Is Mad Men's Peggy Screwed? A Glee Mystery Solved? Who Is TV's Sexiest Tease? And More Qs

Smash - Season 2We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, Supernatural, Glee and The Office!

1 | So Kyle dies on Smash, and suddenly everyone forgets that his BFF Jimmy took the stage high as a kite — leading to Karen’s injury! — and allows him to reprise the lead role in Hit List? Srsly? Also, is Sam the most professionally hard-done-by character on any show this season?

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2 | We hate to play favorites, but can Orphan Black spend every episode in the suburbs with Alison?

3 | Did Once Upon a Time raid the cute child actor farm for its Bae/Neverland backstory? And was that one brother of Wendy’s plucked out of a Wallace & Gromit short?

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4 | Is there any possible way the merging of Mad Men’s competing ad firms will work out well for Peggy?

5 | Were you surprised by how sad you were to see Game of Thrones‘ Ros used for Joffrey’s target practice?

Popular TV Shows 20136 | Whether you love or hate the way How I Met Your Mother keeps dredging up Robin and Ted, can we all agree that Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor are still kind of magical together on screen?

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7 | Did Castle‘s Tony Almeda rush to judgement in courting Kate with a plum job interview? After all, isn’t the whole “using silence in an interrogation” gimmick simply Cop Show 101?

8 | How heartbreaking was it to see The Voice judge Adam have to cut the unique, adorable Caroline Glaser from his intensely deep team while — thanks to the “three contestants in the finale for every judge” rule — Blake, Usher and Shakira were allowed to keep cannon-fodder contestants The Swon Brothers, Josiah Hawley and Garrett Gardner?

9 | Where does the line to hug Awkward‘s Matty start?

10 | We’re all for heeding the advice of one’s parents, but does it really make sense that New Girl Jess’ dad could come in for a day and mess up months’ worth of romantic progress between her and Nick?

11 | The Mindy Project fans: Team Casey, Team Brendan or Team Danny? (Be honest: We’re all Team Bones, right?)

12 | Could RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion Show/Finale have been any more scripted/polite/boring?

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13 | Did NCIS guest star Colin Hanks come across as an Evil McGee? And are “Tiva” fans now being cruelly toyed with?

14 | Was Modern Family‘s Jay almost painful to listen to this week? If Ed O’Neill is that sick, can’t he rerecord (“loop in”) his lines once he’s well?

15 | Which of Arrow‘s DC-verse nods did you enjoy more: Ferris Air (aka Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s employer) or Tommy’s “Why so serious?” (a la The Dark Knight‘s Joker)? And can we get Warehouse 13‘s Joanna Kelley to play Thea’s long-lost big sister? Eerie resemblance.

16 | Didn’t the heartbreaking way Supernatural killed off another cool, human female character in Sarah make you thankful that at least one, Charlie, is still alive? (Amelia doesn’t count.)

17 | Now that Nashville‘s Rayna and Deacon are together, what’s more likely to happen first: Deke figures out he’s Maddie’s father, or Rayna crumbles under the guilt and just tells him?

18 | Did anyone find out if there were subzero temperatures in Hell after American Idol actually wound up with the two most talented vocalists in the Season 12 finale?

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Popular TV Shows 201319 | Who is the more teasey “Just get together already!” couple: Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity or Grey’s Anatomy‘s Alex and Jo?

20 | Vampire Diaries fans, which non-returning ghost did you miss most and wish had come back? Aunt Jenna? Mason Lockwood? Rose?

21 | Was this the probable cause of Rachel’s vanishing act in the Glee finale? And we’re all for harmony and happiness for New Directions, but the writers are not actually considering a romantic future for Ryder and his “Catfishing” perpetrator Unique, are they? ‘Cause those little sideways glances during their Regionals performances sure seemed to be pointing in that direction! Also, wouldn’t it be nice if the awesome Amy Aquino’s role as one of Funny Girl’s producers gets expanded in Season 5?

22 | Did you ever think The Office would revisit that Christmas card Jim kept from Pam in Season 2 — and so perfectly to boot? (Squee!) Was Daryl’s dancing goodbye all you’d hoped it would be? By the way, do you suspect Michael’s cameo will come at the Dwangela wedding?

