May Sweeps/Season Finale Scoopapalooza: More Than 100 Spoilers on Your Fave Series' Endgames

May Sweeps doesn’t start ’til April 25, but here at TVLine, May Sweeps mania has already begun!

You’re going to want to get clicking soon on the following gallery, which features exclusive images and intense spoilers from May episodes of select series, not to mention particularly juicy scoop on your favorite shows’ season finales.

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But wait, there’s more — or there will be: We’ll be adding more shows, pictures and teasers in the coming days, so bookmark this page and make sure to check back often!

What are you waiting for? Flip through the gallery below, then hit the comments: What’s on your May Sweeps plate? 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Where’s Castle for crying out loud!!!

    • Ivy says:

      It says they’ll be adding more shows, pictures and teasers in the coming days.

    • yes, where is Castle?

    • Rachel says:

      my thoughts exactly! All the cryptic tweets, pictures and interviews from cast members and Marlowe have gotten me so anxious! I need some concrete facts, people!

    • Eric says:

      Here’s the scoop on Castle. There will be a crime, and they’ll solve it. Sorry for not adding a spoiler alert.

    • Tania says:

      You are supposed to read the paragraphs above, not skip or take a quick glance. Had you read the above, you’d learn more shows will be added. For goodness sake the sentence was put in BOLD. Sheesh!

      • Cindy says:

        Does the remark to bookmark this and return mean we won’t be getting the TV Line in our email? when I book mark a site it tends to get lost among others, or I forget to check it, or it takes me back to what was there before, not to anything new,; I did bookmark the Renewal site and learned nothing new;it was just what was there before. (I think)

    • Maria says:

      Thanks for the heads-up. I won’t even bother to read the article if there’s no Castle.

      • CastleFanForLife says:

        Maybe you should bother to read the article. It says: “We’ll be adding more shows, pictures and teasers in the coming days, so bookmark this page and make sure to check back often.”
        GEEZ! I’m as anxious as anyone to get more Castle scoop, but that doesn’t mean I completely turn off rational thinking! DON’T WORRY, THERE WILL BE SOME CASTLE SCOOP SOON ENOUGH!!!! I wish people would think before they talk and immediately start pouncing on the author(s) of the article.

        • Maria says:

          Yes, I did read that. And when it’s updated, I’ll be back. I didn’t “turn off rational thinking.” I just decided to wait until they covered the only show I watch in primetime.

  2. Steph says:

    TIVA! It’s going to be a great season finale.

  3. Eva says:

    No Castle ? :(

  4. Gabriel Anthony says:

    NO GREY’S? ARGHHHHHHHHH! Btw, I’m really looking forward to Chicago Fire and The Good Wife season finales.

  5. Margie says:

    Where’s Hawaii Five-0?

  6. A says:

    Any Person of Interest or Psych scoops?

  7. Joe says:

    Calling it now: The Community finale will be a paintball match between the timelines!!!

  8. Kari says:

    What do we know about Monday Mornings?? My favorite :)

  9. Esaul says:

    Bookmarked. Excited. Let’s goooo.

  10. Lauren says:

    All the shippers? What about Lemon and George? They should get back together but Leila Gerstein chose the George and Zoe chemistry-less crap.

    • destiny says:

      I liked Lemon and George together.

      • Lacey says:

        I enjoy Lemon and George as friends, never liked them as a couple. Lavon and Lemon always had more chemistry and I’m a little disappointed that the show never gave them a fair chance.

    • Mel says:

      I’m pretty happy with Annabeth and Lavon at this time. I think Lemon needs to concentrate on her new job. Unfortunately as much as I love Scott Porter, his character George puts me to sleep. That being said, hope Hart of Dixie gets renewed as well as hoping good things for Nashville.

  11. Ann says:

    You skipped Castle!

  12. Smiletime says:

    It is so obvious that Brennan proposes to Booth and he says yes. Then Pelant causes chaos and Booth says they can’t get married until he is caught. In one of the promo pics from the finale Brennan is reading a friggin wedding magazine OMFG!!! i am sure there will be a cliff hanger but it will make the fans want Pelant dead more than ever!!!!

    • MARY K. PEARL says:


  13. Kate says:

    Adding another “Where’s Castle” comment

  14. jayy008 says:

    I’m glad the exec admitted the truth about 90210. I knew we wouldn’t get a proper series finale!

