Finale Ratings: Blue Bloods and Fashion Star Dip, Cancelled Vegas and Touch Steady

Ratings Vegas Touch Series FinalesBlue Bloods‘ season finale this Friday drew 9.9 million total viewers — the night’s largest audience — yet dipped two tenths in the demo to a 1.1, placing third in the hour behind both 20/20 and NBC’s cancelled Rock Center.

Opening CBS’ night, Undercover Boss‘ update special (7 mil/1.6) surged 33 percent in the demo, while Vegas‘ series finale (7.1 mil/0.9) was flat week-to-week.

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Over on ABC, Shark Tank (6.1 mil/1.8) topped the night in the demo, ticking up a tenth.

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NBC’s Fashion Star Season 2 finale (2.5 mil/0.5) dropped two tenths and is well shy of the 1.6 rating its freshman capper did (on a Tuesday).

Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares (3.33 mil/1.1) and the Touch series finale (2.5 mil/0.6) each added a few eyeballs while flat in the demo.

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The CW’s renewed Nikita (1.1 mil/0.2) rose 6 percent in audience.

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  1. i says:

    Nikita was renewed and its all it matters.

  2. Elyse says:

    1.1 mil and a 0.2? dang.

  3. TV Gord says:

    Blue Bloods’ family dinner put a big smile on my face, as it usually does. It helped, after the big frown I had in the previous hours, after hearing about the cancellation of Rock Center.

  4. TV Gord says:

    By the way, if you’re taking votes on the automatically-launching ads on this site over the past couple of days, I vote: “booooo”.

  5. Kim says:

    Bummer–I LOVE Vegas. All these crummy shows on the air, and they cancel this great one! Typical.

    • LYDIA TAMEZ says:


      • Avid Ran says:

        I whole-heartedly agree. this is only one of CBS’s BIG mistakes!!!

      • J Stroope says:

        I cannot believe CBS would cancel the two best shows on TV, Vegas and Bloobloods; I wish there was some way to punish them. Maybe I will start a campaign to block CBS on ratings night. Just don’t turn them on.

        • Chris says:

          First, the title is Blue Bloods: two words, not one. If you really think that mediocrity is one of the “two best shows on TV,” you ought to at least know its proper title. Second, the show has been renewed, not cancelled, so you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Randy says:

            Blue Bloods exemplifies a strong American family trying to get through life with dangerous jobs in a challenging city. Their family life and their faith in God gets them through. This is what America needs to see. You should renew the show as long as the cast holds together – they are cast so well.

      • Dee says:

        I agree Vegas was the best new show. I loved the plot, the costumes, the set, the music. Big mistake is right. Last year they cancelled CSI Miami and kept CSI New York and now they have cancelled Vegas. It makes you wonder who is making the decisions. There are plenty of show that did not do well in the first year and went on to be on top, Such as Cheers and Friends. WAKE UP CBS.

      • Edie says:

        I agree completely!! My husband and I loved this show. We are so sick of reality tv and they finally get a good show and cancel it. The ratings were actually pretty good. Certainly as good as some of the shows they save year after year. They could easily have given it another season. So disappointing.

      • richard cerviello says:

        CBS is making one helluva big mistake cancelling Vegas. Some other network, I’m sure, will pick it up and in time CBS will realize just how big a mistake they made by taking Vegas off their network. The show had nostalgia, great characters, action, and a storyline that kept you coming back for more. CBS, your decision maker really screwed up this time.

    • tammy says:

      I agree Vegas rocked.

      • James L. Carter says:

        I’ll never figure out (outside of the cheap reality shows dominating) why a show such as “Vegas” couldn’t make it…superb cast, excellent visually, and extraordinary writing-other networks (listen up, NBC), here is your chance to snag a potential long-term winner…it gets addicting very quickly!

      • greg parsons says:

        What a great show, vegas was great and Staz cancelled Magic City. All there is are reality shows !

    • Tana says:

      What a terrible Mother’s Day gift you just gave me…..Thanks a lot CBS… you wouldn’t know a good show if it slapped you in the face….. You know what you can do with those stupid reality shows???????? They are so fake and nobody wants to see that kind of junk on tv…. You can’t win on your CBS Morning Show, now, your killing your evening shows…. This literally makes me sick…. you didn’t advertise VEGAS enough or even tell much about it, that it was based on actual stories from back in the 60’s…..You have just ruined my day!!!

