Ousted Smash Creator Theresa Rebeck Slams Season 2 as a 'Complete Disaster'

Smash Season 2Smash creator Theresa Rebeck is not a fan of the show’s second season.

Rebeck, who departed NBC’s musical drama at the end of the show’s rookie season, has offered her first critique of Season 2. And it’s far from glowing.

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In an email exchange with Buzzfeed, Rebeck took issue with a January story the site posted about Smash‘s Season 1 struggles, writing, “If in fact Theresa Rebeck was the problem with Smash and the train wreck it became, wouldn’t things have gotten better instead of drastically worse once she left?”

Rebeck went on to call Smash‘s poor Season 2 ratings performance (which led NBC to banish it to Saturday’s) the least of its problems. “Most media reporters would agree that the second season is a complete disaster,” she wrote. “and that the troubles of a once promising show go far beyond faring poorly in the ratings.”

Thoughts? Chalk up Rebeck’s mini-tirade to sour grapes? Or does she have a point? Weigh in below.