Shonda Rhimes Eyes New Drama About 'a Woman Carrying a Gun and Kicking People's Butts'

shonda rhimes spy series AliasPicture Olivia Pope with a Glock 17 and a generous wig collection and you’ve got a rough sketch of Shonda Rhimes‘ next TV endeavor.

In a just-published New York Times profile, the Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal boss says she has an itch to create an Alias-esque drama series. Or, as she puts it, a show about “a woman carrying a gun and kicking people’s butts.”

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Rhimes, who is an admirer of J.J. Abrams’ late ABC spy saga, admits, “[I] would have loved to have been the person who came up with it. I don’t think it’s been done by a woman. And that’s where my mind is.”

The fact that an espionage thriller would appear, at least on paper, to be outside Rhimes’ wheelhouse adds an extra layer of appeal. “I was writing a hospital show for a very long time, and that became all that anybody thought that I could write,” she says. “It’s not that I want to do [a female-spy show] because people don’t think of me as doing it, but when I do say that’s what I want to do next, and some network exec says: ‘Really? Can’t you do one of your romance triangle-y things?’ I want to strangle them. A romance triangle-y thing is not a show.”

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  1. Pickles says:

    Shonda should just not do any more shows.

    • Lisa says:

      Why? Its not like anyone is forced to watch them. Millions of people do so they must be enjoying them.

    • dude says:

      I would have agreed with you until Scandal came along. If she can pull that off, I’m interested in what else she can do outside of pretty people having sex in hospitals.

  2. Elly says:

    Because we don’t have enough of those shows, I wish they’d find new themes for shows-maybe they wouldn’t keep shoving reality shows down our throats.

  3. Stacey says:

    The Americans already has a woman spy carrying a gun, kicking butt and wearing wigs.

  4. SJ says:

    Just go away, Shonda…

  5. tvfan says:

    Or, as she puts it, a show about “a woman carrying a gun and kicking people’s butts.”

    did you mean kate beckett

  6. I think Shonda should only do a show like this if, and only if, she will pay attention to plot holes and making a conspiracy make sense. I love Scandal, but that’s mainly because of the cast. The mysteries that she’s put forth haven’t had satisfactory conclusions or movement–and the plot holes are ginormous. Unless she works on that, she should not try this lady spy show idea.

  7. Ugh. It’s shows like Shonda’s that get admired because she’s been lucky and had success for shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and now Scandal, while it’s shows like Nikita that get completely ignored. No, I’m not hating, but it’s shows like this that are a completely similar to something else that get recognition, while something like Nikita would get ignored. Seriously will never understand the human race.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t see what audiences liking Shonda’s shows have to do with people not watching Nikita. Its not an either or. None of them air against Nikita. You seem so bothered that these particular shows succeed over Nikita, what about the other 50 shows that also do?

      • It’s not about Shonda per say, it’s just that it’s all been done before over and over. It’s never as refreshing, but rather a copycat. My point was that it’s someone like Shonda has succeeded by having her shows surpass, but if someone did something else similar they’d fail. So really, I’m just pissed that she’ll probably make something much like Nikita and it’ll get recognition, but Nikita will be canceled and throw out even though it was the exact kind of show. It’s unfair and just downright annoying.

  8. Linda says:

    how about she stops making every show about a strong female character.
    Why doesn’t she work on a gay main character, maybe a guy (since she already has Calzona) But then again, I will say: if the wrtiting is good, it shouldnt matter who is the lead

    • KSM says:

      Why you gotta be hating on strong female characters???? I mean, it isn’t like there are a million of them on TV. Also, it is generally what we strong females like to watch. Makes sense.

      • Linda says:

        Who said I was hating on strong female characters?
        strongly suggest you go back, read my comment again and think about what I meant :)

      • Missmurray says:

        Cause a strong female lead doesn’t always have to carry a gun and beat people up to be a strong person. To be frank, I am annoyed with shows like that. It gives the impression that strong females can’t be strong without a gun.

  9. love says:

    i hope she will leave Scandal as a head writer
    Scandal will be better without her

  10. marcy says:

    Sounds like Covet Affairs

  11. rmr says:

    I only watch her Grey’s, that’s a rollercoaster enough for me.