23 | Scandal spoiler alert! Is David Rosen truly abetting Alabtross, or might he be operating on his own agenda, to out the mole and in doing so get his career back? And did Mellie almost knock you off your chair with her “I have a hairdresser” slam-speech?

24 | Dare we ask, Defiance, what “the Irathient Swirl” entails…?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. iMember says:

    No Revenge question? It’s okay, I understand. You’re still reeling from that amazing episode!

    9. I love how they’re exploring Matty’s character more this season. To be honest, I’m in love with this season of Awkward. It’s so good.

  2. Megan says:

    It doesn’t sound like Ryder’s coming back next season, but who knows?

    • CA says:

      Ryder isn’t going anywhere. That was just a ploy as an added drama to the show.

      • dude says:

        Or it gives them an out to get rid of him, should they decide to. It’s usually around June when actors find out whether they’re coming back or not.

    • kavyn says:

      Despite not really rooting for him on The Glee Project, he’s hands down the better newbie of the group. I will be sad if they get rid of him, especially now that he has storylines with Unique and Kitty and has relationships with all of the newbies.

    • Hurding Katz says:

      Unless the actor proved to be a problem on set,Ryder’s no going anywhere. They kept him way past the 7 appearances he won, and wove the character into the season. I’d say Ryder’s quitting was cliffhanger material, the sideways glances being the tip-off. (Unless the actor’s looking for a better deal the PTB’s don’t like.)

      As to Rachel’s absence, she was cowering in the loft, waiting to hear about Fanny.

      Stranger was having no scripted explanation about Finn’s absence from both the contest and the wedding. (Working on Regionals was for “college credit.” Being the best man (again) would have cemented the forgiveness scenes from a few episodes back. Even a couple of throwaway “Where’s Finn?” would have sufficed. (He could have been in the washroom.)

      I was more disappointed that we didn’t discover that Brittany’s and Becky’s SATs hadn’t been mixed up somehow.

  3. Alyssa says:

    13. Yes and YES.

    16. If you’re female on Supernatural and you make it past 2 episodes alive you deserve an award. Also, why doesn’t Amelia count? Because she was never involved in anything, well, supernatural?

    • Rrrrrr says:

      No because everyone hates her and she’s awful.

    • Jen says:

      I think that gender does not play a role in death on Supernatural. Any character on Supernatural that occurs in at least two episodes will die sometimes it’s after two, sometimes it’s after three, sometimes there’s a longer arc, but they will all die in the end.

  4. David says:

    Love the questions, I had one. Did anyone else feel that the Jim/Pam video was a nod to all the fan made vids that are up on youtube, or could even have been one that the producers picked?

  5. Meg says:

    22. Michael officiates the wedding or is Dwight’s best man? I think they showed a flash of them at the alter so he probably isn’t the officiant but its be nice to see. At the very least I hope he’s a guest or sends a video.

  6. Monica says:

    6) I have shipped B/R since “Zip, Zip, Zip,” but I don’t know if I would have stuck with the show this long if not for the Robin/Ted scenes. Their friendship has been the best part of the show the past two years. Josh and Colbie brought their A game in “Symphony of Illumination,” “The Final Page,” and now “Something Old.” I would, however, like the show’s writers to put their romance to bed once and for all. It’s exasperating to see them recycle this storyline season after season.
    10) Absolutely – we all want our parents’ approval. I don’t think Jess’ dad was harboring any doubts that Jess doesn’t already have about her relationship with Nick. I’m confident they’ll end up together by the end of Tuesday’s finale.
    11) Team Casey, all the way. Ders has been doing fabulous work on MP!

  7. Mike from CA says:

    Agreed on the HIMYM comment. I spent years rooting for Robin/Barney, but as Robin has evolved and matured, the pairing with Ted has started to make more sense. Decisions, decisions…

    • Crystal says:

      During the end of that episode I started to think, maybe it’s a bate and switch. Maybe it’s the story of how he met their birth mother, since Robin can’t have kids, and that he’s actually married to Robin. But then I remembered that he’s been calling her Aunt Robin, so that doesn’t make since.

