Hot Arrow Video: Laurel Kisses Oliver Goodbye

The CW’s Arrow this week travels back in time — but not to Oliver’s rough-and-tumble island days but the billionaire’s bad boy heyday — and we’ve got a video sneak peek.

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“The Undertaking,” airing Wednesday at 8/7c, flashes back to the lives of Oliver, his dad Robert et all before The Queen’s Gambit set course on its ill-fated voyage, shedding light on the assorted agendas that brought Robert, Moira and Malcolm together (for better, or for worse).

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In this clip, Oliver elects to tag along on his father’s trip at the last minute, giving mom Moira (perhaps too much?) pause. We then see the mop-topped rich kid handle his love life as deftly as he’ll one day work a bow, negotiating a smooch from one of the Lance lasses.

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