Vampire Diaries Finale Photos: Ghosts Descend on Graduation! Plus — Look Who's About to Kiss!

Graduation day arrives on The Vampire Diaries in the Season 4 finale on May 16 (The CW, 8/7c), and the big occasion finds Mystic Falls overrun with ghosts intent on settling old scores. But based on the sneak peek below, one duo manages to sneak in a little romance amid all the pomp and circumstance.

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“Caroline receives a touching and unexpected graduation present,” per the official episode description. We’re willing to bet it’s from Klaus because the frenemies look pretty darn close in the following photos. What do you think the Original got Caroline? A painting from New Orleans? A one-way ticket to the Big Easy?

Elsewhere, Damon’s got his shirt off and something on his chest is freaking Elena out.

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/predictions.