Glee Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek: Regionals! Funny Girl Callbacks! Patty Duke!

Glee‘s Season 4 finale, “All or Nothing,” is only nine days away (May 9, 9/8c on Fox), and we’ve got your first look at New Directions’ Regionals performances and Rachel Berry’s first Broadway callback. Plus, there’s Blaine listening to the words of the philosopher Rihanna and shopping for something that “shine[s] bright like a diamond.” (Would that be a cubic zirconia?)

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If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also got four photos from this Thursday’s Stevie “Wonder-ful” hour — including the debut of Katey Sagal as Artie’s mother and the return of Mike O’Malley as World’s Best TV Dad Burt Hummel. (For more intel on O’Malley’s story arc, check out this week’s Ask Ausiello!)

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So click through the images below, then hit the comments with your excitement level for the final two Glee installments this season!