Exclusive: AMC's Small Town Security Explores the Dangers of Wasabi! Plus: Season 2 Key Art

The harsh reality of “reality TV” is that once your life (and your community) get exposed to the cameras, there’s probably going to be some backlash.

Season 2 of AMC’s Small Town Security — which focuses on the eclectic employees of JJK Security in Ringgold, GA — explores that very theme, as Chief Joan Koplan and her cohorts find their newfound fame (and salty language) aren’t always appreciated by the residents of their conservative Southern town. “People are entitled to their opinion,” notes Joan. “But shut up already, it’s not a porno movie.”

Below, check out a clip of Joan preaching about the dangers of wasabi, while hubby Irwin approaches the spicy condiment with a slightly different attitude. When you’re done watching, scroll down and check out the key art for Season 2.

Small Town Security‘s Season 2 premiere is set for May 9 at 10/9c.

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Small Town Security Key Art