    • Kim says:

      Agreed! We r force fed reality crap on prime time every night and they cancel quality shows with quality actors and writing like Vegas after sticking in lousy time slots and moving it around without any notice! CBS, you dropped the ball on your viewers. Let’s hope cable has the sense to pick it up !! Rooting for you FX or TNT!

    • Jan says:


    • GJO says:


    • Jan says:


    • Cheryl says:

      Vegas was my favorite tv show. I couldn’t believe it was cancelled. I wish the network would reconsider.

  6. MaryAnn says:

    I just don’t understand why they couldn’t renew Vegas. Advertisers have this fixation on the “demo” that just goes beyond any understanding. I think they must be living in the stone age when older viewers really didn’t go out and buy things all across the spectrum.

    • Not saying it is “right,” but if you truly seek explanation: The younger demos are targeted because advertisers consider those viewers to be less set in their purchasing ways/brand loyalty and thus subject to the influence/persuasion of ads.

      • Beth says:

        At what point is the demo concept going to change? Younger demos may be less set in their purchasing ways and brand loyalty, but are more likely to embrace new (i.e. less commercial friendly via technology) ways, while us older folks, which I hate to call myself at 38, are more loyal to a good, solid show and network? At some point, a viewer is a viewer.

        • Drizz says:

          It is also worth mentioning that the elderly is a growing segment of the population. America as a whole is skewing older each year. Advertisers need to take that into account, and someone has got to come up with a better way to calculate ratings. I have never met a Nielsen viewer, nor have I ever met one, that’s a lot of people whose buying power has never been surveyed. VEGAS should have at least been kept on as a midseason replacement- something on CBS is bound to fail, and although Vegas didn’t pull in as much of the almighty “demo” as one would like, you can’t expect a period piece to do that, it still had good viewership, and sometimes it’s good to keep a well written, well-acted show with talented writers and let it build an audience. Networks don’t give shows time anymore. It’s a big reason why a good deal of my viewing has moved to alternate delivery methods, etc- don’t want to service me, I won’t watch your ads.

  7. Penny says:

    Well, good thing I didn’t cancel my NetFlix subscription

  8. Wrstlgirl says:

    Both Touch and Vegas had nice endings even though there is much more of both stories to be told.

  9. Daniel says:

    Let’s hope Nikita doesn’t get adjusted down..

  10. Richard says:

    There was a baseball game listed as being on instead of Design Star in San Francisco, but Design Star was actually on. It was probably not recorded by anyone with season pass set for Fashion Star on their DVR in the bay area.

  11. Michael says:

    SPN repeat got 0.1 just saying its evidence enough on how tough friday is in the spring

  12. CeCe Barbour says:

    My family and I couldn’t wait to watch Vegas each Week. Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis were awesome in their roles. Stupid decision on the part of CBS! However,
    Golden Boy was too slow….

  13. Joe LaBreche says:

    Vegas is great. What a mistake to kill it off

    • Tana says:

      I think we should all go to CBS studios and picket them out front……. The Vegas episodes were getting better and better each week……amazing, surprise endings and couldn’t wait til the next one…..I am so aggravated over this…..

    • richard cerviello says:

      Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis and the rest of the cast of Vegas did outstanding jobs of making Vegas into an absolutely great entertaining show. It’s a shame CBS couldn’t see that To have cancelled a quality show like Vegas after it’s first season seems unbelievable considering the potential that Vegas had for future storylines. CBS dropped one very big ball on this one. It will be a big mistake if NBC or ABC or Fox doesn’t pick Vegas up to be in their lineup next season. If Vegas was put in a time slot of one of my very favorite shows next season, I would watch Vegas over that other show.

      • Frank says:

        Fully agree any station that picks up Vegas has my vote CBS & their reality garbage is looking for a dim future. Please any station pick up a quality show in Vegas.

        • Jan says:

          I totally agree that it was a BIG MISTAKE to cancel Vegas. They sure keep the stupid show on and take off many of the good ones without giving them a chance.

  14. Shar says:

    Just a thought but how about putting Dennis Quaid in a remake of the Big Easy – he’s now an older but wiser cop in New Orleans and they could actually film there?

  15. Every week, I watch Nikita and am blown away by how awesome it is, then see these horrific numbers and can’t understand it. This is just depressing.

  16. xander says:

    Enjoyed Vegas too, but Golden Boy was even better! Golden Boy had an original premise and excellent characters. I’m going to miss the show more the most!!

