New Spoiler Alert: Retta's Back to Dissect the Good Wife Finale, Join Scandal's Mole Hunt and Preview Parks and Rec's Baby Bombshell

blog_spoiler_5.2.13The latest Spoiler Alert! truly lives up to its title, and here’s why: We unmask Scandal‘s elusive mole!


In this week’s installment, featuring a return appearance by Parks and Rec scene-stealer-slash-Twitter phenom Retta, Matt Mitovich tosses out a theory about the show’s mysterious leak that is so nuts it may actually be true. And speaking of bizarre twists, Retta likens Mellie’s latest bouffant to “the wife of a nasty plantation owner in one of those bad slave movies.”

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Retta also joins Mitovich and I in discussing last Sunday’s bait-and-switchy Good Wife finale (who did Alicia really choose?), as well as teasing Parks and Recreation‘s big season-ending pregnancy cliffhanger (warning: you’re about to find out who isn’t with child).

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with your two cents on Scandal‘s mole, Parks‘ mommy mystery and Good Wife‘s ambiguous closer.