Did Vampire Diaries Crown Wrong Queen? Did Dallas Dis Us? A Good Wife Gaffe? And More Qs!

Popular TV Shows 2013 Orphan BlackWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Game of Thrones, Bates Motel, Dallas and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | Anyone else getting an Alyssa Milano vibe from Orphan Black‘s soccer mom clone?

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2 | Did you Google “Meereenese knot” after Game of Thrones‘ Tyrion mentioned it was one of the prostitute’s talents? And what, exactly, does Pod know about ladies that Tyrion doesn’t?

3 | So many Mad Men questions: Is Joan moonlighting as a flight attendant? (If so, does she get to speak more in that other job?) Can someone explain to us why all these women want to shtup swarmy Pete? (And how much did you cheer when Trudy gave him the heave-ho?) Are Peggy and Stan quickly becoming your favorite couple? (That said, shouldn’t Peggy have known that telling her boss about the Heinz ketchup account was going to make him want to go after it?!)

Popular TV Shows 2013 Good Wife4 | Did The Good Wife — which is set in Chicago but shoots in New York City — make a massive continuity error, or did Fox News relocate their headquarters (trademark news ticker and all, see photo) to the Windy City?

5 | Could the director of the MTV Movie Awards have possibly done a worse job of establishing the Pitch Perfect cast reunion during the opening medley?

6 | Were you as shocked as we were that The Following‘s FBI team finally got a win in the form of rescuing Joey? (But wasn’t their failure to immediately cuff the follower who “turned herself in” a huge, unforgivable mistake? Also, are they allergic to back-up?) And are you bummed that Roderick won’t be around to antagonize both Joe and Emma?

7 | Was there any doubt that Bones‘ Brennan would catch the bouquet at the wedding of Booth’s mom?

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8 | As wonderful as The Voice has been this season, wouldn’t it be even better if there was a little less “here’s what happened before the break” recapping and “here’s what’s coming up” previewing — especially since some of the Battle Rounds (including the terrific Grace Askew’s) were edited back to mere snippets?

9 | Did Dallas taunt us as much as Christopher with the promise of seeing Pam again, played by… whomever? Was anyone expecting the very final scene to be a reveal that she is in fact alive, instead of an overreacting Elena impulsively aligning herself with some unseen Mexican warlord?

Popular TV Shows 2013 Bates Motel10 | Can the Bates Motel producers please slap name tags on Norma’s older son Dylan and her cop boyfriend Zack? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell them apart. And sure, she’s bats–t crazy, but Norma’s unflagging commitment to the lie that she had nothing to do with the murder of Keith Summers was truly impressive, no?

11 | Biggest shocker in Awkward‘s very packed premiere: Jenna’s pregnancy scare or the death of Ricky Schwartz? And be honest: Aren’t you a little thrilled to be rid of Ricky?

12 | Better season-finale “canine conversation”: Bobby and Dog Travis’ heart-to-heart on Cougar Town or George and the non-female stray on Suburgatory? Speaking of the latter series, how brilliant was Ana Gasteyer’s vomit-take when Lisa revealed to her mom that she and Malik hadn’t had sex but had indeed been “making love” — thereby disqualifying her from contention for Purity Ball queen?

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popular-tv-shows-2013-the-americans13 | How much do you hate The Americans‘ Keri Russell for being able to pull off all those crazy wigs? Not fair! And is there anything more entertaining than when Elizabeth talks smack to Granny aka “old lady”?

14 | Who’s ready to set their DVR for Fox’s new sitcom starring Nicki Minaj and her pink pill-shaped speaker? “A man cannot just be friends with a girl named Khadija!” Wait, what? That was just an ad for her new Beats speaker system? Ohhh.

15 | On Glee, did you melt a little during Rachel’s pre-audition phone call to Finn? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how funny was Finn’s observation about his fight with Brody that “his face has sharp edges”?

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16 | How did Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie get named Prom Queen?Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap Prom Matt as King we “get,” since he’s the all-around good guy/jock. But Bonnie? Really?

17 | In a world where anyone out there cares about Community‘s Changnesia storyline: Any theories on who “Kevin” has been covertly communicating with? And does any couple on TV that’s sleeping together act less like they’re sleeping together than Britta/Troy?

18 | On an otherwise well-crafted show, where is Hannibal newshound Freddie Lounds currently ranking amongst TV’s most annoying characters?

19 | With this week’s terrible news out of Boston, didn’t Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert nail the appropriate mix of humor, sympathy, anger and thirst for revenge with their episode-openers on the subject?

20 | Between the behind-the-scenes legal fireworks and the cheeseball-looking early trailers, anyone else sensing Prospect Park’s All My Children/One Life to Live revivals will last about as long as one of Erica Kane’s marriages?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!