NCIS Finale Photos: The Government Guns for Gibbs & Co., While the LA Team Goes Nuclear

Even dead, Ilan Bodnar may be the NCIS team’s undoing in the season finale. Also on May 14, NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Callen “suits up” as part of what promises to be the spin-off’s darkest season ender ever.

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In NCIS‘ Season 10 finale, “Damned If You Do,” the aftermath of the Bodnar manhunt turns into a federal witch hunt against Gibbs and his team, questioning their unconventional methods and threatening their future at the agency. Cue guest star John M. Jackson, reprising his role of JAG JAG A.J. Chegwidden.

“We’re absolutely looking at … situations that leave us saying, “How is the team going to move forward?” showrunner Gary Glasberg told us. “There is a [legal] case that turns out to be very significant and that dovetails to propel us into the opener for Season 11.”

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Later on NCIS: LA, an explosion in the desert rekindles the search for stolen nuclear weapons and brings back Sam’s wife Michele (Aunjanue Ellis), arms dealer Isaak Sidorov (Sons of Anarchy‘s Timothy Murphy) and The Chameleon (Highlander‘s Christopher Lambert), for what show boss Shane Brennan has called “the most powerful finale episode we’ve done… and the darkest by a long, long way. It really ends in a scary place.”

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Check out photos below from both NCIS series’ season finales.

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  1. Zorkel567 says:

    I am beginning to fear Quinn won’t survive LA’s season finale and will bring Sam to a dark place.

    • Nat says:

      I’m worried about her too – I like Quinn, and I’ve been enjoying the whole “Sidirov” angle on the show this year. It’s been the best part of the show for me.

      A note about NCIS: Some pals of mine & I sort of “called it” a couple of weeks ago when the news first leaked about the arc that DHS or CIA was behind ALL of this from the start!! That’s why DHS has been so hard-nosed & rather uncooperative with Vance & the team about going after Bodnar!! The Government is HIDING something to do with killing the Iranian guy (Kazmi?). The Gov’t wanted to get to Bodnar FIRST, so they could put all the blame on him for the Iranian’s death (or..keep Bodnar quiet) & then walk away “clean” from it. I also think this DOD Investigator is actually a “hired gun” by DHS to rain fire down on the team, in order to protect DHS’s dirty little secret!! I can’t WAIT to see what this guy from JAG is going to bring to the table, in Team Gibbs’s defense – this is shaping up to be quite the showdown!! :D :D

      • Ellen says:

        I really hope nothing happens to Gibbs or his team.I hope they get that DOD investergator, he seems like a crumb bum. As for Quinn ,she and Sam are the perfect couple.She might come out of this hopefully.What happens to Sam, I saw from the highlights he got pushed in the pull after being drugged by Sidirov.NCIS and NCIS LA. are two great shows.

  2. DramaMomma says:

    Can’t not wait for NCIS! John Jackson! Colin Hanks! Please Shane don’t overhype and let everyone done!

  3. Forastero says:

    I entirely agree with TIVA but I think what they will do something for the end of the season to TIVA and goodbye scenes that Ziva Cote signed and I do not sign and all they do is stretch the time to say no Cote signed and do it when the season ends. Of course I would like to be wrong, but when I’m sure never, but never wrong although I will point a gun to say otherwise I am of those dying saying but what ma kill from beyond say I told you …. .

  4. Forastero says:

    What I think Gibbs can be a house built for a dog, because “Oh Gibbs builds something, I do believe that is a portal to travel back in time to fix certain things to avoid what is happening now …. but not a home to a dog. “If you do not remember the accident was well done what went wrong were the consequences …. dead but injured no one was saying that if not warranted.