    • Brandy says:

      AnnaLynne said on Twitter”the fans won’t get the sendoff they deserve”.She even filmed her own ending to be on YouTube after the cw finale.The cast found out about the cancellation via Twitter and the producers/writers found out too late to write a proper series finale.

      • Ari says:

        Did they not see their ratings? That’s a cop out. 90210 was living on borrowed time. Their ratings were dismal, even by CW standard.

  15. haley says:

    Alicia picks peter. yay. so exciting. cary and alicia start their own firm. wahoo. alicia and will must get in a fight or something. great. and then peter cheats again. big surprise. i really hope i am wrong about alicia and will, but i’m not. she’s wearing the damn ring

    • M. says:

      I actually really like seeing Alicia and Peter on screen together, but what I think will happen is Alicia choosing neither, leaving room for a new guy in her life next season, Peter losing the campaign and him being the one approaching Cary about the new law firm!
      Maybe a bit too far fitched, but an interesting twist and a good “shaking up” of things..

      • Lu says:

        ooh, I like that.

      • haley says:

        that would be great except she is wearing the ring, so she must chose peter

      • Saint Alicia says:

        Really sick of the whole Cary-leaves-his-job plot. Been there, done that. TWICE.
        For such an ~intelligent show you’d think the writers could come up with something ORIGINAL to do with his character. But then again, that would mean they’d have to TRY.

      • Cindy says:

        I agree with Lu’s post; that does sound interesting, except that for the children’s sake I want Alicia and Peter to stay together; and it’s not as if they’d stay together just for the children; there is between them a chemistry, as well aslove and mutual respect; and I’d like to see more of Peter’s poor but interfering and eminently dislikable mother; her interactions with (my memory is as bad as hers and I forget the name of Peter’s campaign manager) are wonderful! and I’d like to see him romantically involved with someone; (though not Alicia;maybe Kalinda? he’s not good-looking but he is attractive; when he was –in love? attracted to? some girl that was too young for him, I felt for him.

    • Jackie says:

      My guesses for The Good Wife Finale are:
      1.Peter will eventually win the election, have you seen the photo of Peter and Bloomberg(NY city mayor) in the campaign office, people around there are cheering and drinking
      champagne, it seem like the celebration of victory. Peter would move to governor office in Springfield, Diane leave the firm to take the Supreme Justice postion, and there would be no obstacle or hurdle for Alicia and Will to do what they want……
      2.Alicia is very likely to choose one of them(Peter or Will) in the finale, but it doesn’t count! Don’t take her decision seriouely because Alicia is so easy to change her mind without any willpower even thouth she makes some decisions. She never finds it difficlut to tell a tie for her own sake. She lied to the press/the public that she was committed to the marriage with Peter(Season 4, episode1), but never mentioned that she kept the marriage commitment to Peter by having whole lot of sex with Will. She told Grace she loved Peter, and she told Will that she was back to Peter and the sexual relation with Will must end, but shortly after, she hooked up with Will again, of course, in the dark(the promo of final 3 episodes). So, I believe that, no matter what she says or decides, she would actully keep the sexual relation with both Peter and Will, becasue the polictical partnerhsip with Peter would be a big asset for her to advance her career and fulfill her ambition for power and prestige, and meanwhile, her sexual partnership with Will would best satisfy her sexual desire she is always desperate for. It is the best way for her to maximize her own interest. She is selfish just like what she said, but who isn’t? It is the real color of Alicia, it is real life.
      3. One of themes of The Good Wife is consequence(to be demonstrated in Season 5, i guess). The love triangle is no fun but risk. In fact, this is about love triangle, it is about marriage and adultery, especially when Alicia resuemed the regular sexual relation with Peter again(campaign bus, bathroom…), it signafied that they are not seperated any more, they actually stayed married with relugar sex, but only lived in different house and partment for the mortgage reason. In season 5, i think the storyline would go like that Peter will not tolerate his wife’s( Alicia) active affair with Will any more(the promo of final 3 episode) A serious confrontation or even devastating fight between Peter an Will would inevitablely take place. Would it be any judicial bribery charge against Will jointly brought by Peter and the Supreme Chief Justice(he seems to hate Will–episode 20)? Would it go to extreme like something in Season 2, episode 2 that a husband killed his wife by stabbing her 38 times due to jealousy of his wife sleeping with some other man? How would Will fight back to keeping Alicia?
      If you play fire, you get to prepare to get burned. I think this is the most attactive selling point to most viewers in Season 5.

  16. jan says:

    Where is Castle,Grey’s and Scandal

  17. Heather says:

    No Scandal news??

