Supernatural Preview: Felicia Day Hints at Charlie's Secrets (and a Lara Croft-Like Getup)

Supernatural Season 8 Spoilers Felicia DayFelicia Day‘s geektastic hacker Charlie returns to Supernatural this Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c).

But it’s not all fun and costumes this time around for the Queen of Moondoor — although there is plenty of both and even a video game in the hour.

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Read on for scoop from the actress about her character’s surprising depth and mysterious past, the funniest scene in “Pac-Man Fever” and why Charlie is a “dream” role.

TVLINE | The first episode you did was like a caper, and the second was really fun and playful with a little bit of sauciness. How would you describe this week’s?
This one is written by Robbie Thompson, who wrote the other two, as well. So obviously, you have witty lines and all the pop culture references you could ever want. But this one has a surprising amount of depth. For people who love Charlie, who are interested in her character, there’s a lot revealed, a lot of deeper layers that people will encounter in this episode. It’s a great journey really.

TVLINE | When I spoke to [executive producer] Jeremy Carver, he also said they’re peeling back the layers on Charlie. What kind of stuff are they exploring with her past?
You do learn a lot about why she is the person she is. Some of the mystery behind her is explained in a way that makes you feel much closer to her. [Laughs] There are a lot of secrets in her life and even [about] the reason she comes to get Sam and Dean. When those are revealed, you definitely see the human side of her, not the shell that she puts up.

TVLINE | Jeremy also said it was a moving episode. Do things get emotional?
Yeah. Definitely, there are a lot of emotional relationships… There is as much comedy as there is drama in this episode, which surprised me, but also was just a dream.

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TVLINE | Rewinding a bit, what brings Charlie back this time? What is she seeking from the Winchesters?
Charlie is very proactive in this episode. The other episodes where she worked with the guys have been ones where she was roped in accidentally into this world that she never asked to be a part of. In this instance, she comes to them… She wants to be a part of what they do. I love the fact that rather than [them rejecting] that, she, through circumstances, is taken under Dean’s wing and is introduced into the world of being a hunter, which has its up and downs, of course.

TVLINE | How does she fare as a hunter?
She has puppy dog qualities to her where she’s pretty overeager, maybe in over her head. But there are certain things that she is able to surprise Dean with, which I was satisfied [with]. [Laughs]

TVLINE | There’s also a small video game element in this episode. It looks like you get to wear a costume again.
I do! It was another costume that I had to take a picture of. It was very inspired by video-game characters like Lara Croft. The video game aspect is so incredibly clever in that video games are a huge part of Charlie’s world, and we learn why. This particular video game is very personal to Charlie. It’s something that not only is involved in the supernatural storyline, but her personal storyline, as well.

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TVLINE | Between dressing up as a LARPer, a Lara Croft-type and being a hunter in this episode, are you just checking things off your To Do/bucket list?
[Laughs] I’m so privileged as an actor to have played so many different roles and worked with so many amazing, talented people. I’m blessed! I didn’t ask to do the LARPing episode. I didn’t ask to be a video-game [character]. Particularly in Charlie’s instance, I have to give credit to the writer, Robbie Thompson… He created her. He basically created the dream character. What a gift every single time I get to play her.

TVLINE | Yeah, what other show is going to let you do all of this in one role?
It would not happen. I don’t have a ton of time to act. I turn down a lot of roles because of the other things I produce. This is something I have to drop everything like a hot potato [for] because there’s nobody like Charlie on TV right now.

TVLINE | We see in the preview clip that Charlie has done her research and read all the Carver Edlund books. So knowing more about the Winchesters, what does she think of their situation right now and what’s happening with Sam?
Her involvement with Dean, the hunter-in-training, is because of the challenges that Sam has faced. But he’s not one to stand on the sidelines for long, of course. [Laughs] The things that she learns about the guys… They’re insanely fantastical. But there’s almost a kinship there of being outsiders, of a past of tragedy in a way, and that actually makes her feel more a part of their world because as we learn in this episode, there is quite a lot of depth and drama in her world, as well.

TVLINE | But it wouldn’t be a Charlie episode if it wasn’t hilarious. What’s one of your favorite funny scenes coming up?
I would say, look for the clothing store. That’s all I’m going to say. [Laughs]

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