  8. 13. Yes, and Colin played it beautifully! Well, TPTB certainly ripped the hearts out of us TIVA shippers in Double Blind….I hope there will be a resolution of sorts in the season finale. :-)

  9. Bruce_F says:

    2. Not every week but I’d gladly go for every other week.
    16. Nothing is more heartbreaking on Supernatural these days than the writing.
    19. I would say Felicity and Oliver but Oliver seems genuinely oblivious to the crush Felicity has on him. It’s too one-sided to say “Just get together already!”
    20. Damn. Having to choose between Rose and Aunt Jenna is mean. Personally, regardless of what little sense it would make, I’d love to see Sara Canning back full time.

    • GildedRose says:

      ITA. Oliver’s still stuck in the past (who can blame him)? But the heat between Oliver and Felicity is way too good to ignore. So I’m in favor of not rushing it but fanning the flames and letting that relationship grown and build and sneak up on Oliver until he (and Felicity) realize there’s something real there. Give them baby steps and continue those unexpectedly sexy moments and it’s all good. Do it right, Arrow.

    • kavyn says:

      Oliver would have to be a complete idiot if he hasn’t noticed all of Felicity’s fumbles and hints (“remember the last time you scared your mom? You got shot and I had to play doctor with you… errm, bad choice of words” [paraphrasing]). I’m pretty sure he knows how Felicity feels about him, but he’s stuck in vengeance mode and only seems to have room in his heart for one person.

      • Bruce_F says:

        If Oliver is fully aware of the feelings Felicity has for him (which I suppose is a possibility) he has obviously chosen to completely ignore those feelings.

    • shuayb says:

      Aunt Jenna is not on the other side. Esther told Elena last season that even though Jenna became a vampire, she remained pure of heart and moved on. She never knew the agony of the other side. Thankfully Julie Plec decided to stick to her story n not create any plot holes. I’m just glad we have Lexie for another episode. I love her. I wish they hadn’t killed her.

  10. dude says:

    20. Anna! I know they gave her, her goodbye but I miss her ever so much.

    • wordsmith says:

      That would have been cool, but as you pointed out, they’ve already been there and done that. Ditto for Rose, as great as it would have been to see her. It would have been nice to see Jenna, though.

    • wordsmith says:

      They seemed to limit themselves to one ghost per living character, unfortunately. Ric for Damon, Lexie for Stefan, Grams for Bonnie, Jeremy for Elena and Kol just for fun. Suppose they could have brought back Caroline’s dad, but there just wasn’t time.

      • Alia says:

        Plus, Jack Coleman is probably pretty expensive. But then I didn’t think they’d be able to convince Matt Davis to come back, either.

        • shuayb says:

          Matt davis is out of a job since cult was cancelled and seeing as Julie et al gave him the jump to get his own show, it would be more of a duty to come back to the mother ship.

  11. Crena says:

    6. yeah.. totally agree! I liked Robin’s story with Ted as well as with Barney.. All 5 of them are individually likeable too – unlike FRIENDS where Ross was intolerably annoying (yet i always had a big flag for Ross&Rachel).

  12. Azerty says:

    15: More important question on Arrow: who is that mysterious woman Fyers is working for? (fingers crossed for Talia al Ghul)

  13. Leah says:

    6. I agree. Even though I am so sick of Ted/Robin/Barney, Radnor and Cobie manage to pull it off every time. Even though it should’ve been resolved 60 seasons ago.
    11. I’m Team Danny!…down the road.
    22. Wouldn’t it be so strange if Michael wasn’t at the wedding??? He and Dwight were partners in crime forever. Also, did anyone else laugh so hard they missed half the dialogue when Dwight ran Angela off the road? That was one of the greatest series moments.
    23. I’d say that David is just pretending to be on the mole’s side. Also, didn’t everyone see that it was going to be him? The last episode title has “white hat” in it. I got suscpicious when he was suddenly hanging around OPA all the time…but with absolutely no story. If had actually had some significant dialogue or something to do, I woudn’t have thought it was him.

    • kavyn says:

      I was tearing up at the Dwight scene, both out of laughter and happiness. Honestly the perfect proposal scene for Dwight and Angela lol.

    • GTS says:

      I thought they were just making a play to make him a “gladiator”. Remember his speech when Huck was being tortured by the government? All, I represent the people! What happened to that?

