Hot Video: How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Promo Hints at Mother of All Reveals

How I Met Your Mother‘s Season 8 finale airs next Monday (CBS, 8/7c), and if the following promo is to be believed, it’s going to blow the lid off “the mother of all secrets”!

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Series star Alyson Hannigan also hinted at a big reveal during her appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman last night.

HIMYM fans, press PLAY to watch the sneak peek — which is set to debut during Thursday’s Big Bang Theory — and then hit the comments with your thoughts. Do you think we’ll actually meet Ted’s future wife? Or just glimpse another body part?

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  1. Dex P says:

    I hope it happens

  2. Stacie says:

    Both Alyson Hannigan(on Letterman) and Neil Patrick Harris(on Ellen) both pretty much stated that we will meet the mother. They couldn’t flat out say it but Alyson said something like she had guessed early on that we would meet the mother at the series finale, but she was proven wrong, or something like that. I think after 8 full seasons it’s kind of about time.

  3. Matthew says:

    Nope. Because logic dictates if they were going to reveal the mother they would have come right out and said they were going to reveal the mother. Because it’s the central point of the show and would guarantee the show’s highest numbers in years if adequately promoted. If anything the cutesy way they’ve gone about it with these ads makes it more clear than before that we will in fact have to wait until next year’s finale.

  4. SJ says:

    I think we’ll meet her in the season 9 premiere. At most, we’ll get Ted’s bewildered expression when he sees “the one” on Monday…

    • jenilee says:

      Agree my assumption is it will end with the scene we already saw – ted looks up at train station and spots mother w yellow umbrella. Either way im done wasting my time after this finale

  5. strachpa says:

    I have a feeling they will reveal the mother on monday. When they got renewed, the creators said that the last season will have a different feeling to it, almost like a whole new show. Than again, it could all be a diversion.

  6. ben says:

    I think we will meet the mother… but Ted won’t.

    • EL says:

      oh! I like that idea! I just hope we get some time with the mother….i would hate for them to meet in the series finally. that would be lame.

      • wordsmith says:

        Yeah, that would be a yeah – that would be a great loophole to deal with the problem of getting us to care about a girl who, by the show’s definition, Ted can’t meet until the series finale.

  7. Mike says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  8. cal says:

    i stopped watching this season after having to deal with 7 years of never revealing the mother (and i thought barney/robin was a terrible idea as it made everything too insular). is ted even the main focus these days? it felt like the writers focused on what most of the online fans go crazy about: barney.

  9. Britney says:

    It’s a trap….maybe.

    My current theory is that they’ll do a time jump ahead to a year in the season premiere this fall, so that Lily and Marshall will be back from Rome (it still looks like they’re going!), Robin and Barney will be living the married life, and Ted will have spent the year with the Mother and we’ll get to learn more about her (maybe they’ll be engaged?). I think the writers and EPs worry about it being a “jump the shark” to introduce the mother, but the fans don’t want to just see her face (which is all I think we might see in the finale), but assuming that she isn’t someone we’ve met before on the show, we don’t know anything about her, so why does it matter what she looks like? Fans will continue watching to get to know her and why this is all so important. I personally want to learn about the Mother and how she and Ted fit together (Plus I’m hoping they show her progress towards Ted too, what’s she been doing for the last few years?). I’m looking forward to and hoping for a Ted-centered season.

    Here’s to the last slap!

    • EL says:

      love all you said! cheers!

    • Colin Patrick says:

      I actually think (they convinced Jason Segal not to leave the show like he was planning, so I know after all that they aren’t writing him off) that they may have the entire show set in Rome somehow next year. Think about it. Barney and Robin could have their honeymoon there, Lilly and Marshall would move there for a year, and Ted could end up going for some crazy reason when the mother goes there, and they would fall in love in Rome. Just a guess, but it fits, because they keep talking about how season 9 will be very different and couldn’t be mistaken for episodes of any of the other seasons.

  10. CJS says:

    I won’t believe anything until I actually see it on Monday night.

  11. FanofSoManyShows says:

    My theory (at least since the episode Ted sits at the train station and the titular Mother walks to the same platform) is that we will not meet the mother until September. They’ll probably show Ted looking at her and walking up to her. The Mother will start to turn around because she hears (Ted’s) footsteps and just when we have our hopes up of finally seeing her, a train will enter the tracks, leaving the viewers to wait until Season 9 premiere for what went down in their first interaction.

  12. Kay says:

    They better! Ted said he was going to meet her in 45 days a few episodes ago. I think we will too. Unless they pull a stupid move and just show Ted meet her and we only see the back of her head… But that farhampton thing makes sense. PLUS looking at the episode description it doesn’t even look like Barney and robin are getting married in this episode.😕 I WANT TO MEET HER

  13. B232B says:

    The finale probably won’t have anything to do with Ted’s life. It rarely has over the past few seasons. Lol.

  14. GeoDiva says:

    I would not count a 10 second blurb as a “reveal”. It showed NOTHING!

  15. april-ann says:

    WE may not see her, but Ted does. We have seen Ted see her. He’s watching her, mesmerized, at the wedding as she (apparently) plays in the band. I don’t know if the scene at the train station takes place before or after he sees her playing in the band at the wedding. After waiting all this time, I don’t know if we will be thrown a bone. I find it kind of funny actually because when I used to mention that meeting the mother was important to some fans, including myself, I would get so clobbered (personally attacked) by posters berating me and sticking it to me telling me that the show was never about Ted meeting the mother, meeting her does not matter at all, true fans of the show don’t care at all because meeting her is not what is important or what this show is about, and I would respond with that I always knew it was about five friends navigating their way through their lives in NYC. But I always said I wanted to meet the mother. No one is clobbering posters now about hoping to meet the mother. And I feel vindicated because it looks like many, many other loyal viewers want to meet her at some point, too.

