Was Nashville's Gay Kiss a Shock? Will Arizona Get 'Googled'? Arrow Gal Super? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Bones, New Girl, Nashville, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Smash is obviously on the path toward “redeeming” self-absorbed, drug-addicted, obnoxious Jimmy, but after he took the stage high as a kite (leading to a mid-performance injury to Karen) and later chewed out the entire cast and crew (screaming “I’m the only one that did anything anyway!”), won’t the writers’ efforts inevitably be a case of too little too late?

2 | Do Once Upon a Time‘s Peasant Regina and Scandal‘s Homeless Huck share a hairdresser? Speakings of the former show, Dear Snow White: If you don’t at least take out the Evil Queen’s kneecap with an arrow upon seeing that she murdered an entire village, when do you use your bow?

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3 | So let us get this straight: Mad Men‘s Peggy accepts a lift home from from Don and Megan following the the Ad Club Awards and they don’t show us the ride? To be a fly on the wall of that Coupe de Ville.

4 | Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow sure is a fast learner, isn’t he? And if there are caves warm enough to strip naked north of the wall, why do the wildlings insist on living in tents in the snow?

5 | As cool as the twist with Cary was, did any Good Wife fans really think Alicia would arrange a rendezvous with Will in the house her kids call home?

Popular TV Show 20136 | Bones fans, what sorts of revenge scenarios are you dreaming up for Pelant for breaking up Booth and Brennan’s all-too-brief engagement?

7 | Did The Following‘s Ryan really need a big kitchen knife to open a measly plastic bag?

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8 | How sweet (and oddly romantic) was New Girl‘s unexpected flashback of a much heavier Schmidt bumping into Cece at Clyde’s Bar and being so flummoxed that he could only ask her if she liked DVDs?

9 | How are we feeling about Awkward‘s new couple, Jake and Tamara? Does the idea of T finally getting a good guy, coupled with their crazy energy, outweigh the bizarreness of the pairing?

10 | Matthew Gray Gubler never directs any garden-variety Criminal Minds episode, does he? Like, did even Hannibal Lecter watch this week’s episode and get the creeps? And then they cap it off with a huge “Awwwww” of a Maeve cameo!

Popular TV Shows 201311 | Not to belabor a point, but is Arrow‘s Felicity one of TV’s most entertaining characters? (And wasn’t the graphic emblem on her shirt almost Superman-like?) Also, the Sam “Flash Gordon” Jones wig aside, didn’t Arrow do a pretty good job of making Flashback Oliver look boyish and non-chiseled — almost, gasp, doughy?

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12 | Nashville‘s Will-Gunnar kiss: total surprise or saw-it-coming-from-a-mile-away? (We swear, we almost put a question into this column weeks ago about whether Will was playing for the other team — or at least both teams.) On that note…

13 | If American Idol really wants to give a jolt to its ratings for the last few weeks of Season 12, shouldn’t it stop considering J.Lo as a replacement for Mariah, and instead swap out Randy Jackson for this week’s brash, goofy, opinionated mentor Harry Connick, Jr.? (That’s change we can believe in…and set our DVRs for!)

14 | Show of hands, The Americans fans: Who was surprised/relieved both Nina and Claudia made it out of the finale alive?

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15 | Has Big Bang Theory undone all the progress it made with Raj by saddling him with a precious, foo-foo dog? And can Professor Proton move into the guys’ building? (On the first floor, of course.)

Popular TV Shows 201316 | Do you think Grey’s Anatomy newbie Lauren will, ahem, “Google” Arizona proper before the season’s over? Who else let out a “whoa…” when Bailey’s obsessive-compulsive project was revealed? And are you having a tough time picturing admittedly douchey Chest Pecwell as a violent person, let alone one who beats on women?

17 | Scandal‘s James sure lucked into a nice little “get” there for his first on-camera gig, eh? But what happened to Liv’s stance that she can’t rob America of a great president to sate her own heart?

18 | Anyone catch So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 winner Melanie Moore in the ensemble of Kate Hudson’s performance of “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” on Glee? And if so, don’t you wish she’d gotten just a smidge more airtime?

19 | Did the random pedestrian on Elementary really call the rude guy who walked into her a “dildo”? So odd, right?

20 | Why is eye-gouging — as seen on The Following all season and Hannibal this week — the latest go-to embellishment for fictional serial killers? And doesn’t it seem odd that a murderer as meticulous as Lecter would leave a drawing of his latest victim out in the open, where anyone could find it?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!