MasterChef Exclusive Video: Season 4 Will Have Ostriches, Jetskis and... Cash Flambé?

“For the first time ever in the history of MasterChef, we took [the contestants] out in the wilderness, dropped them in the middle of nowhere and told them to find food.” So teases Gordon Ramsay in this exclusive video previewing Season 4 of Fox’s search for America’s most gifted home cook, which returns Wednesday, May 22 (8/7c). But wait, there’s more!

The two-minute teaser features sheep being herded into kitchens, plates of food being dramatically tossed into the trash and Chef Ramsay riding a jetski! Plus, judge Joe Bastianich does something crazy with a wad of cash.

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So press play below for the whole shebang, then hit the comments with your excitement level for the upcoming season!