NBC Cancels Matthew Perry's Go On

Go On Cancelled The Peacock bloodbath continues…

NBC has cancelled Matthew Perry’s rookie comedy Go On, TVLine has confirmed.

Go On‘s death brings to five the number of shows the network has euthanized in the past 24 hours (a number that is expected to rise). It joins fellow freshman series 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and Deception, as well as Up All Night and Whitney. Even the news division isn’t safe — NBC has also axed Brian Williams’ Rock Center.

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TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated.

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  1. JustineK says:


    • Elly says:

      Are you freaking kidding me NBC?!?! This show got funny the last couple eps!!!! THIS IS WHY YOUR NETWORK DESERVES LAST PLACE

      • dan says:

        And yet “Smash” still hasn’t been officially cancelled. What are they waiting for? Can its ratings go any lower?

      • Ivy says:


      • elr says:

        Totally agree! I love this show and its ensemble. NBC can just ________ (you fill in the blank because I’m too angry to think of something half way decent to say)! These network suits have NO IDEA what the viewing audience wants.

      • P.Russo says:

        Totally agree! NBC network programming is sooooooo out of touch! This was such a good show. Great characters and very smart writers. I’m really pissed.


      • Lisa says:

        THIS!!!!!!!! Please some better network should pick up this show! PLEASE!

        • Leo says:

          tbs should pick up Go on and put it together with cougar town

          • Exactly what I thought after I got over the shock.

          • elr says:

            What a brilliant idea!

          • Sarah says:

            I really hope this happens. I love this show!

          • Evan says:

            Awesome idea! Everyone should flood tbs with emails of this idea to let them know it’d be watched! NBC is full of libral pukes that have their head too far up their *** to know what is going on in the real world and what we as viewers actually want to see. The only show I watch is chicago fire on this network otherwise I stay away! Other than that NBC could go away forever and I honestly think the world would be a better place. I was looking forward to Ryan healing and moving on. This sucks!!!!!

          • Joann says:

            Agreed!! This show was smart funny, absurdly funny, so good! Come on, NBC!

        • Larry Miller says:

          I agree, a better network should pick it up. NBC drops the ball a lot.

      • Lizabeth says:

        Because NBC can’t leave their shows alone! They air a few shows, then we don’t see it for a while. I am so mad about this. This is a great show! I really thought it would join Community and Parks and Rec on Thursdays and fit right in! Are monkeys running NBC?

    • Kimberly Campbell says:

      That’s EXACTLY what I said! My family and I LOVE this show! It was funny and as peculiar as life is! Loved the characters! SOOOO upset! NBC ALWAYS does this! I should know better than to fall in love with any of their programs because they cancel EVERYTHING decent!

    • GK says:

      RIP! The best comedy of 2012-2013!

    • Sean says:

      I really likes that show. Why do they keep cancelling shown I like?

      • Matt says:

        Probably because you like shows that require a brain to appreciate, and thinking is not something the TV execs want to encourage.

        If they put out smart shows, then the audience will learn to appreciate intelligent TV. Then the main staples of TV (game shows and reality TV) would dry up because no one would watch them, and they might have to spend money to create decent content for a change.

    • Steph says:

      I can’t believe that NBC is canceling this show….I love Go On, I watched every episode and I hope they bring it back!!!

    • Peggy says:

      We really liked, Go On.
      Very sad to see it go

  2. George says:

    I’m not totally surprised, but I AM surprised this cancellation is being announced before The New Normal

    • JLK says:

      I suspect this was an easier plug to pull because with the huge cast, some with decent names and presumably paychecks to go with them, I could see it being a more expensive show to produce than The New Normal. Plus, Normal’s received a little bit of buzz from things like the GLAAD award it won a couple weeks ago. Go On didn’t have any of that in its favor.

      • papnana says:

        I can understand why they got cancelled, they had practically no advertisements to boost their viewers, how would anyone know about them. Should have bragged a “little” more about them to sell them, yes???

    • Broadwayfan says:

      I love, love, LOVE Matthew Perry. I had such high hopes for GO ON. But I finally quit watching it when my boredom exceeded my love for Matthew. I keep hoping something worthy of him will come along. He’s great in dramatic roles, it doesn’t have to be a comedy. I had all I could take of THE NEW NORMAL too. Snappy dialogue was just not enough. Especially when you factor in that most irritating little girl. That’s an hour my DVD is glad to have free again.

      • Broadwayfan says:

        DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER, not DVD. Sorry.The self correct on the KINDLE won’t accept that R, keeps changing it to D.

  3. Lucy says:

    First cancellation this year I’m bummed about.

  4. Steve says:


  5. NOOOOOO! Oh my gosh, this makes me so upset. Go On is such a fun, thoughtful show. I think it could have paired nicely with Parks & Recreation.

  6. mayiread says:

    No! :( I really enjoyed this show.

  7. LK says:

    Nooooooooooooooo! NBC you’re a bunch of jerks!

