Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, Community, Big Bang Theory Post Gains, American Idol Hits New Low

big-bang-theory-ratingsIt was a mostly uneventful Thursday in ratings-land, with most shows either flat or up modestly over last week.

On CBS, The Big Bang Theory (15.7 million/4.6 rating) and Two and a Half Men (11.9 million/3.1) ticked up 2 and 10 percent respectively in the demo, handily winning the 8 pm hour. Person of Interest and Elementary were on par with last week.

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Fox saw American Idol turn in another series-low performance (11 million/2.5), while Glee held steady with 5.2 million viewers and a 1.8 rating.

Over at ABC, Grey’s Anatomy (8.5 million/2.9) surged 7 percent in the demo, while lead-out Scandal (8.1 million/2.6) dipped 7 percent (but still won the 10 pm hour).

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NBC was up from 8-10 with Community jumping 20 percent to a 1.2 and Parks and Recreation’s season finale growing 15 percent to a 1.5. An hour-long Office notched an above average 1.8. Hannibal, meanwhile, was flat week-to-week with a 1.0.

The CW’s Vampire Diaries and Beauty and the Beast were at normal levels.

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  1. Alienate says:

    Yea! Hannibal is ded.

  2. Seriously expecting (and hoping!) Scandal to hit a 3.0 or higher in it’s season finale.

    • Tania says:

      Scandal is so overrated. The most ridiculous soap opera on television. So, naturally, viewers gravitate to it. Nothing new.

      Hannibal is a great series. Unfortunately, it is on a terrible network. This series is far better suited on a premium cable network like Showtime.

      Person of Interest, Elementary and Hannibal are the best programs on Thursday, personally speaking of course. ;)

      • As a fan, I’m not going to retaliate with any kind of comment about how amazing Scandal is, as it’ll come across as bias. However, I also watch Elementary and Hannibal. It’s not that hard to watch one live and record the other two. I personally love Elementary just as much as Scandal and I’m enjoying the thrill of Hannibal. It’s really unfortunate that it’s not rising.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I agree with everything you’ve said, especially about Scandal, It’s completely ridiculous to me. The only exception is Elementary. It bores me, I’ve stopped watching it and replaced it with BATB. Hannibal definitely needs to be on cable, it would do great there.

      • NotBri says:

        Agreed. At least Hannibal didn’t drop any more, though a 1.0 is scary. *crosses fingers for renewal.*

      • aciel says:

        the only reason why scandal is doing so well is because the chemistry between liv and fitz thats what drew viewers without that chemistry wouldnt be getting the amount or support its getting right now

      • Benajmin says:

        I completely agree !Scandal is so over-hyped. There is a difference between twitter crazes and good television. The plot is, quite frankly,way over the top. I am glad that Grey’s is still doing really well – especially for a veteran show! Hannibal is actually really good. The story lines are interesting, and I think it gets stronger week by week.

      • Elyse says:

        Hannibal is the worst show i’ve seen in a pretty long time.

      • Emily says:

        Scandal is over-the-top, but I watch so much serious drama otherwise, I rather like unwinding with some soapy ridiculousness one hour of the week. So sue me. I’d probably like Hannibal, but I’ve hit my limit with psychological crime dramas at the moment.

  3. Tamera says:

    Glad to see Grey’s and Scandal continue to do so well. Grey’s last night was a little ho-hum in my opinion until the very end (totally guessed Jo would end up like that) and Scandal was just ridiculous. As soon as you get some answers it creates even more questions! I wish ABC would do some early renewals, but my favorites (Grey’s, Scandal, and Castle) are locks to be renewed, right?

  4. Teag says:

    Hannibal NEEDS to be renewed for 100 seasons.

    • Shannon says:

      I so agree!! It’s really a great show! It feels more like a movie than a TV drama. Sadly it’s on NBC so I’m sure it’s a goner. Too bad because it has so much potential and the characters are great.

  5. Babygate says:

    Wonder what is going on with POI. I don’t watch it but 2.4 is a season low, especially after starting strong in the Spring. Happy that Greys is back up but don’t understand how Scandal is down. Last night was fantastic. This show just gets better and better. Glee should consider going back to Tuesdays. This move to Thursday killed the ratings. Although it could be argued that bad writing is responsible for that.

  6. UnpaidProofreader says:

    TYPO ALERT: “NBC was up from 9-10” (should read 8-10)

  7. Andy says:

    Big Bang Theory had me laughing out loud last night, especially with Penny’s science knowledge.

    • Ed says:

      OMG me too!! especially when she suggested plugging the potato into guys pace maker LMAO

    • Abe Froman says:

      I had the opposite reaction. I had high expectations because of Bob Newhart and it fell flat. And Penny has NEVER been that stupid.

