Dexter Season 8 First Look: 'I've Destroyed Deb'

Since Dexter‘s debut, Debra Morgan has made herself into quite a good cop. But as this new video for the Showtime series’ upcoming final season points out, “Her one Achilles’ heel is that she loves Dexter Morgan, and that comes with a price.”

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Clips from the drama’s past seven seasons — as well as new footage from its eighth and interviews with stars Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C. Hall and James Remar — track Deb’s progress from rookie officer to self-assured policewoman… to killer. Along the way, Carpenter & Co. give their take on Ms. Morgan’s romantic feelings for her adopted brother — and what they’ve cost her.

Dexter‘s final season bows Sunday, June 30 at 9/8c.

Press PLAY on the video below, then hit the comments: Has Dexter truly “destroyed” his sis?