  18. Becca says:

    Arrrrgg I’m so conflicted about May Sweep! On the one hand it’s amazing and my favorite t.v. time of year and so much awesome stuff happens…but then waiting all summer for new t.v….torture!!!

  19. Smiletime says:

    It’s Jeffersonian not Smithsonian LOL!!

  20. madbengalsfan85 says:

    It’s “Jeffersonian” not Smithsonian

  21. Matt says:

    I am super excited to see how the Victoria’s son plot plays out, but I am even more anxious to find out who dies!! I just hope it’s not Nolan!

    • iMember says:

      Same here!! Nolan is totally not dying though. But I’m REALLY eager to know who of the core 9 will die. D:

    • Lacey says:

      I’m good with Charlotte or Declan dying. I can’t see the show surviving if the show kills off Emily, Nolan, or Victoria. I like Daniel and Conrad so I really hope neither one is on the chopping block.

      • Jeri Lynn says:

        Totally agree with ya. I can see it being Charlotte or Declan dying. I can handle it being oneof them. Lol. I just hope it’s not anyone else. I was completely shocked when Amanda died.

    • N says:

      ^I agree! Not NOLAN!

  22. John says:

    JAG returns to NCIS for the first time in 9 seasons Woohoo!

  23. Sonia says:

    I knew the Bones finale seemed too happy… Multiple deaths. Yeah, that sounds right.

  24. Lina says:

    “During the final installment” does this mean HOD will be cancelled? Please say no. :(

  25. iMember says:

    Yaaaaay REVENGE!! This season finale is going to be AMAZING.

  26. Reba says:

    Ewan McGregor for Moriarty! Please, this needs to happen.

  27. Ashley says:

    Where’s CRIMINAL MINDS?!

  28. Rosa says:

    No beauty and the beast????

  29. Kel says:

    the pic you’ve posted for 90210 doesn’t look too good seeing as that looks like blood on Naomi’s dress & it looks like they’re in a police station or a prison’s visitor’s area :s question is who are they (Nami, Aannie & Liam) visiting??

  30. Brandy says:

    Can’t wait for HoD,VD,BATB,90210,Once,Smash,Nashville.

  31. haley says:

    i am confident though that this time Will will fight for her

  32. Rida says:

    Calm down ppl, they said they’ll add more scoop for other tv shows in time.

  33. Lois says:

    Love seeing Booth and Brennan kissing…….could it mean…..she pops the question? I sure hope this ends well. Would be just like HH/SN to pull the rug out from under the B&B fandom yet again!!

  34. mala says:

    Dean Winchester really has just become an appendage to Sam. Why has this character become so downgraded. Is Jensen planning to leave the show or something?

    • TiredofwaitingforDeanstoryline says:

      I could only wish Jensen left this sorry show. At least then he’d be able to find a job where his talent and popularity weren’t wasted so much like they are on Supernatural.

      • Loli("v") says:

        I wish he left after the waste of air time of a season that is 7. The way he’s downgraded is too offensive

    • Beth says:

      You must not watch the show. Sam is all but forgotten with all the Dean & Castiel drama.

      • Moe says:

        Castiel has been on once in the past 9 episodes. What do you mean “all of the Dean and Castiel” drama? There’s been way more focus on Sam drama then there has been on anything related to Dean. When Dean’s Purgatory story ended, so did any story for Dean. Meanwhile, Sam has the Men of Letters written specifically for him (per Carver and Singer), he has the trials that they gave to him so that they could follow through on his story arc because they cared about it and wanted to respect it (per Carver). Dean? He wasn’t even a thought in the writer’s room. Per Carver, the only storyline they talked about and discussed was Sam’s. Thus why Dean is backburnered this second half of the season and relegated to cooking and cleaning unless he’s trotted out to prop up the latest guest star in THEIR episode, since it certainly isn’t about him. Dean deserves a story just as much as Sam does, and it’s a shame that the only Winchester they care about writing a story for and the only one whose story they care about telling, is Sam’s.

    • Moe says:

      I know, it’s incredibly frustrating. Carver can’t even be bothered to name Dean, but yet Sam and Castiel get talked about individually. But of course, that’s because they have actual stories of their own and Dean does not. Dean just reacts to their stories and stands on the sidelines because he’s not important enough to write as a character in his own right. I honestly do not get it. I’m really tired of Dean’s only role in this show being to support Sam’s story, or Castiel’s story, or the random guest star’s story, and not having one of his own.

