FX's The Americans Promotes Two for Season 2

The Americans Season 2 SpoilersClark’s bride will have plenty of opportunity to keep on blushin’ — and maybe start to realize she’s secretly wed to a Russian! — now that The Americans has promoted Alison Wright to a series regular for Season 2.

FX also announced on Tuesday that Annet Mahendru, who plays gorgeous triple-agent Nina, also has been upgraded for the retro spy drama’s sophomore run, which will premiere in January 2014.

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“Annet Mahendru ta20130111_073has been a revelation as Nina, bringing the character to life with a rich and subtle depth that keeps you guessing as to what’s really percolating under the surface,” exec producers Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields shared in a statement. “And Alison Wright’s portrayal of Martha is heartbreakingly real at every turn. We are thrilled to add them to our outstanding company of actors.”

Previously, The Americans made Susan Misner (aka Stan Beeman’s increasingly estranged wife Sandra) a series regular effective with Season 2.

The Americans marked Wright’s TV debut, while Mahendru’s previous credits include 2 Broke Girls and Big Time Rush.

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  1. Alichat says:

    Guess that means Martha’s marriage will go on longer than I thought it would.

    • Jules says:

      My thoughts exactly! I love this show though. My fave of the winter premieres!

      • Cheryl Andrade says:

        I LOVE this show, so glad I taped it and watch some winter afternoons. Can’t wait for it to return.
        I wish it had been recognized on Golden Globes noms!!! Great plots and so real characters, each week I can’t wait for the next episode. They deserve awards for such great character writing and
        interesting plots during the cold war. Cheryl

  2. Em says:

    I’m really glad that they are keeping Nina around. I got worried about her in the last few episodes of this season, but luckily she made it out alive. I think that she is one of the most compelling characters on the show, and I’m glad that they’ve bumped her to regular status.

  3. rebecca says:

    Best show on tv…great plots..

  4. The Beach says:

    All this is very good new for one of my favorite shows. It’s going to be a long wait til January. I can’t wait for Martha to yank off Clark’s wig while in the throes of passion.

  5. c0rinne says:

    Wow. I was really hoping Martha was going to die.

  6. GS says:

    I LOVE this show almost more than chocolate and I’m going to go into withdrawls before January gets here! Glad that Nina isn’t going to be taken out which really shocks me. Can’t imagine the Russians would have actually let her live back in the day. Martha is driving me crazy being so stupid and accepting of everything “Clark” says. It takes away from Phillip and Elizabeth which is what I want to see explored more. Glad I took a chance on this show because it is fantastic!

    • Pat D. says:

      Well, she did put her foot down about telling her parents about the marriage.

      You would think at some point she would have some suspicions about all the spying Clark is having her do, even with his cover story.

    • holly says:

      I completely agree. Martha is a total drag and no matter how many times the producers say she really isn’t stupid, they can’t change how she’s coming across to everyone but them. I wish they would quit showing the graphic sex. Why so much of it with her and Clark and not the other characters? Just seems unnecessary to show after the first time. We get the message they’re doing it.

      • Julie says:

        I totally agree with you re Martha. She is a total drag and she seems like a desperate woman. I don’t want to see the sex either. I would rather see him back with his so called wife. Now she is a cold piece.

        • Julie says:

          I also love this show. and I agree re Martha…I could do without her at this point. I just want Matthew Rhys and Kerri Russell to get back together.

  7. Tom Charles says:

    I still think there’s something up with Stan’s wife

    • Mikael says:

      I think that too! I’ve always thought she was a sleeper agent or something. I hope Claudia comes back and that they let Philip and Elizabeth be happy for at least an entire episode before something breaks them apart again.

  8. Sara says:

    They both deserve it :), love the Americans & the Russians :p

    • lana says:

      you are so nice , thank you for comment Sara ….Mu Russian friend asked me to send you greetings on his behalf .I think , that the Americans’s producers are great – to show Russians in that .. way , good on them!

    • carissa says:

      I agree with Sara!

  9. holly says:

    I think Nina is great, but don’t enjoy any scene that involves Martha. They’ve made her into a joke. Wish they’d hurry up and get rid of her. So many intelligent female characters on this show and it’s a shame to waste screen time on her acting like such a spineless pushover. More time on Philip and Elizabeth, please, and less on pointless, pathetic Martha.

    • Amen to that Holly. Totally agree. You’d also think Gad, being the head of the FBI unit would pick up on what Martha’s doing. I’m over her already and what I think makes her more pathetic is the fact she’s not an attractive woman. Imho, think it makes her look more desperate. Loving Nina though. Fast becoming one of my favorites on the show.

      • holly says:

        Nina is AWESOME. At first I wasn’t sure, but when she decided to turn on Stan and not betray Russia, she showed some spine. I could see liking Martha again if they did something different with her character (like maybe had her start to catch on to what Philip is doing), but if it’s just her fawning over Clark all the time while grinning like a brainless fool who sees no problem with putting a bug in her boss’s office as long as Clark will have sex with her, then they can’t get rid of her soon enough. I hope her becoming a series regular is because they’re not ready to end the story arc yet, but NOT because we’re suddenly going to start seeing her all the time. That episode where they got married had way too much of her for my tastes. And I really hope they can get Claudia to be permanent if her other show doesn’t pan out.

    • Guest says:

      Agreed. I have a new reflex to change channels when she’s on.

      • holly says:

        Yes. I continue to watch because I like so many other things about the show, but I don’t like any of her scenes. I wish they would either make her character more balanced or at least just cut out the unneeded sex scenes. We get that they’re doing the deed, already.

