Video: New Girl's Jake Johnson Previews Nick and Jess' Big 'Virgins' Moment, Laments Taylor Swift's 'Perfect' Season Finale Performance

jake johnson interview new girl spoilers virgins

Something major goes down between Nick and Jess in New Girl “Virgins”-themed flashback episode next Tuesday (9/8c, Fox), and Jake Johnson is dishing and telling.

“There’s a big [moment],” Johnson reveals in the following video Q&A with yours truly. “[The episode] is about how each character loses their virginity… But at the end it’s very Nick/Jess.”

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Johnson also shares why the prospect of a full-fledged Nick/Jess romance in Season 3 “scares” him, identifies the surprising individual who encouraged him to move into Emmy’s lead acting category, teases the comedy’s “crazy” season finale that features guest turns by both a badger and Taylor Swift (hint: only one of them made him look bad), and shares his real feelings about that “Turtle Face” label.

Press PLAY below and hit the comments with your “Virgins” theories!