Exclusive Video: The Office's Ellie Kemper Reveals Her Favorite Dunder Mifflin Moment

For The Office‘s Ellie Kemper, the best Dunder Mifflin moment came not when her lovably aloof character Erin was front and center, but rather when the whole cast was smooshed together in Season 9’s “Work Bus.”

The following exclusive video features Kemper waxing poetic about the NBC comedy’s memorable installment, which found the Scrantonites completing their paper-selling duties in extremely close quarters (aka the titular bus) due to a big, radiation-in-the-workplace-themed prank Jim pulled on Dwight.

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“It was so fun to be on a bus, which we nicknamed ‘Death Bus’ because a lot of things kept going wrong,” Kemper recalls with a laugh. “We were all shoved in there so tight. People were grumpy, and I thought that was so fun. It was like a car trip: It bonds people!”

Press PLAY below to watch the actress relive the episode, then hit the comments: What’s your favorite Office moment?