Doctor Who Season Finale to Reveal [Spoiler]

Doctor Who Season 7 Finale SpoilersAs Doctor Who barrels toward its 50th anniversary in November, BBC America previously teased, “the Doctor’s oldest secret threatens to be revealed.”

And now we have a name for that secret. Or, we will get one.

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Per a new poster just revealed for the series, “The Name of the Doctor” is the subject of the Season 7 finale, which also brings back Alex Kingston as River Song.

“Stand by for something that you might always have believed to be impossible…,” BBC America said in releasing the poster/finale title.

Season 7 continues this Saturday with Episode 10, “Hide,” in which the Doctor joins a ghost hunt when something terrifying is found hiding in Caliburn House.

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Do you think the Time Lord’s proper moniker will in fact at long last be revealed — including to us, the audience versus, say, whispered in Clara’s pretty ear? If so, under what circumstances? And is the smart money on it being John a la Sex and the City‘s Mr. Big?