TVLine Items: Once and Ringer Vets to Necessary Roughness, Borgias Plans Its Endgame and More!

Necessary Roughness Cast Raphael Sbarge Necessary Roughness has recruited Raphael Sbarge.

The Once Upon a Time vet has nabbed a guest spot in the USA Network drama’s upcoming season, reports, playing an agent at V3, the sports and entertainment management firm led by Connor McClane (new castmember John Stamos).

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Ioan Gruffudd (Ringer), meanwhile, drops by Roughness‘ third season (launching June 12) as an anti-therapy self-help guru on a book tour.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

The Borgias may conclude its run with a two-hour movie in lieu of a fourth season. Per Deadline, with a renewal looking unlikely, the Showtime drama’s creator Neil Jordan is looking to wrap things up with a telepic.

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• Starz is teaming with CNN’s Piers Morgan on Fleet Street, a drama project chronicling the rise of tabloid journalism in 1970s England.

American Idol alumna Carrie Underwood has been tapped to perform “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” the opening number for NBC’s Sunday Night Football. She replaces country superstar Faith Hill.

MTV has announced the 2014 premiere dates for its pair of awards shows: the MTV Movie Awards will bow April 13, while the MTV Video Music Awards will air August 24.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Sad about the Borgias!

  2. Britta Unfiltered says:

    That’s a bummer about The Borgias. It’s probably the most expensive show to produce though. Likely right up there with Game of Thrones, but not with nearly the same amount of popularity and Emmy buzz.

  3. Lucrezia says:

    Nooo gutted. I need more Cesare and Micholetto in my life.

  4. armando a. says:

    Nooo! I absolutely love this show!! It’s as addicting as The Tudors was :(
    I really hope they at least get a short season like The Big C or Treme, instead of a 2 hour movie.

  5. Larry McD says:

    If it launches François Arnaud and Holliday Grainger on the bigtime careers they obviously deserve, it will be worth giving it up.

  6. Anise says:

    What!? Not my Borgias, my beautiful twisted masterpiece! There is so much more renaissance tomfoolery that could be covered!

    Now I feel like I have to ration the remaining episodes.

  7. darkphoenix says:

    No…The Borgias is my favorite show right along with Game of Thrones, it is such a quality show with great characters and cast, and Neil Jordan did an amazing job with the story too, please don’t end it. I’d rather have season 4 than 2 hour movie. Please.

  8. MCleef says:

    “I am a Borgia fan and I feel unloved!”. Come on Neal, we don’t wan’t a movie, we want another glorious season to wrap up this amazing series!

  9. MayMay says:

    I really hope they reconsider and make at least a short 4th season for The Borgias.. it’ll be a shame to finish with a two hour movie after this season, that has been definitely the best so far!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I will be so bummed if the Borgias doesn’t get a fourth season. It’s my favorite show on the air right now. If there’s ever a masterpiece on television right now – it’s the Borgias. Not only does it have the most breathtaking scenery and costumes, but the writing is fantastic and the female characters are the absolute best.

    It’s so rare on television to find wonderfully written female characters who are in charge of their bodies and their lives. So often with historical or book to television adaptations writers will throw female characters under the bus (I’m looking at you, Game of Thrones).

    Of course, I’d prefer a two hour movie over nothing, but it’s sad because the Borgias is my absolute favorite show and it deserves to finish the story of this incredibly interesting and notorious family!

  11. Arinna says:

    I think The Borgias deserves 4th season. The show gets progressivelly good this year, so I hope SHO would reconcider and make a season instead of a two-hours movie. If they listen to us, fans I mean. The show deserves a proper ending season! Please SHO! Give it to us!

  12. Cheekymonkey says:

    I think this is just a rehash of old info by Deadline, this info came to light in Jan. and I sort of feel like NJ was just testing the waters to see how much response there would be to a season 4 if season 3 didn’t do as well as it has been doing. It gave NJ a quick out if he needed it. But the ratings have been good enough to warrant a full season 4 (better than the Tudors) and hopefully Showtime does do a full season. The cast is so good and the production so well done that anything but a full season 4 wouldn’t make sense and I hope we, the loyal fans get it.

