What to Watch This Weekend: Revenge, Survivor, Once Upon a Time and Two Other Finales

EMILY VANCAMPOn TV this weekend: Kristen Wiig comes home to Saturday Night Live, a former cylon develops Dangerous Intuition and HBO starts to grow its Family Tree. Meanwhile, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Survivor, Bob’s Burgers and American Dad! finish their seasons. Here are 15 programs to keep on your radar.


8 pm Dangerous Intuition (Lifetime) | Battlestar Galactica hottie Tricia Helfer stars in this made-for-TV psychological thriller about a career woman who has premonitions that her husband’s new squeeze is out to hurt their daughter. David Cubitt (Medium) and Dylan Neal (Dawson’s Creek) also star.

8 pm Smash (NBC) | Ivy worries a risqué number Tom asks her to perform will hurt her reputation; a betrayal rocks the cast of Hit List.

8 pm Doctor Who (BBC America) | Hedgewick’s World of Wonders theme park becomes ground zero for a deadly silver resurrection.

9 pm Orphan Black (BBC America) | With Paul missing, Sarah must confront the conspiracy head-on, but the trust between them weakens when Paul learns the truth. (Check out a preview!)

11:30 pm Saturday Night Live (NBC) | SNL alum Kristen Wiig hosts with musical guest Vampire Weekend

SUNDAY, MAY 12Last Push

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8 pm Survivor: Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites (CBS) | Two-hour season finale: The final tiki torch is extinguished and the season’s winner is revealed. (A reunion show follows at 10 pm.)

8 pm Once Upon a Time (ABC) | Season finale: Storybrooke braces for the end when Greg and Tamara detonate the trigger Regina placed within the curse. Back in the Neverland of the past, Hook discovers his connection to a young Bae and realizes that the Lost Boys are in pursuit of the child. Get preview from Colin O’Donoghue and Lana Parrilla, and watch some sneak peeks. (Yep, renewed.)

8 pm The Simpsons (Fox) | Justin Bieber, SNL‘s Bill Hader, 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Patrick Stewart lend their voices to this week’s episode, in which Homer loses the final two hairs on his head – then tries to hide his “new” baldness from Marge.

8:30 pm Bob’s Burgers (Fox) | Season finale: Linda wants to send Gene to baseball camp, and Tina becomes a caffeine addict. (Already renewed.)

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9 pm Revenge (ABC) | Two-hour season finale: A catastrophic moment leads to a shocking death — check out our gallery of possible victims — that forces Emily to reconsider her vengeful path. (Yep, renewed.)

9 pm Game of Thrones (HBO) | Shae is displeased with Tyrion’s new situation, and Melisandre reveals a secret to Gendry.

9 pm Army Wives (Lifetime) | The troops get orders to return to Fort Marshall (yay!) but the soldiers come under attack as they get ready to pull out of Afghanistan (oh, no).

9:30 pm American Dad! (Fox) | Season finale: Klaus discovers his original human body, but Stan refuses to help him switch back. So Klaus steals Stan’s body, and Stan becomes the fish.

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10 pm Mad Men (AMC) | Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce tries to placate competing clients; Pete is blindsided by an unexpected guest. (Just curious: Now that the firms are merging, who wants to put money on the probability of a Pete/Ted fistfight?)

Family Tree10:30 pm Family Tree (HBO) | Series premiere: Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, Girls) plays the unemployed Tom Chadwick, whose distant aunt bequeaths him a chest of old photos that sets him on a quest to learn more about his family’s history. Michael McKean (Laverne & Shirley) and Ed Begley Jr. (St. Elsewhere) co-star.

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