  8. Reading items like this make me SO happy I finally found the strength to jump off the Idol bandwagon. After three horrid seasons and two ridiculous winners, I promised myself I wouldn’t go back….back I knew I could be swayed. Until they hired Minaj. Then I knew there was no chance of me watching, that single move stripping Idol of any credibility it had remaining. And amazing, the year I stopped watching, so did the majority of people. Fox should have hired me to fix the show. ;)

    As for Hannibal, renewing for 100 seasons might be a little much. How about one more season with an absolute guarantee that NO episodes will needlessly be pulled. “Oeuf” contained some very important scenes in the chronology of the story AND there was NOTHING in the episode that was out of the ordinary in terms of violence….for a show that, you know, is about serial killers and cannibalism….

  9. gdv says:

    Glad Community is up, but honestly, it’s missing the Dan Harmon quickness that made that show gold. And are we really getting NO Chevy Chase sendoff? They’re just going to mention him leaving in a throwaway line? Sigh…I used to be obsessed with this show. It’s still good, just not GREAT. And it used to be GREAT.

    • Ron says:

      I think I’m right about this (if I’m not, don’t blame me), but they can’t have a Chevy sendoff because they filmed the episodes out of order and Chevy appears in the season finale because it was filmed before he quit. Therefore, they couldn’t write an episode with a Chevy sendoff because it wouldn’t make any sense to send him off and then have him reappear in the finale. If the show comes back for a 5th season (whether on NBC or USA … or my personal choice TBS), I’m sure there will be some kind of sendoff. Though personally, I don’t care if there is one or not. It’s not like he was fired. He willingly quit and had rude things to say about the show prior to his departure. I don’t think he deserves a grand sendoff. He would still be on the show if it weren’t for him and his ego and attitude.

      • gdv says:

        Oh, I didn’t know they had shown them out of order and that he’ll still be in the finale. I just assumed he was out. Good to know, thanks! (And, I agree that Chevy acted pretty rudely, but it just irks me when actors leave shows and they don’t at least wrap up their storylines.)

        • Ron says:

          While I don’t really like the way he exited the show, thinking about it, I do agree with you that an appropriate wrap-up to his storyline is important—assuming the show comes back for a 5th season. It probably would frustrate me a bit if his character just wasn’t there anymore without any explanation.

    • Me says:

      An article on this site, said that Chase left when there was two episodes left to film. They filmed them out of order so he is still in the finally. So no need to do a proper send off.

  10. Mark says:

    I watched The Office for only the third time since Steve Carrell left. I have to say that last night’s episode was good.

  11. Paul8148 says:

    Big Bang Ruled, Newhart, Kaley, and Parsons should share Performers of the Week honors

    • Atlantisguy76 says:

      Agree! If there is an Emmy for best guest appearance in a comedy; Bob Newhart would get my vote. He still has the comedic timing that made him the best. Wish he would do more guest spots so this generation could see actors who were famous for being spectacular at their craft.

  12. erin says:

    Angela Kinsey for Performer of the Week? She was breaking my heart in every scene, great episode of The Office last night.

    • Spencer says:

      The entire episode I kept thinking ‘she needs to be performer of the week’. She was absolutely fantastic in every single scene.

  13. Lola says:

    POI absolutly ROCKED IT last night! Great episode!

  14. chitta says:

    The ratings dont mean squat anymore. Only 25000 have these antiquated boxes.

  15. Alexander says:

    If Hannibal is going to be cancelled by NBC, I think it would make an interesting replacement for Dexter @ Sho, hence its the last season of Dexter. Hannibal’ characters deserve to be on cable, imagine the possibiloties

    • Mikael says:

      I was just going to say that! If Showtime or HBO could buy Hannibal and retool it for premium cable, it would be perfect to fill the hole that Dexter is going to leave! At the very least, Hannibal should be on FX or AMC, not the sinking ship that is NBC.

  16. Alexander says:

    Especially the development of Hannibal is one of the main reasons (everyone knows what he has to become, but in this case, the journey truly counts. Btw big fan of tvline from germany, longtime reader, first time comment

  17. Eric says:

    I’m glad to see Community’s ratings bump, and really hope that it can maintain it. I’m super bummed about Hannibal’s low numbers though. It’s a truly awesome series, though I agree that it’s much better suited to cable.

  18. justanotherfan says:

    Any else rewind to The Office to listen to Ed Helm sing? Amazing. What a tear jerker that episode was. I hope that end the end, Andy makes it :D

  19. Patrick Maloney says:

    Hannibal is such a clever show

  20. Great post, keep up with the hard work, youre doing it right!