  13. Sara says:

    Yes, Deadline is just repeating old news from January before this season even started airing, probably something Neil Jordan said because he was feeling bummed out about end of S2 ratings or something. This is hands down the best television show out there, and to do it justice, we need a Season 4! As far as I can tell, Showtime isn’t planning any endgame, they are watching the ratings before announcing anything. Showtime, please continue this phenomenally acted, gorgeously designed, fantastically written, beautiful twisted violent and tender awesome show!

  14. Gilly Hynes says:

    Season 3 is the best so far and the previous 2 seasons were fantastic. Please, please Neil. Season 4 !!! This is the best show on TV – we are starved of great acting, costumes, music and scenes/sets, plots, sub-plots, politics and power grabs ! Only The Borgias can give us everything and this is TV at its most superb.

  15. Lindsay says:

    Season 3 has been by far the best season, for all characters on the show. I am in awe of the performances, and more obsessed/passionate about it than ever. Anything less than a 4th season would not be good enough to give the show the proper ending it deserves.

  16. Amy, Ireland. says:

    Why? That’s such a pity if the Borgias does not get a season 4.. A telepic would feel very rushed and wouldn’t wrap up tidely, plus there’s still so much to cover historically that they would need at least half-season of episodes to do so. Season 3 has been their best yet, the storylines are far more compelling and the fact they finally broke their no-incest rule is wonderful because the actors portraying the siblings have TOO MUCH chemistry for it to be ignored. I hope they work together again in some capacity, even if showtime is stupid enough to axe this show.

  17. London. says:

    I doubt anyone reads these borgia comments and or that they will change their mind if there decision has already been (foolishly) made. I will miss Holliday Grainger’s stunning face as Lucrezia, something about her gets me everytime. And I don’t even have SHO, I have to wait till it shows on Sky Atlantic. Such a shame.

  18. Urquheart says:

    The show definitely merits a 4th season and luckily for its fans, the Deadline article quoted here, that everyone seems to think is the executioner, is full of old statements and doesn’t really spell any kind of doom for the show. The ratings are good and stable, Showtime decides and it hasn’t announced any decision yet.

    • Gilly Hynes says:

      Urquheart – thank you. I read your posts on the Borgias Wiki site daily. I really appreciate all the work you do and your comments are insightful and well reasoned. The Borgias has given me such enjoyment and Season 4 is needed to finalise the story – beautifully crafted by Neil Jordan and acted by Irons, Arnaud and Grainger et al. Absolutely wonderful first class drama. Season 4 please !!

  19. qj201 says:

    Well we all know how the Borgias ends…just hope we get the entire story…even if just in wrap up movie. That said… Jeremy Iron’s over acting and affectations are borderline camp. All the other characters have depth, but the pope is just a cartoon performance.

  20. Clemenzia says:

    I await The Borgias every year with bated breath and never has it let me down. I can not say that about too many cable series which start off great and then diminish to just okay. I tip my hat to them for playing a smart ratings game. The ol’ Hook Them and Then They’ll Watch Anything game. In contrast, every season of The Borgias is visually more beautiful than the last. The acting, writing and directing, also, always better and better. And it is so damn good right now!

    There is no better way to show respect for your audience than by striving to improve and therefore thanks and hugs to all the talented people who make The Borgias possible. I think Showtime also has a respect for its viewers, and so unless I read a statement by David Nevins of Showtime to the contrary I am going to believe season 4 is going to happen!

  21. Elle says:

    We need a season 4 of The Borgias! The show is too brilliant not to finish. Please, Showtime!

  22. Liz says:

    The borgias should get a season 4. Its brillant screenplay and breathtaking visually. Years from now it will be remembered as such in historical drama pieces

  23. Nicole says:

    The Borgias is one of the better dramas on TV, and in my opinion, season 3 has been better than season 3 of Game of Thrones. Come on, Showtime, please renew it for a fourth season! The writing is consistent, the acting is flawless, and the costumes and scenery are gorgeous. I guess a movie is better than nothing, but I would definitely prefer a fourth season.

  24. Tinemi says:

    I can only hope that Showtime renews The Borgias for, at least, a fourth and last season. I love this series and I’ve been waiting to see what they do with the last chapter of the Borgias saga.