  10. JBC says:

    The writing has been too GOOD on this show that they don’t need to keep showing so much graphic sex. The over the top sex scenes cheapens the show, and you just don’t need it, when you have all these Wonderful Characters, Actors and Writing. Hope the show takes that into consideration.

    • holly says:

      I completely agree with you. I think including sex can be fine when it serves a purpose and is necessary for the story. That is NOT the case anymore with Martha and “Clark.” We only needed one scene to see they were now sleeping together and then it was to be assumed that continued. But now it’s been four awful scenes just inserted for titillation and I guess to show one of the writers got a ‘101 New Sex Positions’ book for his birthday. Please, FX, include it where it counts but not just for the shock factor!

  11. schu says:

    Good for them both, at first I thought Martha’s character was kind of a waste, but she’s definitely growing into a more crucial element to the plot lines. Annet is fantastic as Nina.

  12. Congrats to Alison & Annet! Martha is starting to grow on me…I like that her scenes with Clark provide levity to the show (the sex scenes, him meeting her parents)

  13. bw says:

    when does season 2 start

  14. Khitti Rossi says:

    not returning until January?

  15. Cjd says:

    Nina is HOT !!!!!!!!

  16. James says:

    Amen on the sex scenes… TMI, also not fond of Martha’s spineless lack of self esteem. However in all this are we overlooking one of the most obvious plot devices with young Paige Jennings, becoming suspicious of her mother. That could really turn into something!

  17. kiren111 says:

    tired of all the sex scenes to be honest. The show doesn’t need to over compensate but even if it did, the sex scenes are not attractive

  18. Tyler says:

    Absolutely love this show! Come on january!

  19. riska nopianti says:

    I can’t wait, i love philip jenning and elizabeth jenning they a perfect couple

  20. John Craig says:

    Can’t wait until January….This show is a total blast!!!!…Love everything about it…Without question the best new show of last season….

  21. Tracy says:

    I absolutely love the show, but stopped watching it because of the graphic sex scenes. Too bad, those scenes just cheapen the show.

  22. Benson says:

    I’d like the show explore a few more of the flashback scenes to Russia to give us a deeper undertstanding of what motivates Phillip and Elizabeth. I’d also like to see more of the juggling act of the family dynamic with Phillip and Elizabeth. How do they handle significant American/Russian holidays? Will they ever take a family vacation? Ditto on the sex scenes. When it moves the storyline don’t mind but just showing sex isn’t worthy of such a wonderfully written show. Like everyone else January seems soooooo faaaarrr away! Can’t wait.

  23. Margaret says:

    I totally agree with the “too much graphic sex” comments. Some scenes pretty violent also. Re: Martha, she plays the role of besotted, pathetic and desperate, needy female very well, which makes her willing to do anything to please her man. I agree that this is the best show on tv. Can’t wait for its return!

  24. Jean says:

    January 2014! ugh. I can’t wait that long. I was really hoping for fall. I expected Sept or Oct. I agree that the graphic sex scenes are not necessary. There is enough “excitement” in the story line. January, aw man, boohoo. As far as comments on the future story line I would love to know how they explained to the kids why they have no relatives. Or childhood pictures, yearbooks, etc..

  25. Ann j harris says:

    I think this is a great show and highly under rated. Elizabeth & Phillip r terrific & I would like to see them together more. And much less of the graphic sex scenes PLEASE!!

  26. OCDarlin says:

    I Love Martha – and she is a smart cookie. She is on to Clarke. But she is also in the game. Could be a double agent!

  27. Alexander says:

    Abit strange you all complain about the many sex scenes between clark and marha.
    It like the fact theyre showing it so often to show to what lengths clark goes to obtain and keep getting intel on the FBI team.
    Were sure to see some other things unfolding around Martha in the next season.

  28. rod Lawrence says:

    The interval between seasons is ridiculous!

  29. whirlygirly says:

    really looking forward to the second season. and hoping next year, the emmys don’t forget this great show.

  30. Jeanrj says:

    Does anyone know if they are going to at least replay all of last season leading up to the new season? Because they probably are losing people to other shows and will need to hook some new viewers. This is truly an odd choice to separate the seasons this long.

  31. Red Robin says:

    Guess I’m gettin’ along but it seemed SO simple when they had ‘the sweeps” all shows started in Sept. ,ran the season then reruns .

  32. Ali says:

    This is a somewhat judgemental comment, but something bugs me about Stan the FBI guy. He’s creepy looking and I keep waiting for everything to fall apart with the investigation once they find out he’s a serial killer or something. His appearance IMO takes away from the believability that he’s a good guy and not some creep. It was mentioned that he was previously in deep cover in a KKK type of setting and he really does look the part of some crazed nut-job. I also don’t care for Richard Thomas, so, I wish the two main FBI leads were played by different actors. The American side of the show is pretty fug IMO.

    I’ve come to love Margo Martindale’s performance. She can act! When she wormed her way into the FBI guys apartment to use the phone because she was locked out, I was just blown away by her skill. Loved her as Mags and love her as Claudia.

  33. Alright Already says:

    don’t like stupid women. why is it always the women who are stupid on tv. I know plenty of stupid men. Martha’s character is so frustrating. if they don’t get rid of her, I just can’t continue watching. great show, but enough of idiot women.

  34. Alright Already says:

    also, enough with the americans being the stupid ones!! is this show produced by communists or progressives? they’re always making the Russians win and act smart, but the americans are always clueless. cut me a break. we’re not a world leading country for nothing!

  35. G MCNABB says:


  36. Yvonne King says:

    When is “The Americans” coming back I am nearly 85 and getting worried that I might not make it to the next season. Elizabeth was in a bad way in last episode & hope she is hanging on there. Yvonne King