      • Jackson says:

        The one thing that everyone seems to have forgotten is the fact that the whole show revolves around Sam. Take a look at the openeing credits: Jared Padalecki, then Jensen Ackles. Sam rebelled and went off to college, etc. Dean came to get him to help find John and so on. It really bugs me that they treat Dean like dirt because, to my mind, he makes the show. Running around cleaning up Sam’s messes seems to be the only thing Dean is good for anymore. I’m to the point where I almost don’t want to watch the show anymore!

  35. Pickle8182 says:

    Spinoff of “Chicago Fire” already? Really? Good show, but I’m really starting to despise the word “spinoff.”

  36. asweet says:

    Any Modern Family scoops?

  37. TiredofwaitingforDeanstoryline says:

    Dear Mr. Carver,

    As a Dean fan, I’m asking myself why I should bother watching Supernatural anymore. Sam has his MoL legacy, his trials, his past explored, again, his what’s wrong with Sam and how can Dean fix him so that Sam can fulfill his great destiny. Cas has the angel tablets, heaven, Metatron and Naomi. Dean? He gets to wipe poor Sammy’s brow, cook, clean and…not much else.

    What I’m taking from the spoilers is, if a Dean fan doesn’t like to see Dean as Sam’s doormat, servant or sidekick, please don’t bother watching the finale, nor bother to come back for season 9, since there is nothing there for Dean and no reason to come back.

    Thanks for nothing Carver.

    • dean's mojo says:

      Carver has basically told Dean fans to go screw themselves. I haven’t watched the show since Dean caved to Sam’s tantrums and gave up his friendship with Benny and his spine. Sam will never be held accountable for treating his brother so horribly. The brotherly bond is a joke and even the Dean/Cas relationship, which used to keep me interested, has been almost completely absent this season for fear that if Dean pays attention to anyone but Sam, no one will care about Sam and his tedious trials and tribulations. In many ways, Dean is nothing more than the producer mouthpiece constantly telling the audience that Sam is the only important character on the show and he MUST BE LOVED!

      • Beth says:

        Jared Padalecki should have left this show 3 seasons ago and left Jensen and Misha to their own devices.

        • Sara says:

          Jensen Ackles should have left this show after S3 when he outgrew the completely mediocre writing, but I can understand why he stayed through S5. Time to move on now though, dude. The present PTBs of this show don’t respect or appreciate your range, talent or abilities at all.

    • Laura says:

      I actually like where they are going with this…. and I am a Dean fan… but I like Dean most when he is taking care of Sam. Have a little faith and wait and see what happens….

      • chris says:

        Kripke was right, the story of Sam & Dean Winchester was told by the end of season 5. They should have stayed true to the ending he wrote and wrapped a wonderful ride.

        • anon says:

          If Dean relied on the so-called brotherly bond he’d still be rotting in purgatory.

          • amiatroll? says:

            you people are all hilaaarious!!!!!! ROFLMAAAOO!!

          • go away haters says:

            Go back to THAB and stop spreading Sam hate. If you’re not happy with the writing, take it up with the writers. As a Sam fan, I don’t have to put up with your vitrol.

      • Doreen Theobald says:

        I would watch Dean and Sam no matter where the story was going!

    • Moe says:

      So much this!

    • Megan says:

      *face palm*

      Wow, you extreme fans are such an embarrassment. I really wish you would keep your crazy delusions and actor/character bashing to yourself or at least to your extreme girl forums, and not make the whole fandom look bad in every comment section.

      • Sara says:

        *face palm*
        Wow, you kool-ade drinking zombified fans are such an embarrassment.I really wish you would keep your judgmental policing of anything and everything that’s said on the forums at least to your private blogs. We’re not ALL sheep in this fandom, even though the writers of Supernatural have written their scripts as if we are since S5. Everyone thought Carver would be different. Obviously not. The writers of this show are either creatively bankrupt or just lazy and should be called out on it since they’re getting another season regardless.

        Fans like you are likely why they haven’t even attempted to write different and better scripts and storylines for their actors and the characters that these actors try so hard to keep consistent even within the awful writing that they’re getting. Bad fanfiction is better than the slop that these writers have given us in the second half of this season-whip-lash inducing regression in characterizations, plot holes as big as the Grand Canyon, retconning to a degree that I’ve never seen before on any television program that I’ve watched-sometimes even from scene to scene within the same episode!-complete disregard of previous show canon. I could go on. The writing has never been this show’s greatest strength(that would be the acting), but the second half of this season has seen new lows and I didn’t think that was even possible after the Gamble years. So maybe you don’t/can’t/refuse to see it-take your pick-but others do-many others from what I’ve seen and read. And we’re not all “bad fans” for pointing it out. On the contrary, we want better because we know it IS possible to have better and we still care about the quality of this show-even if and while it seems as if the present PTBs don’t.