  8. Amy says:

    The New Normal now looks like its being renewed…how the hell did that happen?

    • EatMorePez says:

      And The New Normal had worse ratings than Go On. If they do renew TNN, I’m going to love to hear NBC’s reasoning. And if they cancel TNN, all of the new sitcoms on NBC will be gone. That’s the equivalent of Bob Greenblatt publicly admitting he has no idea how to pick new shows.

      • JLK says:

        Reiterating what I said above, The New Normal is probably cheaper to produce than Go On with a small-ish cast of mostly unknowns. Plus, it’s gotta little buzz from things like the GLAAD reward it got recently. The math may work, unlike with Go On, which had a HUGE cast with quite a few recognizable folks.

        • David S says:

          There are three shows left on the chopping block: Hannibal, Community and The New Normal.

          Community is 16 episodes from hitting the Syndication threshold. NBC has gotten it this far. A final season of 16-22 episodes would be in their best interest because then they can sell re-run rights to another network.

          Hannibal – critical darling. Daring story-telling, and active word of mouth but the ratings aren’t improving – that’s because of its positioning (what genius puts a horror procedural after a series of comedies against established shows with strong audience? An idiot). Bryan Fuller says the show is very cost effective and there’s a full plan in place. It’s draw is actually not that far off from Grimm – it would be a good idea to probably move Hannibal to a different slot – but the odds are good for a renewal. Even if this were to not get a renewal, it would likely be picked up by a cable distributor who knows how to properly develop and utilize a property. Since NBC doesn’t seem to know how to do it, I’m sure HBO, AMC, or SHO would be more than willing to take on a show with pre-built sets and a cult fan base.

          The New Normal. This show may have won a GLAAD award, but what does that really do for it? It’s critically panned, even if it is relatively cheaper to maintain. It just doesn’t have the audience. To put it in perspective it’s pull was on par with Guys With Kids. There’s no incentive to keep it around because it’s just not a hit in any sense of the word.

          • Meg says:

            Comedy Central already has a syndication deal for Community. It was announced last year that they would start airing Community on CC sometimes in 2013.

          • liddad says:

            Community is already essentially renewed according to Vulture. Any conversations right now are about the number of episodes in season five (which they’re saying is a minimum of 13)

          • D. G. Speirs says:

            The New Normal – Gay people, Hollywood, 2013. Duh. It could pull a 0.4 and still get renewed, if just to get NBC saying “See, we care.” End of story.

      • Sg. Grant says:

        If TNN is renewed, it will be because of the pressure from GLAAD and the gay community in Hollywood. I think TNN is pretty funny, so I’m ok with that.

        I am very disappointed in NBC for cancelling Go On. The show was great. I suspect the ax will hit Community shortly.

        I will probably not invest any time in any of the new NBC comedies next season, despite being a fan of Chris D’Elia. Most of those will just be cancelled anyway.

  9. Emily S says:

    Noooo. It wasn’t perfect, but I need my weekly dose of Matthew Perry. Wish he could get a comedy that would stick. I watched and loved Mr. Sunshine, too.

    • DL says:

      I’d really like to have him come back as Mike Kristeva on The Good Wife. I’m sure they can find a solid reason for him to show up. He was sooo good.

      • Andrea says:

        Completely agree about Matthew returning to The Good Wife! Paging Robert and Michelle King!—Get on it!

    • Kristina says:

      Me too :( I found both shows funny. I really didn’t think NBC would pull the plug on this one.

  10. Michael Beechan says:

    Screw you NBC!! This show was starting to build momentum and you kill it! Yet you’ll probably keep The Gay Show. Blah!!

  11. Kenny says:


  12. mia says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I LOVED IT!! Perry just cannot catch a break. But I will tune in to whatever project he lands on next, always have, always will.

  13. mondosalvo says:

    Mr. Sunshine was a better Matthew Perry show, and it got cancelled. This one comes as no surprise.

  14. Guy says:

    No!!!!! Seriously, it aired one of the funniest episodes of 2013, “Ring and a Miss.” Very saddened.

  15. cliff says:

    poor matthew perry.

  16. Leslie says:

    Wow. Are we just going to watch The Voice seven nights a week?

  17. Maureen says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I really liked that one! I’m guessing The New Normal doesn’t stand a shot then.

  18. petejl says:

    Gutted about this. The show has been up there with my favourites of the year, I think I’m sadder about this than I would be if Community doesn’t get renewed.

  19. Matthew says:

    And another Matthew Perry show gets cancelled after 1 season. Well, at least it got a full season this time.

  20. Daniel says:

    I was trying to be cautiously optimistic that this show would survive, it was a fun and enjoyable half hour. Do you suppose there’s a support group for dealing with the loss of a TV show or should I just join Weight Watchers?

  21. That was a horrible move. Go On was one of the only things they got right this year and cancelling it was a mistake. Not impressed right now. They better not cancel Community on top of this.