  16. Himymfan says:

    My guess is that they will show the wedding reception and keep the band members heads cut out of the frame the whole time. Then ted will see her at the train station but the viewers will not see her face. Or keep their heads out of frame and then the viewers will get the reveal at the train station so that they viewer can have a “she’s the one” moment at the same time ted does.

  17. jcregmalos says:

    I hope season 9 shows episodes of the side of the “mother”. Like when she’s saw Ted at the University, when see got out of the shower when Ted’s dating her roommate and also when Barney wore the Green Suit on St. Patrick’s Day at a Bar. They should connect the dots there. It’s also stated that they would meet 45 Days from one episode.

  18. Maggie says:

    That promo promises “the mother of all secrets.” I bet Lily finds out she’s pregnant with baby #2, which derails her and Marshall’s plans to go to Rome. They stay and we have another season where absolutely nothing happens. Lily and Marshall are still tired. Ted is still angsting about Robin now that’s married. Barney and Robin are still learning how to be in a relationship. And I want to kill myself for still watching when we finally meet the mother in next season’s finale.

    • cas says:

      What’s even worse is we will probably dislike the mother. There will be all this build up and she won’t even be a likable character. I always like Robin and Ted though so I obviously lack good judgment of Ted’s past relationships.

  19. Quinn Mallory says:

    My wild guess is that we see Ted meeting the mother, but we don’t see the mother so they can cast a star for the role for the last and final season.

  20. dale says:

    my theory is that Robint will find out that Ted dumped Victoria for her. They said that she finds out but didnt say when, and with how they left it off last week, I have a bad feeling that we are dealing with this Ted still having feelingd for Robin BS one more time before her wedding. And Future Ted has said that the Barney/Robin wedding is a disaster, so my money is on Robin finding out the truth, not the mother being shown. I feel like they will make people wait till after the summer.

  21. M.Williams says:

    They do this every year…They won’t reveal until the show has run its course.

  22. susela says:

    “The mother of all secrets” is that Ted and Robin have renewed feelings for each other.

  23. Ash says:

    Some of the main cast have mentioned they think it would be nice to have the mother as a character to see what she is like, it’s almost like even some of THEM want the mother to be reveled.

    It would be a good time to do it, just a quick, say 30 second shot and dialogue and the audience has all summer to talk about it and let it sink in.

    The idea of just showing the mother before Ted knows her is interesting too.
    They have so much to work with and really, the mother actually knows some things about Ted.

    She may have seen him at the Satin Patrick’s Day party.
    She knows him as that professor in the wrong class.
    She may be the match that Ted was matched up with in “Milk” that we never got to see.
    She may have been told a little about him from her roomate Cindy. Maybe not much, but a little.
    She may be responsible somehow for Ted ending up with the pineapple in his bed! Ok, not likely, but it could be a fun story.

    From the way the creators talk it almost sounds like this finale is going to be almost like a pilot for a new show, which I guess would be season 9.

    I still don’t think they are going to show her, however.

  24. Tom Mc says:

    The show is great, has been since the beginning and in many ways has only improved over the years. I’ve enjoyed the ride, and I trust the writers and esp. the cast to entertain me right up to the end.

  25. Vickie says:

    Does anyone really care who the mother is after all this time? I stopped watching years ago.

  26. Bunnie says:

    My prediction is Ted will marry Robin’s younger sister Kate who he will meet at the wedding.

  27. Dan says:

    Mother of all secrets? Ted is gay, and he’s madly in love with the Captain, and they get married and adopt.

    “Kids, I met your biological mother earlier today, a few hours before telling you this story. She was glad to see that you two have grown up so well. Even though she’s a little creeped out that my husband is 30 years older than me. That is the true story of How I Met Your [biological] Mother. The end.”


    In all seriousness–for some reason, I don’t expect to see the Mother’s face tomorrow night. I just feel like it’s too big a reveal to have before the end of the series.
    There is one big secret that I will be VERY satisfied tomorrow night if I find out, and that is, whether Barney and Robin ACTUALLY go through with the wedding. Season 6 ended showing Barney in a tuxedo, Season 7 showed Robin in a wedding dress, Season 8 needs to end with showing what happens, whether they marry or not.
    I’d be thrilled to see the Mother tomorrow night–but I just don’t see it happening…its THE single most important moment in the history of the show; I feel like it would be more advertised. On the other hand, surprises are always great too (like if they had introduced the Mother in “The Ashtray” episode when absolutely no one would have expected it.

    Regardless of what happens, I’m looking forward to the season finale tomorrow night. It’s the most hotly-anticipated season finale yet, and maybe even the most hotly-anticipated episode ever.

    Other secrets that need to be revealed:
    -Barney’s job
    -Where the pineapple came from
    -Where some of these stupid filler episodes fit in with the story

    Tweet me: tigers613. I’d love to discuss with any of you!

  28. d rule says:

    I think Robin has an identical twin sister that will be revealed and that will be the mother because they call Robin Aunt Robin and we wanted her to be the mother for so long…

  29. A.a.k says:

    I think that probably they will reveal what barney does for a livin’ . .
    It’s about time we discovered the secret to awesome living.