        • Bridget says:

          Welp. I think that pretty much proved Megan’s point.

        • SueP says:

          Well said. :) From what I’ve seen, a large portion of the fandom is disappointed with this season after expecting Carver to have a better grasp on the show than Gamble. We were wrong. For those who can take it one episode at a time and not see the lack of intelligence or storyline cohesiveness that was once prevalent, good for you. There’s a lot of us who can’t forgive the dumbing down of what was once a very smart and exciting staple of our entertainment. I. for one, am dreading the last 3 eps and being force fed the ‘poor Sam, look at all he’s suffered’ tone of the show. After not looking for Dean, the ill-advised love story with the bitchy vet, and his selfish regression into wanting normal above all else again, Sam has become unlikable, as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t care. At the start, Carver promised the boys would be working together on a quest ala Indiana Jones. I don’t see it. I see Sam working “solo” on a quest (his words!) but I see no part that involves Dean other than scrambling eggs and waiting. Not exactly “working together” as far as I’m concerned. And I’ve run across no interview or spoilers that give me any indication whatsoever that Dean will have any kind of direct involvement either. So there is really nothing to make me want to watch the rest of the season. It’s sad, because this has been my favorite show since the premiere. Now I cringe when I think of it. I’m guessing that wasn’t Kripke’s hope when he turned over the reigns.

  38. cwbitch says:

    Dear Leila Gerstein. As a fan of Wade and Zoe I hope to be very statisfied by the finale.

  39. Jooshua says:

    On Nikita.. the gadget organization is called ‘The Shop’ like from Stephen King novels.. not ‘The Shock’ even though that sounds cool too

  40. George says:

    I thought Parks & Rec only had 2 episodes left (with the finale on 5/2)?

  41. Jooshua says:

    I just looked at the article again and it says ‘The Shop’ either it was just fixed or my dyslexia was kicking in….

  42. Emmakingg says:

    Not interested until Castle is added..:-)

  43. k1972 says:

    Where’s NCIS:LA? I know they’ll be adding more, but I don’t understand why NCIS:LA gets so much less spoiler coverage than NCIS. 15 million viewers a week and no one writes in begging for more on Deeks/Kensi???

  44. Michelle says:

    I’m 99% sure the pregnancy on Parks is April and I have to say, I’m not exactly thrilled. She’s really young, so what’s the rush? Would be much more interested to see how Leslie or Ann would handle motherhood.

    • Sunny says:

      I think April is pregnant too but I would love to see Ron’s girlfriend get pregnant. I can’t imagine what Ron would do or say lol. Can’t wait to see the TIVA scenes in these last few episodes I really hope they make it good. And where’s some Scandal and Greys scoop?!

    • Lisa says:

      Nope! I think its Ann!

  45. Lisa says:

    No Castle? And why no real detail on SMASH? People want to know about Derek and Karen! If Ivy ends up pregnant with Derek’s kid or Karen with Jimmy’s then I think Josh Safran needs to be kicked out of Hollywood forever!

    • Alan says:

      reading, please learn to do it before commenting. the article clearly says that more will be added in time, so you should wait to complain about something being missing until after they have all been posted.

  46. Keri says:

    Nothing on my fave couple Lemon and Wade?

  47. Lilu says:

    Listen folks, I need Castle spoilers here, or I don’t know, the script for the finale… whatevvvaaarrrr

  48. rachelle says:

    Pleas, please, please add something– ANYTHING– from Scandal! I’m desperately addicted to that show!

  49. Natalie says:

    I just wanna take a minute and say, Gary Glasberg, Thank You for being so good to your fans, for being such a great showrunner, for not brushing off what we care about and just doing what you want. But being considerate, taking our feelings and hopes into account and doing something about them, for being kind, hard-working, making great episodes for us bringing in great guest stars like Marina Sirtis, for actually developing your characters and not letting them stagnate, for some awesome arcs this season. You are the best of the best. If you happen to ever read this: Thank you so much. You rock.

  50. Cassie says:

    After an intense first season, the final episodes of Chicago Fire sound as if they’re raising the bar even higher. Can’t wait!