  14. Boiler says:

    6. Know its not happening but I still hold out hope Robin is The Mother

  15. Spoiler Junkie says:

    9. I really like Matty. This season has been so great – Awkward

    11. Team Danny – The Mindy Project

    19. I like Laurel with Oliver. Hope Oliver/Felicity stay as friends – i) because it’s entertaining and ii) a platonic friendship between a man and woman is rare on T.V and I hope it’s what the writers have in mind for Oliver/Felicity

    • kavyn says:

      I wouldn’t really call it platonic considering all of the hints Felicity has dropped about her feelings for Ollie, but I think we’ve all been in situations where we may have started developing those types of feelings for a friend and later dropped them :)

  16. Russ says:

    23 – It was so obvious that David was the one who took the card, I hope there is some twist where he is acting on Olivia’s orders because the whole Charlie took it and then they let him go worked out a little to perfectly.

  17. wordsmith says:

    17 – I’m hoping they’re going to arrange some situation that Teddy will be the one to tell Deacon about Maddy. Any other way it plays out will just be so much messier for everyone.

  18. GildedRose says:

    #19 – Hands down:Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak on Arrow. Their unexpected snap on screen really adds a much needed level of potential romance to the show. Yeah, yeah, there’s already one “built in” but from Episode 1 that wasn’t working for me at all. So it’s nice to have a Plan B (and what a hot Plan B!) for this show to explore. But I really hope they don’t rush it. Let Oliver do the push and pull and deal with the built in triangle story while developing unexpected feelings for Felicity. I want all the long-term building stuff for them to happen slowly and be THE romance on the show in the end. A quick flash in the pan won’t satisfy me at all. So patience is the name of the game with Oliver and Felicity.

    #20 – I wanted to see the Original’s dad pop back up! Crossing my fingers he makes a big, bad, lethal return.

  19. wordsmith says:

    15) Both of those comic-geek references were great, but the best one by far was this little gem from Mrs. Lance – “I’m on the express back to Central City. I’ll be home in a Flash”.

  20. wordsmith says:

    4) I really really hope so, but probably not.

  21. wordsmith says:

    5) The sudden death of Ros was a real gut punch. Definitely hit me much harder than I would have expected. It really makes me look at Littlefinger in a different light. They’ve been saying he’s dangerous all along, but this was a very good reminder.

  22. IT girl says:

    #19 Oh my lanta… totally Oliver and Felicity. Their immediate chemistry took virtually the entire arrow fandom (including me) and even the shows creators and cast by surprise! And i have watched a ton of tv shows and movies in my lifetime (wayyyy too many) and shipped a ton of couples, and yet I feel that I can say with complete clarity that I have never enjoyed the interaction between an (as of yet) non-romantic couple. They have so much potential, and already their scenes are honestly some of the most heartfelt and poignant within the show.

  23. Jen says:

    11. Oh Team Bones! I’m still thinking about that adorable puppy. But really, I’m Team Danny for an eventual romance.

  24. Babygate says:

    19- Alex and Jo
    21- Glee- So that means that Ryder and Unique are back next season? If they become a thing it will be the last push I need to dump this show. As it is I only DVR it and fast forward most of the Lima parts, especially anything Wade related.
    23- Scandal- Mellie was my absolute favorite part last night.

    • kavyn says:

      I doubt they’ll be a “thing” but Ryder did like ‘Katie’ due to the way she understood all of Ryder’s problems. They’ll definitely form some kind of bond, but I doubt it’ll be anything genuine or anything that lasts more than a single kiss. I expect them to become close, unlikely friends.

  25. meghan says:

    The Pam/Jim video was adorable and god knows I’ve watched enough Fan YouTubes but I’m kind of over their story line. I was hoping that Pam would realize that Jim IS too good for DM, as there’s very little character growth–ie messing with Dwight a la season 1. I’m all for the heart stomping romance but its getting to be a little one sided–Jim sacrificing everything for Pam over and over again

    But needless to say this show was over when Michael Scott left

  26. Lyn says:

    11. Team Casey……I think Mindy and Casey play off each other soooo well.
    19. No, No, No to Jo and Alex…..I’m sorry, but some of the worst chemistry ever….

  27. Pia says:

    19. No. I would rather see Felicity and Diggle together. The tension of Felicity’s crush can down after a bit. And let’s be honest, Diggle’s creepy semi-incestuous relationship with his sister-in-law is going nowhere.

