Vampire Diaries' Claire Holt Previews The Originals' Dark Debut and a Finale Surprise

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers The OriginalsOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, the CW series unveils its potential spin-off, The Originals (airing at 8/7c).

But while Klaus is away having adventures in the Big Easy, his sister Rebekah is back in Mystic Falls harboring some serious anger towards her brother.

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As we already know, Rebekah’s portrayer Claire Holt has been cast in the New Orleans-set The Originals should it go to series. So what, if anything, would make the vamp want to head to the free-spirited bayou city?

TVLine chatted with the actress to get the answer, as well as intel on Matt and Rebekah’s evolving relationship and how the offshoot will differ from The Vampire Diaries. (Make sure you read all the way to the bottom so you don’t miss Holt’s tantalizing tease about the upcoming season ender.)

TVLINE | Last week, Rebekah both passed and failed Elijah’s test. Where does that leave her in regard to wanting to be a human?
This episode is less about Rebekah’s race for the cure and more about Klaus’ story and his reasons for going to New Orleans. So it’s kind of sidelined in this one, and with good reason. Rebekah is also coming to terms with the fact that the cure may not be hers anymore. She’s learning to move on and deal with the immediate issues that she is faced with… I don’t know that she’s necessarily given up on [being human], but she’s come to realize that it may not be in the cards for her. Now that Silas is in possession of the cure, she’s going to have to accept that.

TVLINE | Matt and Rebekah had a big turning point in the last episode. How will their relationship change going forward?
Matt’s starting to realize that Rebekah has some redeeming qualities, that she really, truly just wants to be loved and feel normal. When push comes to shove, she’s starting to make decisions that are less in line with how she used to behave and more in line with the new person that she wants to be. He’s still angry at her for the way that she’s behaved in the past and how she betrayed a lot of his close friends. And yet, he feels something that draws himself to her and he doesn’t know what it is. It may be worth investigating.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers The OriginalsTVLINE | Does she really like him romantically — or just the idea of what he represents for her?
To be fair, I think she likes the idea of him. There was a line in the prom episode where she says, “You’re so beautifully human.” That’s everything that she wants to be, and so she’s projecting that a little and almost convincing herself that those are her true feelings when in fact they may not be. But whatever makes her change her ways is a good thing.

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TVLINE | I feel like the Original vampires are the most unlucky-in-love characters on the show.
[Laughs] Well, when you screw a lot of people over, it’s probably pretty hard to find people to love you in return.

TVLINE | Very true. But are you hoping that if The Originals goes to series, you will get a nice, steady love interest on there?
You know what, it’s not the hardest thing in the world to have a line of good-looking men to go through like I have on The Vampire Diaries – Stefan and Damon and now potentially Matt. It’s not so hard the way it’s been. But sure, I’d love her to have someone to really connect with.

TVLINE | In setting up this potential spin-off, does this episode feel different?
It absolutely looks and feels different. Just shooting in New Orleans makes it different. There’s so much production value there. Everything looks beautiful. It’s so historic. The colors are vibrant. It really elevated the episode. And then tonally, it’s a different feel. It’s a little darker. The voodoo and the witches of New Orleans add a new element to the show. And the character dynamics are different. It’s still in keeping with The Vampire Diaries and what makes that show popular. [But] it’s taking it to a new level. I’m really excited for fans to see it.

TVLINE | You didn’t get to film in New Orleans yet, so what is Rebekah up to in Mystic Falls?
She’s faced with the decision of whether to follow her brother and remain loyal or lead her own life in Mystic Falls. She’s felt very betrayed by Klaus, and he’s said some awful, horrible things to her. She’s not one to forgive too quickly or easily. That’s definitely going to be on her mind when Elijah pleads with her to follow them and help our brother. But then she’s also been really loyal and valued her family for a very long time. It’s going to be a tough decision for her — and maybe the decision won’t be made. It’s going to be a long journey of repairing their relationship.

TVLINE | Klaus runs into his old protégé Marcel (played by Charles Michael Davis, Grey’s Anatomy) in New Orleans. Does Rebekah also have a history with him, since the Original family helped build the city?
I imagine that she would. That’s not something that we’ve gotten into yet… But I feel if Klaus knew Marcel, and I was there when we settled in New Orleans, then I probably have a history with him, as well.

TVLINE | I have a challenge for you: Give us your best season finale tease.
There will be a lot of characters from the past that will potentially come back into the fold somehow.

TVLINE | [Executive producer] Julie Plec did tell me that we’re going to be getting a surprise visit from an Original. Should Rebekah and her siblings be worried?
I’m not sure that any of the family members that are deceased are really in the good books of the family members that are still alive. [Laughs] So I can’t imagine that it would ever be a welcome visit.

TVLINE | Have you been given assurances by Julie that you’ll finally get to share a scene with [H2O: Just Add Water costar and Originals cast member] Phoebe [Tonkin]?
I haven’t been given any assurances! If that doesn’t happen, we’re both not going to be very happy. [Laughs] I’d love to! I’m waiting and waiting and waiting. I’ve been waiting the whole season. Hopefully, next season.