    But what can you do if people are supposedly not watching?? Such a shame!

  17. TV Critic says:

    What the demo focus has done is knocked out quality programming off the broadcast networks and promoted blatant age discrimination.

  18. TV Critic says:

    Also explains the reality tv phenomenon infecting our living rooms because it attracts that demo. It started on MTV and it spread like the plague.

  19. Vicki says:

    I agree with all of the posters who said CBS was crazy to take off Vegas. It was a well written, superbly acted show and such a nice relief from all of those “reality” shows which for the most part were scripted. CBS dropped the ball and I would hope that cable or even Hulu might pick up Vegas. Hulu picked up One LIfe To Live and All My Children, and both those shows were off the air for a year. Hulu’s gain was ABC’s loss. Let’s hope we get to see Ralph, Savino, Mia, Dixon, Katherine, Jack and all the other great characters again soon.

  20. Cindy says:

    I just can’t believe it’s been cancel!! Friday night we look forward to seeing it. Why can they leave a good show on? They need to cancel all the reality shows. This show was more our age group show. It’s a sad sad day. They need to think about it !! :( :(

  21. Kalena says:

    Vegas was the best show. I can’t believe they are not bringing it back. I could not wait to watch it every week. It was one of the only shows on “regular” tv that I watched. Get rid of all the stupid reality shows. So sick of them.

  22. DC says:

    Can’ believe that all the TV stations continue each season to cancel good shows like Vegas, Body of Proof, Mob Doctor, Emily Owens, Touch,
    Made in Jersey, Private Practice, Red Widow etc and keep reality and garbage shows that people are so tired of. Good shows have to mature and be given a chance.
    We are all getting tired of watching a new show and by the time we get to know the characters, it is snatched away.
    Hope one of the other stations will pick up some of these shows. Such a same. Same on you!!!

    • J Stroope says:

      Please add me to the list begging the return of Vegas and Blue Bllod

    • Chris says:

      All those shows you list are complete stinkers!

    • DC says:

      I also can not believe that Blue Bloods was cancelled. Seems any decent show that is on the air gets cancelled. We need to be setting a good example with clean shows on TV for our children to watch and for all of us to be able enjoy!

    • Jan says:

      I totally agree with your comments – all those shows are great and I also love Blue Bloods. I sure wish there was something one could do to shake these so called critics back to reality!!!! Can’t they at least give them a chance.

  23. TV Critic says:

    Here’s a fact: a show like “Hill Street Blues” would not survive in today’s climate because simply it didn’t mature fast enough.

    • DC says:

      Hill Street Blues was not a show I watched. Good shows are still being taken off. Most people I know are really tired of the silly reality shows. Hope the TV stations will get back to having and keeping good shows in the future. A lot of people I know have said it is not worth watching anything these days, since good shows are cancelled.

  24. MishfromOhio says:

    Sign the petition to keep Vegas on the air!

    change .o r g /petitions/cbs-renew-vegas-for-a-second-season-renew-the-show-vegas-for-a-season-2#share

  25. Steve says:

    The network suits have their heads up a dark place and wouldn’t know what the public liked if it were spelled out in EBONICS. VEGAS had great sets, great costumes, good music, great stars that could act, not to mention authentic cars and decent story lines. What else does one want? It beat a lot of the silly mundane trash that is on TV today including some of the most imbecile alleged comedy shows and so-called “reality” TV. I felt strong about this and reading all the posts apparently many others agree so what does it take to keep a decent show on the air? This show had action, drama and humor in an eclectic mix. Sureit wasn’t highly intelectual but how much television is? This was a throw back to good old programming and THEY have to CANCEL? Outrageous! No wonder I have to channel search to find programming on BBC America and PBS in order to watch something decent. CBS, ABC, NBC LOOSERS!

  26. elisa gomez says:

    Blue bloods is incredible show on CBS. I love when the Reagan family say there blessing at family dinner This show touch my heart because i love family dinner with the Reagan’s

  27. Nado says:

    Vegas was one of the best shows on Tv? I loved watching it each week and it got better and better every time! I can’t believe you’s would cancel it like that leave story lines unresolved! I hope that another network picks it up and you’s will regret it when they do.

  28. Steve says:

    Dittos on VEGAS being missed. Just a shame that CBS didn’t let it get rolling…

  29. Elisa says:

    I too loved Vegas! The story was a good ride, the actors really got into playing their parts, you cared about them, it was terrific to look at. It was sophisticated and witty. CBS dumps Vegas and keep 2 broke girls which is one dumb broken unfunny show. I can only think that 15 year old males with no imagination are running the network. Boo Hiss!! I too hope another network picks it up.

