Glee Exclusive: The Catty 'Truth' About the Show's Most Difficult Co-Star

Glee Lord Tubbington“The worst.” “Terrible.” “Really difficult.” “Filthy, mangy.” “Kind of a [bleep].”

Those are just a few of the ways that Glee cast and crew members are describing one of their own — and TVLine has exclusive video of their unvarnished confessions.

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Yes folks, Aragon (aka Lord Tubbington) is apparently the scourge of Fox’s high-school musical, and Lord Tubbington: Exposed shows the four-legged diva at his worst: Making outrageous written demands of first assistant director Janell Sammelman; arriving on set in crazily conspicuous fashion; creepily threatening costar Melissa Benoist; and putting the literal smackdown on another on-screen rival.

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Press play below for the sordid, shocking evidence, then hit the comments with your thoughts. Did you ever think Tubbington could be such a terror? And is Darren Criss suffering from Stockholm syndrome or merely a victim of his own naïveté? Sound off in the comments!

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