True Blood First Look: Watch the 'Out of Control' Full-Length Season 6 Trailer Now!

true blood season 6 trailerThe warning at the end of the latest True Blood sneak peek pretty much says it all: No one lives forever.

Yep, there will be blood and death — lots of death — during the HBO smash’s sixth season (bowing June 16), a fact the new full-length trailer below makes abundantly clear.

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Of course, the vamp drama is also mixing in a little love with its war (Jessica and Bill?! Sookie and the new guy?!), not to mention gratuitous nudity (shirtless Skarsgard!) and some frightening looking new blood (prepared to be freaked out at :29).

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Drink in the 90-second clip below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/fave moments!