  30. Chris says:

    Why does Golden Boy get a series finale episode but Vegas’s season finale episode is cancelled. That’s not fair. Vegas was a great show. I liked the show. I was waiting and hoping for a season finale episode. The only problem is CBS keeps switching the TV schedule. CBS keeps cancelling, getting rid of all of the shows that I liked and interest me, like ”Vegas, CSI NY, and The Defenders”. Please CBS tv company, please make the season finale episode for ”Vegas”. Vegas was a great show including the actors in the show, Dennis Quaid and Michael Chikilis. CSI NY was a great show too just like CSI. All of the other shows get season finale’s but Vegas doesn’t, not even CSI NY. That’s not fair. If the show Vegas is only getting one season, there should be a season finale episode to end the series, show just like all of the other shows. The series should end with a happy ending, where Carrie-Ann Moss is out of the hospital and everyone is happy and safe that they finally found the guy that killed their mother, and Micheal Chickilis and Dennis Quaid forgive each other, end the show with a happy ending. Just like Elementary is getting a season finale. Undercover Boss is boring, there’s nothing interested about that show. Please CBS, make a season finale episode for Vegas. Dennis Quaid was great playing the sheriff. I think every show deserves a season finale episode. Since tonight is Golden Boy’s season finale episode, show the season finale episode for Vegas next tuesday night. Please make a season finale episode for Vegas.

  31. Andrea says:

    Blue bloods sucks I can’t stand that show. Tom selleck is old and ugly and I just can’t stand the show it’s boring

  32. bill says:

    blue bloods is the best show on tv period!

  33. Charles Edwards says:

    I don’t know why you cancel shows that the older set likes and keep the ones that we don’t like.
    Well I
    will go to another network and watch something that I do like……

  34. A. Darcy says:

    How can C.S.I. Las Vegas still be on the air and C.S.I. N.Y be cancelled. The acting and the interaction between the characters is so much better in the N.Y. one. Since Grissom left,the Las Vegas show , it has gone entirely down hill.So much for real entertainment!

  35. DC says:

    Can’t believe that Body of Proof and Red Widow are also cancelled.
    Oh yes, lets be sure the TV stations keep all those silly reality shows. When is enough!!!!

  36. John says:

    Vegas was an entertaining show that my wife and myself enjoyed, my children ages 16.18, and 24 would watch it as well. I understand that not all families would watch it together but we did. And yes they all had a tv that they could watch other programs if they wanted to. I am sorry that CBS is so short sited as to cancel a program that has realistic value.

  37. brett sandy says:

    Just put Vegas back on!

  38. IM glad I have cable when CBS takes off Vegas,CSI NY and blue blood and IM stuck with golden boy and Wilma it’s time to turn off CBS

  39. Andrew Westbrook says:

    It seems like it comes down to money reality tv is cheap and pulls good viewing figures whereas the likes of vegas csi miami/new york cost more to produce we need people to stop watching reality drivel maybe if enough people complain to cbs they will reconsider or petition other networks to pick these shows up I’m sure im not alone in saying reality tv is cr*p bring back entertaining tv such as the above mentioned.

  40. Hayley Banks says:

    Getting rid of VEGAS is a big mistake, why do these companies seem to get rid of the best shows!!! Actually listen to us people who watch the program’s….but as always it’s all about the money!!! Sooo gutted, please bring it back.

  41. Llew says:

    VEGAS best show on tv Let us have it back

  42. Nauman Younas says:

    blue bloods is the best show i have seen in years and it has not been cancelled.

  43. Angeline says:

    I truly was hoping a station would pick up VEGAS. It’s been a disappointment with it cancelled. I do enjoy Blue Bloods weekly and Hawaii 5-0 occasion ally but not as much as Vegas. It was different, costumes from the era were classic and the acting was truly talent. Its a shame we are subjected to reality tv, unrealistic detective shows and vampire crap. American households are becoming a nation of drama queens and kings. And the major networks are monotonous..I am back to reading totally for enjoyment. I guess that’s not a bad alternative.

  44. Jim Burnett says:

    Blue Bloods is one of the best programs I have ever seen on TV. I certainly hope that Blue Bloods will be on with a new series this Fall.

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