  22. DreamRose311 says:

    Fail NBC. Just … Fail. I think we should all start a grief counseling group to lament our loss. It was a great, fun, heart-warming comedy. Since it wasn’t announced yesterday, started having hope, especially since I didn’t think they’d cancel all but one comedy… maybe Community will actually get picked up…


  23. Andy says:

    That sucks. That was the only scripted NBC show I liked. I’m officially done with NBC.

  24. josh says:

    this is good news for community

    • Community has lost its edge without Harmon. I wanted it to be enjoyable without him, I really did. I still enjoy the characters. But I think Goon had much more potential than what Community had to offer this season. And it’s much funnier. What a shame.

    • Lucy says:

      As much as I love Community, Go On had a better season.

  25. erika says:


  26. Kresh says:

    Wasn’t suprised.

  27. Rachel says:

    Oh, so sad, it was one of the only comedies I actually laughed while watching!

  28. John says:

    Boo. I liked this show. Not an earthshattering entertainement experience, but then there’s a lot of times something less “loud” is just what we want.

  29. Jenny says:

    I liked this show!!! Booo!!!!

  30. CJ says:

    This is incredibly disappointing. Really a bummer.

  31. João Amaral says:


  32. D. says:

    I’m sorry for you guys, but this makes me think we’ll see another season of community, and i really hope we do.

  33. Castlefan says:

    TERRIBLE NEWS. They had good ratings with the voice lead in but took it off the air and moved the final episodes to Thursday night…NBC has absolutely no idea what they’re doing with their comedies. I’m so upset.

    Go on was a smart, funny, and sweet show all in one. They balanced the heartfelt moments with humor and it was such a well balanced show…hoping thu release it on DVD.

  34. Lorena says:


    • mondosalvo says:


  35. Gina says:

    I’m really bummed about this. At least they let it go after season 1, rather than getting me invested into a few seasons and then pulling the plug. But, ugh!!

  36. Erin says:

    I’m so disappointed. I thought there was a chance it would get renewed. I will really miss this show.

  37. Mareesa says:

    This makes me so pissed

  38. Kyle says:

    If Go On is gone, then for sure The New Normal will be cancelled too, right? And NBC will get rid of all new comedies… :-S

  39. Kat says:

    super bummed…i LOVE this show. i really don’t have a reason to watch nbc now.

  40. Rowan77 says:

    I’m really upset about this. The show was so funny and the cast was just great. The New Normal (AKA Kurt and Blaine as a married couple) is still on, but THIS goes? WTF?! Can NBC please find someone who can program a network? Talk about lousy decision-making.

  41. RobMF says:

    If The New Normal gets renewed and this didn’t make it I’m going to send NBC a whole bunch of cardboard cutouts of Matthew Perry.

  42. Steve says:

    Wow, woulda been a nice buffer at 9:30 between Michael J. Fox Show and a drama…

  43. Amanda Black says:

    Bad call. Bad call. NBC needs to face the fact that the 90s are over and they’re not going to have blockbuster comedies anymore.

  44. Lucy says:


    Go On started as a bit of a Community copycat, but really held it’s own with heart, well-written and acted secondary characters, and a truly three-dimensional and lovable Matthew Perry!

    I am really quite sad. I was hoping it had a shot after those other cancellations.

  45. Mareesa says:

    They should try and get this show on another network… Like cougar town did going to TBS

    • mondosalvo says:

      Cougar Town had a rabid fanbase and critical support. Go On didn’t have much of either.

      • JLK says:

        Good point. I hate to say it, but it’s true.

        • Mareesa says:

          Cougar Town struggled each season, was a midseason show and was even delayed. It may have a loyal following (me included) but it didn’t develop one instantly or in only year 1. NBC fails to give shows like this a CHANCE to go beyond year 1. If it was still on the bubble after year 2 then maybe axe it. How can it develop a following when it’s not given more than a year? A lot of famous comedies/sitcoms had terrible first seasons and even second seasons but hit their strides afterward because they were give the opportunity to gain a following over time and build the characters, story lines, etc. The comedy era of Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, Will & Grace etc is over but some shows could at least have a solid run of 5-6 seasons like Cougar Town if given a CHANCE. Come on.

          • Kristina says:

            Not to mention, people are becoming more and more wary of trying new shows because they don’t want to get into them only to have them cancelled right away. NBC has been especially bad about this lately. The quicker they axe new shows the more they’re hurting their ratings, in my opinion.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      Better yet, pair it with Cougar Town. That would be a pretty sweet hour of comedy

  46. Roberto says:

    This one hurt!

  47. Shannon says:

    That was one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a LONG time. What are they thinking?

  48. Courtney says:

    This actually comes as a shock to me. I liked this show and I figured they’d bring it back for one for year. I thought, with all their other sitcoms gone they would of kept this one!
    I’ll miss this show ,but Parks and Rec is still on so I’ll be Ok. Sad to see it go though