  12. luli says:

    Is she talking about Nikita???? …. People need to give Nikita a chance, that show is about a woman carrying a gun and kicking people’s butt and soooo much more! It deserves more recognition instead of a show of shonda similar to Nikita, or a spyesque show…

  13. kavyn says:

    Umm… you mean like Nikita?

  14. Ang says:

    Amazing how many people bash her talent. I think if it is in her sights she should go for it. I apologize for all of you who have experienced people killing your dreams. Clearly you need to seek help for whatever issues you have because someone ruined it for you!

  15. juan says:

    Why do people bash her. She is super talented and if you don’t like her shows then don’t watch.

    • Jenny says:

      Agree! There’s Grey’s fans that bash her all the time yet they keep on watching (mainly 1 fandom of Greys). Turn the channel if you hate her and her shows. Go watch Nikita, LOL.

  16. Rachel says:

    Didn’t this already happen and it’s called Covert Affairs.

  17. aciel says:

    oh great another shonda show abc has officially became the shonda network.

  18. GTS says:

    Will it be on ABC? All of her shows have, but maybe this one is on a cable-y network?

  19. Jax says:

    I would be more excited if this wasn’t from Shonda Rhimes. Knowing her it will be a woman who carries a gun, kicks butt……and has emotional crisis every other episode, sleeps with anyone she comes in contact with and loses all of her friends to plane crashes, car wrecks and bus accidents.

  20. Marco says:

    So, she wants to make an Alias remake… There are already Nikita (good), Covert Affairs (awful) and The Americans (awesome) with the lead character she describes, not counting the cancelled ‘Hunted’. I don’t think she would make her a lesbian because she needs the ‘star-crossed couple’ (she would basically redo Sydney & Vaughn, or worse, Meredith and Derek), so it would be pointless to make such a show. What about a gay male spy instead? We are tired of Waif Fu!

  21. Walter says:

    Only if she waits until Grey’s is off the air (which it may well be after next season, its 10th). Grey’s got the short end of the stick this year because Private Practice was ending and this was Scandal’s first full-length season. She writes awesome material, but any writer who is working on three or four projects at the time is bound to slip up and release some shoddy material sooner or later (such Grey’s Season 9, which has been my least favorite so far).

  22. cookie says:

    She should watch Nikita!

  23. KCC says:

    I’m excited to see what she’ll create!

  24. abe says:

    Shonda can make as many shows as she pleases, if she could just cast Lisa Edelstein for a great part, I’d be happy.

  25. As long as her shows are good why not? I have enjoyed all three of her shows.

  26. JC says:

    Nikita is already on its 3rd season so I am open to another kick ass female gracing our screens each week. But Nikki will always have a special place in my heart :D

  27. Zoe says:

    Kickass ladies? I’m down. Greenlight this business!

  28. Bee says:

    Haha glad I’m not the only one who saw the headline and thought, Nikita? LoL.
    And I do agree that if she does it, it’ll probably be successful because ABC has a much smarter demographic unlike the idiot(sorry if I’m being rude) CW demographic, who’ll watch shows like Supernatural that’s been mediocre since Season 5, but not tune in to Nikita which is an amazing show that is just more than a woman carrying a gun, sad :(

  29. MakeAWinnerShonda says:

    It will probably be great with whoever is cast, but it would be nice if she cast a woman of African/African American descent because we have yet to see such a character fully developed and in a lead role on television. Sad but true. Olivia Pope is the first time a Black woman has headlined a show in 40 years! Wow.

  30. jenzo says:

    There def needs to be a fresh twist to this whole “woman carrying gun and kicking butts”. orphaned gay asian male spy who runs his own fight club for bored and depressed doctors but really is training them to be anti-heroes against the government. whooops, now thats just a different storyline altogether.

  31. CC says:

    You people know that you do not have to watch her shows if you do not want to, right?

    So let her create for people who are interested in watching her shows and go watch the shows that interest you.

    If she wants to do a remake of whatever just let her be and bounce.

    Find something more productive to do than bashing people for having the guts to do something.