What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

Web Series The Office FarwellsConan O’Brien reunites The Simpsons writers for a rousing round table discussion, John Krasinski reminisces about notable Office guest stars via a new Web series he directs and Epic Rap Battles of History wraps up its second season. Ready. Set. Watch!

Mental_Floss | Did you know that Albert Einstein and Queen Victoria married their first cousins? Have you ever wanted to learn 35 fun facts about Mr. Fred Rogers? Trivia fiends rejoice, because the ever-awesome Vlogbrothers have launched a weekly show called Mental_Floss that will feed your craving for knowledge. It’s fast-paced, entertaining and educational! In the span of a few minutes, you’ll learn stuff you can use to impress your friends at your next dinner party.

The Office Farewells | This 10-episode series, directed by The Office‘s Krasinski, features interviews with celebrated guest stars who’ve appeared on the long-running comedy. The first episode features Will Ferrell reflecting on his recurring appearance as Deangelo Vickers; David Koechner, who played the deplorable Todd Packer, is the subject of the second outing. Each episode features memorable clips from that character’s run… and makes us miss the Steve Carell days even more.

The Lineup | One of our new faves, this series tells the comedic stories of four guys in a police lineup who aren’t the criminal. Turns out they are all buddies who have regular day jobs, but enjoy the camaraderie of their regular police gig. Created by New York-based sketch comedy group Elephant Larry, the first episode features guest star John Hodgman (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart). In another episode, one of the lineup dudes brings his date to “meet the guys” while the perp stands awkwardly among them. The absurdity of this show’s premise makes it so enjoyable.

Epic Rap Battles of History | Of course the Internet was going to birth a series that features pop culture icons and historical figures embroiled in heated rap battles — and it’s pure Internet video awesomeness. Battles include the likes of Babe Ruth vs. Lance Armstrong, Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates and Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr. In one match-up, Amadeus burns Skrillex by calling him an emo Steve Urkel; Rasputin and Stalin are featured in the heated Season 2 finale face-off.

Serious Jibber-Jabber With Conan O’Brien | In O’Brien’s long-form interview Web show, Simpsons scribes Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen and Jeff Martin sit down with former colleague O’Brien for a chat about comedy writing and the development of The Simpsons from one-minute short to hit Fox television show, among other topics.

What are your faves from the Web these days? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!