Was Office Angst Worth It? Are Mondays Rough on the FBI? NCIS Double Take? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013 Game of ThronesWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, NCIS, The Office and Scandal!

1 | Can Orphan Black have more scenes of soccer mom Alison getting into character as Sarah? Because that was delightful!

2 | Was anyone able to follow what was going on at the end of Doctor Who’s “pocket universe” adventure? All we seem to remember is the empath lady howling. A lot.

3 | Are Game of Thrones‘ Lord Varys and Lady Olenna Redwyne your new favorite pairing on the show?

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4 | Could Mad Men have been any more subtle in revealing which firm landed the Heinz ketchup account? And Peggy is brilliant and capable all on her own, and we get that the student has become the master, but why undercut her growth by having her use one of Don’s lines?

5 | Has there been a funnier sight gag on TV this season than Veep‘s Jonah sneaking behind Selina and using his torso to block the backdrop of a pig on a spit as the Vice President spoke about her daughter’s controversial college paper on the Israel-Palestine conflict?

6 | Between the CDC having no clue about Arastoo’s infection on Bones and The Following‘s FBI walking into another one of Joe’s traps (which ended up with one of their own buried alive!), wasn’t Monday a terrible night for fictional federal agencies? But The Following FBI agents got what they deserved by stupidly not checking for weapons, right?

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Popular TV Shows 2013 Castle7 | How incredibly different — and fanbase-polarizing! — would Castle Season 3 have been if someone as dashing as Ioan Gruffudd (who this week guested and tempted as Erik Vaughn) had been cast as Josh?

8 | With great folks like The Voice‘s Jessica Childress and Patrick Dodd failing to score Steals in favor of inferior vocalists, wouldn’t it be better if the show changed its format in Season 5 and allowed the coaches to make their choices at the end of Battle Rounds, from the entire pool of available contestants?

9 | NCIS‘ obvious, ginormous, episode-ending drama aside, didn’t the Berlin cafe where Ziva and Tony met up with her contact look like it was situated on the exact same Baltimore street Gibbs and McGee stood on earlier?

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10 | Hart of Dixie‘s George is probably going to change his mind eventually, but how great was it to see him stick by Tansy and reject Zoe?

11 | How can anyone not be Team Matty on Awkward?

12 | Was there a sweeter moment on American Idol this season than Candice Glover losing her mind as Drake came out on stage to thank her for covering his “Find Your Love,” and then watching her three remaining rivals (Amber, Angie and Kree) lose their minds with excitement for their colleague?

Popular TV Shows 2013 The Office13 | Was all of The Office Season 9’s Jim and Pam heartache worth it for this week’s incredibly moving and nostalgia-filled concluding scene? (Bonus points for another Michael Scott moment being thrown in!)

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14 | Vampire Diaries burning question: Will the baby be a hybrid like his papa? Or since it was the werewolf side of Klaus that impregnated Hayley, is it an all werewolf baby?

15 | Really, Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine? You’re surprised/frustrated that the giant room full of top-secret computer servers is password-protected?

16 | On Scandal, was anyone else surprised Liv didn’t spend more time grilling Fitz about the, um, security cameras he had installed in her apartment?

17 | Alphas fans, did this week’s Big Bang Theory take a little sting out of the Syfy show’s cancellation? Or just make you miss it more?

18 | Were Hannibal‘s “angels” the most disturbing thing you’ve seen on network TV in some time?

19 | Can New Girl sue that beer commercial featuring the Jess/Nick/Winston-like roommates bidding a couch adieu?

20 | Did anybody else feel sorry for Grey’s Anatomy doc Jackson when, every time he made a suggestion (good or bad), the Super Friends gleefully voted him down? Wouldn’t you think at least one of the plane crash survivors/board members would be a little more politic and less cliquish?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!