    • Alia says:

      Same here! I love Felicity, but I don’t see the chemistry with Oliver that everyone keeps talking about (not that he has any chemistry with Laurel, either). I think Diggle and Felicity make a good pair.

    • Brittany says:

      I thought I was the only one who thought Felicity and Diggle would be great together! Don’t get me wrong, Oliver is super sexy, but he’s so blinded by his feelings for Laurel that he doesn’t see how great Felicity is. And she deserves someone who can give her undivided attention, which I think Diggle can do. Plus, have you seen those arms?! Oh man!

    • Rook says:

      I don’t think Felicity should be with Oliver or Diggle.

      • Pia says:

        Yeah, shows are way too quick to hook everybody up. But if they were going to choose one or the other…

  28. Candace Fox says:

    8 – As I didn’t care for Caroline one bit I was not sad to see her go. I was more upset with Blake/Shakira/Usher for keeping those dead weights around instead of saving Justin, Karina and Cathia.

  29. Aimee says:

    #6 – Yes I agree absolutely. I was so upset when I found out she really was not the mother that I stopped watching the show. I don’t care it the writers had a plan from the very beginning. Plans can change and those two have amazing chemistry.

  30. NYCer4Life says:

    THE OFFICE finally addressing that Christmas card Jim intended to give Pam in Season 2 really was a wish come true. I loved that moment so much.

  31. leonard says:

    this week’s episode of the office made me furious for one simple reason:

    We could have had 2 years of HIJINKS with dwight and jim had they picked either of those 2 to be manager!!!!! so upset that it was completely awesome and would have been completely natural after the departure of steve carrell. i feel cheated!

  32. Bitsy says:

    11. The Mindy Project has become such a welcomed surprise and is one of my new favorite shows. I wouldn’t mind seeing her with ANY of those guys. She has such great chemistry with all of them. That being said, I am such a sucker for Mark Duplass ever since My Sister’s Sister and want to see more of him.

  33. Jared says:

    If you ever find that line to hug Awkwards Matty let me know..ill be right behind ya! Loving this season so far!

  34. Whatever says:

    1. I didn’t forget that Jimmy was and is an arrogant A*S !
    2.Alison is a hot mess , love her.
    4.I don’t know how this can be to Peggys advantage. She’s back where she started with even more partners and creative than before.
    5.Joffrey is sadistic BRAT.
    17. I think Deacon does the math first.
    20. ALARIC, Please bring Alaric back so he can hang out with Damon they are hilarious together.

  35. Britta Unfiltered says:

    3. [Snort laugh] on the Wallace and Grommit joke. I freaking love those movies. I actually was really impressed by how much that kid looked like the illustrated character from the Disney cartoon.
    4. Oh, no, I don’t think so. The agency doesn’t need two Dons. She’s back to a demotion for sure.
    5. That was a bummer . Joffrey is such a scary little psycho.
    11. Tough question. Casey or Danny, I guess. (Why did I just have a Sports Night flashback? LoL.)
    14. Indeed, that was one incredibly sore throat. I felt terrible for him.

  36. Emily says:

    17. I think Maddy will be the one to figure it out.

  37. 19 -Seriously, no competition!! Definitely Oliver and Felicity (which I hope will culminate ona hooking up!)

  38. Ben says:

    5 – I was surpisingly sad, considering what a fuss the shows writers have made of a non-book character. I thought she might have had a longer plot and more, I do know, explosive end game. But to see her just hanging there, not seeing her actual death, but seeing her pinned and hanging there, I was surprisingly saddened by it.

    20 – Actually I was so surprised and happy to see Lexi, there wasn’t any other ghost I wanted to see in vampire diaries. I hadn’t expected to see her at all.

  39. Shannon Lawrence says:

    Supernatural–Is it me or for the 3 seasons Crowley has been the key to the season long arc
    ex.: he gave the boys the location to Death to obtain the last horsemen ring, his blood was the key to the leviathian being killed, this season he is the third trial and yet he seems to survive longer than most villians the brothers have fought on the series. curious much??
    I love the actor, but Crowley is sort of becoming a bit over the top. Yes I hate they keep killing off the good female characters who actually have some chemistry with the boys and know how to press their buttons (season 1 meg 1.0, cassie from the truck episode, sarah, jessica.. season 3 Bella, Ruby 1.0., ) sorry still don’t like amelia.. Lisa was okay but not great

    Still love the show just wish they would balance it again focusing on the brothers instead of having them both or one be sidelined..

