Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Bones, Smash, Rookie Blue, Revenge, Arrow, NCIS: LA and More!

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Question: I’m really excited for next week’s season finale of Bones. Do you have any spoilers about the episode that you can share? —Marina
Ausiello: The marriage issue comes up within the first five minutes (Booth playfully initiates the discussion), and then again much later in the episode. Also, as the following promo already spoiled, Pelant is sporting a scary-ass scar!

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Question: Anything new on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? —Maximilian
Ausiello: The May 16 climax finds Rebekah “just trying like hell to graduate and have that true-life human experience,” previews EP Julie Plec. But perhaps she should be more concerned about this teaser from Plec: “We’ll get a surprise visit from at least one more Original.”

Question: Is there anything you can spoil on the Good Wife finale that we haven’t already heard? —Liz
Ausiello: The moment everyone will be talking about occurs in the final five minutes.

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goodwifeQuestion: Have we seen the last of Amanda Peet on The Good Wife? Also, did she really dump Will for an old boyfriend? —Jessica
Ausiello: You’ve seen the last of her this season. “She was wonderful,” raves series cocreator Robert King. “If we can drag her back [in Season 5] we will.” To the second question, King confirms, “She was completely lying about there being [another man]. She knew he was [still] in love with Alicia.”

Question: Please tell me Danny and Mindy are going to end up together on The Mindy Project. I can’t handle another drawn-out TV romance. —Andrea
Ausiello: This isn’t the answer you want, Jen, but it’s the one you’re gonna get: Maybe. But if the two docs do hook up, it probably won’t happen this season. When TVLine recently talked with executive producer Matt Warburton, he observed, “I think their relationship is so complex that no season of television can really, fully deal with it.”

Question: Grimm finale scoop, please! —Eric
Ausiello: How about I do you one better and give you intel on the last two episodes? I’m hearing that Baron Samedi, the Haitian baddie who first appears in the penultimate installment, starts something that has repercussions in the finale and puts the entire city of Portland at risk.

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Question: On Big Bang Theory, does the job offerLeonard gets in the season finale have anything to do with the guys’ tenure fight? —Kat
Ausiello: Nope. Big Bang EP Steven Molaro tells TVLine that the tenure situation is “an ongoing thing” and that “there’s no reason why that story thread could not continue through Season 7 or 8.” However, he says with a laugh, “I do need to do more research about tenure and how long these things take.” Bonus Scoop: A Big Banger will experience a major breakthrough pertaining to the opposite sex in the season finale.

Question: Hello my favorite TV spoiler-er! Do you know if the 8th season of Psych will be its last (I really hope not!)? If not, I’ll settle for any Psych-related scoop please! —A
Ausiello: USA hasn’t made a final decision about Season 8 (which will likely be expanded from eight to 13 episodes) serving as the show’s swan song, but all indications are that it will be. On the scoop front, Anthony Michael Hall is set to reprise his role as Trout in the S8 premiere, which finds his SBPD efficiency consultant the victim of a murder attempt. Among the prime suspects: his lowlife, trash-taking mother. Bonus Scoop: Speaking of Season 8, do we know why [SPOILER] is holding a sonogram in the premiere, pondering baby names…?

Question: I need to know if we are ever going to find out what Nick and Jess wrote down on their cards during New Girl‘s date night episode.  —Candice
Ausiello: You may need to wait a few months (if not years). “That might be a Season 3 reveal,” shares series creator Liz Meriwether. “I feel like one of them potentially just doodled and didn’t actually write anything.” Bonus Scoop: Do not miss this next week’s episode. Trust me.

Question: “Ron Swanson versus The Banana” was probably one of my favorite episode-ending tags to date on Parks and Recreation. Please tell me you have some epic Parks scoop as one of my favorite comedies nears the end of its season. —Lauren
Ausiello: Jon Glaser’s Councilman Jamm has a “big” episode this Thursday, per exec producer Mike Schur. “Ron wants to close Pawnee’s mini-golf course because it’s publicly funded and Leslie, of course, loves mini-golf and thinks it’s incredibly important that it stay open,” Schur elaborates. ” So, she fights him on it and Councilman Jamm is the swing vote. She takes him mini-golfing and tries to woo him to her side — and then Ron comes, too, and it’s a backroom political fight on a golf course,” probably amid miniature windmills.

Question: Out of all of the spoilers in your  May Sweeps Scorecard so far, which show contains the most shocking spoiler? —Peter
Ausiello: One of the pregnancy entries is pretty shocking. Also, the Revenge death is a bit of a jaw-dropper.

Question: Burning Suburgatory Q — will Malin Akerman be hanging around Chatswin next season? —Sharada
Ausiello: “That’s the intention,” says series creator Emily Kapnek. “If her [ABC pilot Trophy Wife], for whatever reason, didn’t go forward, we’d love to do an extended episode arc with her. If we were able to even just get her for a couple [episodes], in the event that her pilot did go forward, that would be great, too.” Should the underrated comedy be back for Season 3 (and I remain convinced it will) Kapnek can easily envision the show “evolving into a co-parenting” situation, with Tessa bouncing between Jeremy Sisto’s George and Akerman’s Alex. Regardless, she assures fans that “George and Tessa are due for a little bit of a reconnection.”

MISSY PEREGRYM, PETER MOONEYQuestion: Please, do you have any Rookie Blue scoop? —Kristin
Ausiello: I actually have five — count ’em five — scoops from the Season 4 premiere on May 23:
* Andy and Nick’s undercover gig trying to bust a drug smuggling ring involves more than just pretending to be bad guys.
* Someone’s taken a vow of celibacy.
* Gail is actually in a good mood. (Gasp!)
* One officer gets punched and kicked in the face by three different people.
* As previously hinted, Sam started dating someone new in the six-month gap between Season 3 and 4.

Question: Have we seen the last of Marco on Revenge? I’m convinced — or at least I was convinced — he’s the Falcon. —Drew
We put your question to departing (sigh) series creator Mike Kelley, who declined to comment on Marco’s role moving forward beyond acknowledging, “He definitely does have knowledge of Nolan and that can come into play at any time.”

Question: Big Vikings fan here. Any news on what is in store for Ragnar and his family in the last episode of Season 1? —Mary
Ausiello: Most simply said, if you ship (Viking humor!) Ragnar and his fiercer half Lagertha hard, Sunday’s season ender will put you to the test. As foreseen by the seer and during Ragnar’s visit to Gotaland, “A new woman comes into Ragnar’s life,” series creator Michael Hirst told Matt Mitovich, “and it is unexpected because so much of the first season has been about this rock-solid relationship between [Ragnar and his wife].” Back home, meanwhile, Lagertha deals with yet another crisis. As for Ragnar’s brother Rollo, if you suspected that Siggy lit a fire under her new honey after the King Horic dis, you’d be right — and in the finale he launches a bold power play.

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