Revenge Finale First Look: Emily and Victoria Trade Barbs, Bicker Over Daniel... and Charlotte?

There’s certainly no love lost between Emily and her forever-nemesis Victoria in Revenge‘s Season 2 finale — a fact that is made abundantly clear in the following first look at this Sunday’s installment (ABC, 9/8c).

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Digs and barbs a-flyin’, the vengeance seeker and her future mother-in-law are letting their claws out during a “conversation” about that impending move to Paris. Victoria, for her part, still seems to believe (and rightfully so) that Emily is not truly in love with her son and that she’s now attempting to influence Charlotte.

Emily, meanwhile, is keeping her cool, maintaining that sly little grin of hers and happily knocking Queen V down one peg at a time.

Press PLAY below to watch the ladies one-up each other in nastiness, then hit the comments!

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