    I still have a funny notion that Grandpa Winshester and the Abalon demon are up to know good because it seems highly unlikely the demon would be able to get that close w/o setting something off in their lair with all the knowledge they possessed and the symbols etc..

  40. mia says:

    As for Orphan Black, I can’t decide if I love Sarah, Alison or Kasima more. They’re all awesome

  41. Lucky 13. Is Gary Glasberg Danielle Steele’s evil twin? He makes us squee with delight in Revenge and has us sobbing with despair in Doubleblind. Please don’t leave Tiva fans depressed all summer. That would be extremely cruel.

    • I’m starting to agree with you…..GG is Danielle Steel’s evil twin. I certainly hope he doesn’t leave the TIVA fans depressed all summer either cause that would be downright cruel after how close they have gotten this season.

  42. Chloe says:

    1. That was the WORST episode of Smash ever. Jimmy is just a horrible loser. And now they’re trying to redeem him & make us love him. Good luck with that. He’s a terrible waste of airtime & how Karen can love him is beyond me. She tossed Dev, a decent, devoted guy who made one [bad] mistake after she practically blew off his proposal but Jimmy can do anything & get away with it. Did she lose her brain between Season 1 & Season 2?

    As for Kyle, I’m sorry he died. He was decent, sweet and smart. The wrong guy died. But last week’s episode was overkill [no pun intended] for what had been basically a minor character. Suddenly everyone was besties with him & had apparently spent oodles of time with him, none of which was ever alluded to [except for Tom’s] before. And I found it hard to believe that Ivy called in sick & then was seen standing with Tom, Julia & Eileen at Hit List & no one seemed upset that their star had bailed. Seriously?

    And when I saw 2 Jimmys, I almost ran screaming from the room.

    • Hurding Katz says:

      I was making supper, so I missed the 2 Jimmys, but then, I was already out of the room.

      As for the question (if we are referring to last week’s episode and not tonight’s), Jimmy didn’t take the lead, he asked to sing that song on the set. Karen referred to Derek, who gave a go-ahead. (I was back in the room and saw this action.) The question outstanding (if we even care) is Who will be Hit List’s lead in tonight’s episode?

  43. ArrowFan2013 says:

    #19 is. Definitely Oliver and Felicity. They are fantastic together. Their scenes this week were incredible.

  44. CA says:

    #13 Colin Hanks character came across as a sharp, don’t mess with me lawyer.

    Tiva fans have been played all season, but so have
    the anti tiva fans. It started with the elevator scene
    that went no where and continued all the way thru
    the season.

  45. angie says:

    Yes on HIMYM
    Even though Robin is not the mother, Ted and Robin has amazing chemistry and such deep emotional relationship that makes me wanna see Robin with Ted and I love their scenes together

  46. Callie N says:

    Tony and Ziva getting together is obviously the right thing to do. It’s about time these characters found true happiness, and something permanent together.

  47. Manon says:

    #19. As much as I’d like to see Oliver and felicity together, I really don’t think they’re ready yet, at least Oliver isn’t! While Jo and Alex are more than ready and need to happen like right this second!
    #20. I loved that Ric was back, and I wish Jenna could have been there but she’s not supposed to be on the othe side… But anyway I want to see Rose more than anything now, I miss her like crazy!!!

  48. Manon says:

    #19. As much as I’d like to see Oliver and felicity together, I really don’t think they’re ready yet, at least Oliver isn’t! While Jo and Alex are more than ready and need to happen like right this second!
    #20. I loved that Ric was back, and I wish Jenna could have been there but she’s not supposed to be on the othe side… But anyway I want to see Rose more than anything now, I miss her like crazy!!!

  49. Tory says:

    13-this is a problematic coupling at the very least. All season the fans for and against the relationship have been taunted. Personally I think that the pair do NOT belong together and that the acctress isn’t nearly as capable as the others on the show, but a lot of people like her and her character. The biggest problem is that this relationship has become a terrible divisive force within the fandom that the show runners and the show publicist have fueled. IMO, Tiva sets a poor example of how two people act when they fall in love. Ziva is too often defined by the men in her life and needs to find her own definition of how to live before dragging yet another man along.