Nashville Exclusive: Connie Britton Kisses and Tells on 'Micromanaged' Rayna-Deacon Sex Scene, Breaks 'News' About FNL Film

connie britton nashville interviewLast week’s long-awaited romantic ‘collision’ between star-crossed lovers Rayna and Deacon on Nashville was not nearly as intimate an experience off screen as it was on.

“That might have been one of the most micromanaged [moments] in television history,” the drama’s luminous leading lady, Connie Britton, tells me in the following video Q&A. “There were a lot of conference calls, a lot of conversations about how that scene needed to go [and] how it was all going to come together.”

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Surprisingly, it wasn’t the sex scene itself but the foreplay that everyone — Britton and co-star Chip Esten included — was concerned about.

Below, Britton shares details on the behind-the-scenes debate and previews the post-coital, possibly paternity-related “bumps in the road” to come.

The actress also offers an ‘exclusive’ (and hilarious) update on the long-gestating Friday Night Lights feature film.

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