Grey's Anatomy Recap: Defending Your Life

Grey's anatomy season 9 recapThis Thursday on Grey’s Anatomy, Bailey is horrified to learn that two of her patients are dead – well, three by the closing credits – because she unwittingly had a staph infection when she treated them. But that isn’t the biggest shock that she gets.

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GLOVE, ACTUALLY | When the CDC concludes its investigation, its finding is that defective surgical gloves, not Bailey, are actually to blame for the transmission of her infection to her patients. On the one hand, she is, of course, relieved. On the other, she is, of course, still crushed. Not only did she lose two – er, three – patients, but she overhears Richard throwing her under the bus. (Though he doesn’t mean it, she doesn’t know that.)

OPEN HEART PERJURY | Upon learning that Jo has decided to move in with Chest (who keeps trying to get people to use his real name), Alex lies and lies some more that they’re just friends and even attempts to make nice with his rival. Unfortunately, he goes a step too far by revealing to Chest just how awful Jo’s past was. When she finds out, she’s livid. And, naturally, it’s then and only then that Alex admits to himself as well as Cristina that – duh – he loves her.

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THE BEGINNING OF THE END? | Off Alex’s confession, Cristina reveals that she thinks she’s – not now but eventually – going to lose Owen. Given the way he beams when Ethan recites medicalese and refuses to leave the boy’s side after his mom suddenly dies, one can kinda see where she might get that idea

TAKE TWO | Still smarting from her break-up with Matthew, April blames Jackson for deflowering her. He’s sorry she’s hurting, he tells her, but he’ll never be sorry they got it on. (Not his exact words, but you get the idea.) None of it much matters in the end, anyway, because Matthew forgives April and they get back together.

S*** HAPPENS | Determined to endure natural childbirth, Meredith tries to enlist Cristina to keep Derek from doping her up in the delivery room. “People poop on the table” after having a baby, Cristina replies. No way does she want to see her friend go No. 2. (By which, the big softy ultimately means yes, if Mer wants, she will be there, and she’ll probably even take pictures.)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised by how viciously Bailey went at Richard? Were you glad that Matthew forgave April? Do you think Alex still has a chance with Jo? And how awesome was All My Children’s Marian Colby as Ethan’s grandma? Hit the comments!