Community Recap: When (Evil) Timelines Collide

Community Season 4 Finale RecapCommunity closed out its fourth season Thursday with yet another finale the could very well serve as a satisfying series ender… if need be.

Through paintball shootouts, darkest timelines and a unique wedding of sorts, the Greendale gang — and their respective “evil” counterparts — finished out the school year. Here’s how it all went down:

Just like Donna Martin, Jeff Winger graduates! The Greendale Community College alpha male learns that he’s passed History, which means it’s time to receive a diploma. Added bonus: His old law firm buddy offers him a new job, which he graciously accepts. Excited and, per usual, overeager, Annie and Dean Pelton decide to throw what Abed calls a “wedding/graduation mashup” party in his honor.

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But before Jeff puts his party shoes on, he reveals to Britta that he’s worried that the group, particularly Abed, won’t be able to handle things without him. (A little conceited, sure, but this is who Jeff Winger is and we love him for it.) Britta, however, assures him that her continued “therapizing” of the pop culture fiend has worked wonders — in fact, he hasn’t even brought up the darkest timeline during his “sessions” in months! So, as a means of gauging Abed’s reaction, Jeff rolls a die… and, unbeknownst to anyone, evil one-armed Jeff and evil bitchy Annie pop up to “save Jeff from the smothering teet of the study group.”

Abed, being the one who essentially created the darkest timeline, runs into Evil Jeff and immediately recognizes him — even without a goatee. Unfortunately, he’s no foil for the baddie, who — now, stick with us — immediately transports Abed to said timeline via a timeline-traveling paintball gun. (True story.)

Once in the new land, Abed encounters his darker self, but — game changer! — Evil Abed is no longer evil. The reformed villain confesses that, after his previous encounter with Abed, he let go of his old ways and “devoted his life to brightening his timeline.” (Side note: NBC’s ill-fated The Cape is still alive and kickin’ in this world, thanks to a cable retooling!)

Back in real Greendale, Jeff and Evil Jeff come face-to-face, but before the latter can send our leading man out of this world, Chang arrives and sacrifices himself in the name of “friendshiiiiiiiip.” Abed, meanwhile, reappears — with the ‘Doppledeaner’ in tow as proof to the gang that the darkest timeline isn’t imaginary — and a war between the two crews ensues.

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Shirley, Annie and Troy get rid of their evil selves via a toned down paintball shootout, while Evil Britta brittas the game and sends herself back to her world. While taking cover from the nutty goings on, Abed (literally) slaps some sense into Jeff, revealing that none of this is actually real. Rather, Jeff has created this scenario in his head as a way to avoid graduating and thus leaving the group behind.

Having “defeated” the evils, Jeff — followed shortly thereafter by Pierce — graduates. “I’m so used to being the guy who can talk his way out of everything, but what do you say when you don’t want a way out?” an emotional Jeff ponders to the group at his party. “My love for you is immeasurable, even when you split it seven ways.”

Jeff’s post-Greendale plans: to find a small law firm and help all of the little guys out there.

LINE OF THE NIGHT | “I’m going to miss our playful ‘get-a-room-already’ banter.” — Dean Pelton to the graduating object of his affections Jeff

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