Is Mad Men's Peggy Screwed? A Glee Mystery Solved? Who Is TV's Sexiest Tease? And More Qs

Smash - Season 2We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Mad Men, Supernatural, Glee and The Office!

1 | So Kyle dies on Smash, and suddenly everyone forgets that his BFF Jimmy took the stage high as a kite — leading to Karen’s injury! — and allows him to reprise the lead role in Hit List? Srsly? Also, is Sam the most professionally hard-done-by character on any show this season?

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2 | We hate to play favorites, but can Orphan Black spend every episode in the suburbs with Alison?

3 | Did Once Upon a Time raid the cute child actor farm for its Bae/Neverland backstory? And was that one brother of Wendy’s plucked out of a Wallace & Gromit short?

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4 | Is there any possible way the merging of Mad Men’s competing ad firms will work out well for Peggy?

5 | Were you surprised by how sad you were to see Game of Thrones‘ Ros used for Joffrey’s target practice?

Popular TV Shows 20136 | Whether you love or hate the way How I Met Your Mother keeps dredging up Robin and Ted, can we all agree that Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor are still kind of magical together on screen?

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7 | Did Castle‘s Tony Almeda rush to judgement in courting Kate with a plum job interview? After all, isn’t the whole “using silence in an interrogation” gimmick simply Cop Show 101?

8 | How heartbreaking was it to see The Voice judge Adam have to cut the unique, adorable Caroline Glaser from his intensely deep team while — thanks to the “three contestants in the finale for every judge” rule — Blake, Usher and Shakira were allowed to keep cannon-fodder contestants The Swon Brothers, Josiah Hawley and Garrett Gardner?

9 | Where does the line to hug Awkward‘s Matty start?

10 | We’re all for heeding the advice of one’s parents, but does it really make sense that New Girl Jess’ dad could come in for a day and mess up months’ worth of romantic progress between her and Nick?

11 | The Mindy Project fans: Team Casey, Team Brendan or Team Danny? (Be honest: We’re all Team Bones, right?)

12 | Could RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion Show/Finale have been any more scripted/polite/boring?

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13 | Did NCIS guest star Colin Hanks come across as an Evil McGee? And are “Tiva” fans now being cruelly toyed with?

14 | Was Modern Family‘s Jay almost painful to listen to this week? If Ed O’Neill is that sick, can’t he rerecord (“loop in”) his lines once he’s well?

15 | Which of Arrow‘s DC-verse nods did you enjoy more: Ferris Air (aka Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s employer) or Tommy’s “Why so serious?” (a la The Dark Knight‘s Joker)? And can we get Warehouse 13‘s Joanna Kelley to play Thea’s long-lost big sister? Eerie resemblance.

16 | Didn’t the heartbreaking way Supernatural killed off another cool, human female character in Sarah make you thankful that at least one, Charlie, is still alive? (Amelia doesn’t count.)

17 | Now that Nashville‘s Rayna and Deacon are together, what’s more likely to happen first: Deke figures out he’s Maddie’s father, or Rayna crumbles under the guilt and just tells him?

18 | Did anyone find out if there were subzero temperatures in Hell after American Idol actually wound up with the two most talented vocalists in the Season 12 finale?

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Popular TV Shows 201319 | Who is the more teasey “Just get together already!” couple: Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity or Grey’s Anatomy‘s Alex and Jo?

20 | Vampire Diaries fans, which non-returning ghost did you miss most and wish had come back? Aunt Jenna? Mason Lockwood? Rose?

21 | Was this the probable cause of Rachel’s vanishing act in the Glee finale? And we’re all for harmony and happiness for New Directions, but the writers are not actually considering a romantic future for Ryder and his “Catfishing” perpetrator Unique, are they? ‘Cause those little sideways glances during their Regionals performances sure seemed to be pointing in that direction! Also, wouldn’t it be nice if the awesome Amy Aquino’s role as one of Funny Girl’s producers gets expanded in Season 5?

22 | Did you ever think The Office would revisit that Christmas card Jim kept from Pam in Season 2 — and so perfectly to boot? (Squee!) Was Daryl’s dancing goodbye all you’d hoped it would be? By the way, do you suspect Michael’s cameo will come at the Dwangela wedding?

23 | Scandal spoiler alert! Is David Rosen truly abetting Alabtross, or might he be operating on his own agenda, to out the mole and in doing so get his career back? And did Mellie almost knock you off your chair with her “I have a hairdresser” slam-speech?

24 | Dare we ask, Defiance, what “the Irathient Swirl” entails…?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!