Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, True Blood, NCIS, Big Bang, Chicago Fire, TVD and More

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Question: Is it possible Padma didn’t really die on Revenge? ABC’s logline for the April 28 episode, which references Emily, Aiden and Nolan’s “search for Padma,” suggests she’s still among the living. Whassup? —Claire
Ausiello: Whassup is they must be searching for a corpse, because girlfriend is dead as a doornail. I think. “The hunt for Padma completed with Aiden finding her dead,” confirms series creator Mike Kelley, who then adds, “We kind of table the Padma story until the finale.”

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Question: Got any scoop on Supernatural? Dying to get some since we’re on hiatus until the 24th! —Ali
Ausiello: Given what a winning introduction the Men of Letters received earlier this year, surely that’s not the last we’ve seen or heard of the secret organization, right? Right… ish. “We will absolutely see the positive and negative effects of being legacies,” says EP Jeremy Carver, adding that MoL “are involved in some capacity” later this season. Hmm, could this bit of casting have anything to do with that?

Question: Anything about Elementary? —Hala
Ausiello: Next Thursday’s episode takes a page straight out of a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story — and gives it an Elementary twist. The hour is based on the tale “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton” — but it’s not a retelling. “We looked at it and thought it was a great launch to a story,” says exec producer Rob Doherty. “We took the original ending and made that our teaser. Sherlock is hired to recover some blackmail material, infiltrate [bad guy] Milverton’s home and is present when somebody else breaks in behind him and kills Milverton.” That leaves the investigator in “a bit of a bind in that if he reports the murder [and] comes forward as a witness, Milverton’s accomplice will realize his partner is dead and will release all of the blackmail materials into the world. And yet, it’s wrong to not step forward and tell the police you’ve seen somebody killed. We liked that quandary for Sherlock.”

Community - Season 4Question: You’ve stopped giving us any Community scoop! Why? —Kavya
Ausiello: Because I haven’t had anything to give… until now. In an upcoming episode, Dean P will unveil his most shocking outfit to date. “His shirt comes off,” co-showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port tell TVLine’s Meg Masters. “Sometimes the best costume is no costume.” In possibly related news, the EPs hint that Dean and Jeff will make a “big, um, commitment” in an upcoming episode, adding, “There’s more Jeff/Dean for sure… Big steps.”

Question: What’s Nashville going to do with Susan Misner now that she’ll be a regular on The Americans next season? Is there any way she can stay? –Mariel
Ausiello: Series creator Callie Khouri says probably not – and she feels your pain. “I hate it,” she tells TVLine. “She’s been so great, and she and [Charles Esten] have incredible chemistry. She’s just really, really good.” The EP went on to praise Misner for succeeding in the thankless task of being Deacon’s NotRayna: “It’s a testament to her and her acting ability.” On the bright side: At least Deacon will have a new heartbreak to write songs about.

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Question: Anything on the Episodes front? One of the best comedies on TV, IMHO. —Jacob
Ausiello: Although Season 3 won’t hit your screen until 2014, remember, scoopage is starting to circulate. For one, it appears that Matt LeBlanc — sorry, “Matt LeBlanc” — will have a bit of a PR crisis to deal with when a false rumor makes rounds that he’s entering rehab. It also looks like, with Pucks! on hiatus, “Matt” will take a stab at drama (which scares us more than a bit). But perhaps most interestingly, a Tonight Show appearance figures into one of Season 3’s first episodes, raising the question: Depending on when exactly Episodes returns, will the show need to shoot those scenes two ways, using different Jay/Jimmy host scenarios?

Question: I’d love some scoop on Beauty and the Beast if you have time to find some. –@Ewokgrl
Ausiello: Can I interest you in a pair of episode titles? In the CW drama’s penultimate freshman hour, “Date Night,” “Cat and Vincent get to go on a date that is not in his ‘lair’ or whatever you want to call it but out on an actual date, and it’s super-fun,” EP Jennifer Levin tells us. The season finale meanwhile is titled “Never Turn Back” — and make of that what you will.

Question: I need some Nikita scoop. —Oli
Ausiello: Division may not be long for this world. Asked if the season is building to the end of the covert spy org, EP Craig Silverstein responds with an unequivocal, “Yes,” before cryptically adding, “and maybe sooner than you thought.”

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