Scandal Sneak Peek: Distraught Olivia Pushes [Spoiler] Away, Cyrus Meets Fitz's New Bestie

This Thursday at 10/9c, ABC’s Scandal returns with the first of Season 2’s final four episodes, airing without interruption — and here’s a pair of sneak peeks at what’s on tap.

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First up: Liv musta put two and two together since we last tuned in — and/or Jake ‘fessed up to some version of his super-creepy surveillance secret — because she wants no part of Fitz’s bedside manner. “I hate you,” she shoots at her ex, launching into a bit that will break your heart.

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Next up, Cyrus chastises the president for his hands-on observation of hospitalized Liv, seeing as the overnighter has created a bit of a “situation” for him. But their chat is interrupted by the arrival of Jake, whom Fitz promptly introduces to his (wary) chief of staff.

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