  5. Forastero says:

    No me pidan que escriba coherentemente después de tomarme 5 cervezas ponerme a leer, coordinar lo que leí y lo que quiero responder y que encima lo que leí fuera en otra Web y responder en esta!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Forastero says:

    Lo que creo de los que dicen que Gibbs está construyendo algo en su sótano es una casa para un perro, porque vamos GG quiere que pensemos “Oh Gibbs construye algo, es un portal para viajar en el tiempo para arreglar ciertas cosas para evitar lo que está sucediendo ahora …. pero no, es una casa para un perro por así decirlo. “Si no recuerden el accidente estaba bien hecho lo que falló fueron las consecuencias ….nadie dice muertos, pero nadie resultó herido lógicamente.

    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con TIVA, pero creo que van a hacer algo para el final de la temporada para TIVA y adiós Ziva-Cote ya que no firmó y no firmará y lo único que hacen es estirar el tiempo para decir que no firmó Cote y hacerlo cuando termine la temporada.

    Por supuesto que me gustaría estar equivocado, pero cuando estoy seguro nunca, pero nunca me equivoco, aunque me apuntaran con un arma para decir lo contrario soy de los que mueren diciendo por lo que me van a matar, je je pero vaya a dónde vaya desde ahí les diré se los dije ……

  7. Gibbslover says:

    So Hanks is gonna go after Gibbs. Ziva is only a mean to get to him. I love Gibbs, so while I am happy that he’ll be at the center of the finale, it lets me so worried about him. Go go Gibbs!Team

  8. Bouncy Castle, UK says:

    Oh, Cheggy darling. Shave it off. Shave it off, please.

  9. Deb says:

    I love Gibbs & team. Awesome show!

  10. canadian ninja says:

    Why do they keep Kensi leashed to the team mascot in EVERY FREAKING SCENE.
    Did someone tell them they had too? Are they being blackmailed? Do they have a very specific brain dysfunction that makes them think those two are “cute” together?

    Please, someone make them stop.

  11. Iniquiti says:

    For the past, 3 years, at this time, I’ve tried not to get too excited about the NCIS finale because they never follow thru on what they promise. It’s always a letdown. Having actual consequences for the choices they make and not making the team (ie: Gibbs) seem like they are always right and the agencies they work for are always wrong…these things would make me want to reinvest in the show.

    There hasn’t been any real reckoning for this team since Somalia. Heck, last year, the bad guy blew them up and all they needed was a Hello Kitty bandaid for McGee, g.

  12. Alice says:

    I love Gibbs and the entire team. I am getting nervous about the last episode because you never know if someone is going to leave, especially Gibbs. D’avid is totally the best addition they have made. Hopefully she will stat. As far as Director Vance, I have become quite find of him too. I watched Ducky in my 20s as an agent kyruksn or whatever the name was and it made my heart drop lady
    T season what he had the heart attack. I feared he really died. Here’s to another season finale Go Team Gibbs

  13. Janice Watson says:

    I also love this show and the whole cast! It would be an injustice to the fans if even one person left this show. They are a team, a family, and everyone is needed! I hope Chegwidden can get Gibbs acquitted and get rid of that DOD agent. He is a pain in the A! I would like to see David James Elliott make an appearance, perhaps on the season opener in the Fall, and I thought that Catherine Bell was making an appearance on this finale as well. I loved JAG and still miss it. That was a great show and I loved the cast on it as well. It will be GREAT to see John M. Jackson as Chegwidden! These writer’s and all of the people involved in this show are extremely talented and creative. I want to thank everyone for the enjoyment we are experiencing!

  14. Mary S says:

    Ok, the finale was several weeks ago and I am still concerned: Gibbs didn’t REALLY shoot his friend Fornell, did he?? It had to have been the passenger for whom Fornell was holding the door, right? I hate it when my “friends” are in trouble!!!
    They’re not going to bring Hanks’ character back, are they? I LOVED seeing him shut down like that!! Colin played a bad guy in Dexter, too. He does it very well. I guess one comedy actor in the family is enough. After all, who would want to have his every performance compared to Tom’s? So he’s going a different direction, at least for now.
    I have theFall Line-up that has been posted, but THERE IS NO START DATE!! All it shows are the days of the week and what’s going to be on each night. Good information, but which Sunday in which month starts it off?

  15. Bonnie Olson says:


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