. You don’t pour your blood, sweat, and tears into making himym happen for the world; Bays and Thomas do. And clearly, due to the huge fan base that How I Met Your Mother has, they do a pretty awesome job. Just let them do their job, and you do your own. Kay?

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